US adults are dumber than the average human

US adults are dumber than the average human.

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All of this was predicted and ignored back in the 1980s in a book entitled The Closing of the American Mind by Dr. Allan Bloom.  It wasn’t religious in any way, shape, or form but eerily prescient and downright prophetic in any event.

We’re living it now.

The more ignorant people are the easier they are to control. The Antichrist is going to have a cakewalk some day when he rolls in on the scene with his supernatural signs and lying wonders and has charisma and intellect off the charts.  Ponder that while you take this in.  I highly recommend tracking down that book as I intend to do so myself.


3 thoughts on “US adults are dumber than the average human

  1. I’m a stubborn dummy. 😀 In all seriousness, when I took my son out of private school a few years back, when we were doing his math homework, the instructions were to estimate or guesstimate what 2 + 2 was. Even if they guessed ’10’, it was correct. Really? How do you guess at that? There is no estimating hard numbers. Numbers are the true constant. I don’t think a client would ever accept a drafting blueprint for a house they want to build on estimated numbers. Then again, who knows, some might be ok that a 90 degree corner has gaps because the measurements were ‘guesstimated’. 🙂

    • All I hear about even from my 67 year old is “back in high school we were already reading this and this and this” and I didn’t see some of that until I got into the Masters classes. Even then some of those classes were a joke but that’s a rant that I could easily get off into the woods with.

      No question this system has been WAY dumbed down across the boards and that’s no accident.

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