2 Corinthians 10:5

5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.


8 thoughts on “8-15-2013

  1. Using drones to search out and locate mosquito infestations is a good idea… but…

    It’s more likely something that might be used on a ranch or farm.

    The problem with a government entity using drones is the risk of a suit if:
    – humans or pets or foodstock are sprayed with poisons
    – a drone goes off and crashes causing damage, accident, or death
    – the batteries don’t last long enough to cover more than a block at a time
    …..(unless fuel powered systems are used)
    – not to mention hackers or jammers or spoofers(*)…
    …..(masquerading as infestatation to capture or down a drone)

    Have you heard that some locales have an open hunting season on drones? 🙂

    ps. I really do hate mosquitoes and agree that they’re “flying devils.” I’ll be very surprised if the Lord had an active hand in mosquito design.

  2. Under the general heading of Watching the Watchers… here’s a mind map of what to be on the lookout for regarding the NSA.


    Just as I believe that any government agency run by “The antichrist” is wicked, I believe that similarly applies to the current US administration, (as well as most such governments throughout history and prophecy). It’s crazy to give them much power.

    The lost need to know when they’re working for wrong side. As a pre-WWII german, at what point would you break from supporting a NAZI run government? As soviet… As italian… As chinese… khmer… korean… cuban… syrian… egyptian… libyan… iranian… iraqi… pakistani… etc. etc. ????

    There’s a time for Romans 13 and a time for Revelation 18.

    To me it’s clear, even considering the bloodthirst of previous generations in the US or any previous North or South American nation. Legalized murder of many innocent every day is way too much. How much worse then the legalized murder of thousands — daily !! Such as with abortion…..

    • For some, the dividing line is taxes…


      … though abortion rates may be worse.

  3. follow-up to an issue LA was tracking…

    Christians arrested for reading Bible in front of Calif. DMV found not guilty (Wash. TImes, 8-15)

    Two Christians who were arrested and charged in 2011 for reading a Bible outside of a California DMV were found not guilty on Tue. by a Murrieta judge, the Blaze first reported.

    Now the suits against the CHP can proceed

  4. Worldly politics will make you crazy…


  5. Can we get drones to chase the orbs??


  6. Smithsonian spin on Nazca…

    More researcher names and more theories…

    Some they don’t quite get, like shamans communing with their gods (rebel angels)
    – and then drilling holes in their skulls to cast out spirits

    Plenty of references to pottery shards and cloths with their gods.

    One reference to the original settlement resulting from coastal voyages from northern regions in contrast to the crossing the Pacific theories.

    It helped to understand that there was pottery shards on the planes and that the different formations could be better seen at night with people arrayed along them with torches.

    Of course, they had to close with the conclusion that everything was a result of climate change
    — to placate the same old gods still active today in modern academia.

    Nonetheless, with the spin factored in, it still helps to get an idea of current popular theories. And interesting to see how little is being said about the results of bore hole drilling, electric tomography of the ground, and connections to outposts.

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