Watchers TV – Interviews Bill Salus!

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WTV Ep.1-vs2

Chek it out!

This is our first show where we interviewed author Bill Salus.

Bills new book, about the ancient prophecies concerning ELAM, is a cutting edge read that will leave you with a new understanding of what the prophet Jeremiah penned thousands of years ago.

Bill brings all of his Biblical erudition to this interview!

You won’t want to miss it!

L.A. & Richard

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ISIL – Operating In Gaza + Live from the War – with Dan Gordon – Update

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ISILCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

“Patience, Jews, our appointment is at Jerusalem tomorrow,” and “Jews, we have broken the border.”

ISIL—The Islamic Strate of Iraq and the Levant—seems to have joined the fray in GAZA.  We can glean from the quote above that the goal of ISIL—not ISIS—is the control of Jerusalem.

This is why the main stream media changed the anagram from ISIL to ISIS.  What’s in a name?  Everything, and this quote should be a wake up call to the guys in the press room who think Israel is overreacting to the rocket fire from HAMAS.

The goal of HAMAS, Hezbollah, ISIL and Iran is to wipe Israel off the map.  How many times does our press and the press in other countries, have to hear this before they grasp the simple fact that this is the end game?

There is simply no…

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Christians Flee Mosul, Iraq!

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isis-flag-youtube-afpCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

ERBIL, Iraq – The last Christian reportedly left Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul at 12:00pm on Saturday, ending over 6,000 years of Assyrian history in the city. Assyrians have lived in Mosul for over 6,000 years, converting to Christianity over 2,000 years ago. This all came to an end on Saturday, when the last Assyrian Christian left the city.

Since the U.S. invasion in 2003, over 1 million Christians have been exiled from Iraq, leaving only around 300,000 left in the country.

There are about 1.2 Billion Muslims in the world. Most of them are not radicalized but if only 1% of them are—and according to statistics it’s closer to 5%—that would mean 100 MILLION are sold out on JIHAD, or Holy War.

Most of our weasels-in-the-stream media haven’t covered this story, but the brutality of ISIL, (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant)…

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Israel is Loosing the Media War…. Goebbels Would be Proud.

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Israeli ProtestsCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

NOTE: Sometimes I go with an article or a post without vetting it the way I should.  This is what happened on last Thursday’s Acceleration Radio, when I read a speech that I thought was actually given by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  I was misled as it was a speech by Allen West posting what Bibi should say!  I’m sorry for the confusion and will be more careful in the future.  However, West nailed it and like him I wish Netanyahu had given it!  

The link to the West story is below.  L.A.

This video I posted below happened in the USA.  WARNING: VERY Bad Language.  However, the reason I’m posting this is so we can hear the voice of hate for ourselves and not the filtered, sanitized version that the 6 o’clock news runs with.  We’ve…

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GAZA WAR UPDATE, Day #13: Netanyahu set to address nation. Growing signals of a much longer, more intense IDF operation in Gaza.

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Netanyahu tracking war developments with his generals.

Netanyahu tracking war developments with his generals.

(Washington, D.C.) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address the nation of Israel tonight, together with his Minister of Defense and military chief of staff. The live broadcast is scheduled for 8pm Israel time, 1pm eastern.

(I’ll be on the Fox News Channel at 1:40pm eastern time today to comment and discuss the Gaza war in the context with much of the epicenter on fire.)

At the moment on Day #13, what I’m hearing from friends in Israel as well as seeing in news coverage is much fiercer fighting, rising casualties on both sides, and a growing sense that Israel is preparing for a much deeper, much longer invasion of Gaza.

Why? To fully identify and destroy the terrorist tunnels under Israel and Gaza, to fully destroy the terrorists’ stockpile of rockets and rocket launchers, to smash Hamas command and control, to arrest or kill terror…

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Sunday Go To Meeting Bun!

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Bun!!!Sunday Bun


L.A. Marzulli

You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.  John 8:44

Who is whispering in our ears?  Who is the Father of lies?  Who is it that tells us we won’t amount to anything, or keeps replaying the same scenes in our heads over and over again?  Who is the one who pricks old wounds and plants the root of bitterness there?  Who is he who speaks lies to us and why do we listen to him?

It is so important for all of us to discern the Fallen Ones voice.  To know what it sounds like and when…

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The Millennium Messiah and World Change

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By Carl Teichrib

NOTE: This older article about a little-known small-press book helps to demonstrate the worldview shift taking place in Western civilization. It was originally published by the Ankerberg Theological Research Institute in 2004 as a shorter article titled “A New Jesus,” and over the course of three years it was reprinted in various formats.

If you appreciate the research work done by Forcing Change, consider a monthly membership to the Forcing Change website, thereby giving you access to all FC magazine back-issues and Forcing Change Radio archives. Or, if you wish, you can contribute a small donation through the PayPal link on the side of this page. Thanks for your help!

Finally, I have made some editorial changes to this piece in order to enhance the flow.

Allow me to introduce to you the new Jesus. This isn’t the Jesus Christ known to us from the…

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UPDATE! Dan Gordon Reporting…

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Dan Gordon is a Captain in the IDF Reserves.  He has appeared several times in our Watchers films.  He is in Israel and is serving as our eyes and ears there.  This is his report.  L.A.

Dan Gordon PatrolIf there was ever any doubt before, there is none now.
This is Hamas’ s war.
They wanted .
They got it.
They own it.
And they own all the consequences which will befall their own people whose lives and well-being, whose property and livelihoods, they have so callously exploited  for two reasons:

The first and foremost reason they wanted this was, and is,, to maintain their own power, to maintain the literal stranglehold they have on the hapless people of Gaza. As mentioned in an earlier article, Hamas was feeling pressed from two sides. When they seized power from their own Palestinian brothers in an absolutely bloodthirsty coup, during which they lined people…

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UPDATE! News From the Front with Dan Gordon

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Dan GordonsI’m driving to Sderot, the border town that for years has gotten the brunt of the rockets Hamas aims at Israel, and in particular at the kindergartens in Sderot. They like to shoot their rockets off exactly at the hour that parents drop their kids off at school, because that creates the most terror in Jewish parents. And that’s the point after all. It’s not military vs military. Hamas is a terrorist army. And how do you plant terror in the heart of a Jewish parent? Go after their children. And still these people stand fast and raise their kids as” normally ” as possible. So I’m driving to Sderot to look at a playground filled with gaily painted bomb shelters so the kids will think they’re playhouses. They’re supposed to have a lot shelters like that in that playground, so wherever the kids are, when the rockets start falling…

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