Meanwhile in Egypt, the Isaiah 19 countdown continues…

I guess it’s a big deal when even the MSM is running this front and center for the most part and taking a break from banal politics, Pay Rod, and whatever other fluff and nonsense they use to kill air time and distract people.


5 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Egypt, the Isaiah 19 countdown continues…

  1. Pre-tribal petroglyphs in North America.

    Scientists can’t tell for sure who carved them, but they were found on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe’s reservation land.

    “We initially thought people 12,000 or 10,000 years ago were primitive, but their artistic expressions and technological expertise associated with these paints a much different picture,” said Eugene Hattori, the curator of anthropology at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City who co-wrote a paper on the findings earlier this month in the Journal of Archaeological Science.

    “When you get back into this time period, if you speak with Native Americans they will tell you they were made (created) there and that is obviously their people and their artwork,” Jenkins said. “But approaching it from a scientific point of view—what we can prove—at this point, it is impossible to connect these to any tribal group.”

    Nephilim? Paiute legends…

    According to the Paiutes, the Si-Te-Cah were red-haired band of cannibalistic giants.[1]

    “My people say that the tribe we exterminated had reddish hair. I have some of their hair, which has been handed down from father to son. I have a dress which has been in our family a great many years, trimmed with the reddish hair.

    LA needs to have the Paracas red hair DNA typed with the Paiute samples!

  2. Fukushima plant spilling contaminated water into the sea ‘for years’

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