European Parliament Calls for Release of American Pastor Imprisoned in Iran


I tip my hat to the EU for this. Once again we see the USA’s pathetic leadership easily upstaged. The next time you see or hear any American leader get on a high horse talking about “moral high ground” before they want to do another illegitimate invasion into a country just remember this situation.

This entire situation with Pastor Sayeed has been a disgrace and embarrassment for months. This is an AMERICAN CITIZEN. That is all that should matter but obviously it doesn’t.

I never see nor hear a peep in the mainstream media when it comes to Pastor Sayeed past the occasional stray mention by Fox News.

The bulk of information and news about Pastor Sayeed has been thanks to Christian and other alternate outlets inside and mostly outside of the USA. The Internet has been huge on this story.  Of course this is par for the course so far as our fourth branch of the government goes. If you want real news you simply have to go outside of America media to start getting some.

I have no doubt if Sayeed were say…a Muslim?… there would have been nonstop caterwauling and screeching from the media. We very likely would have seen swift and nearly unanimous emergency Congressional legislation that may have well culminated in some sort a sweetheart deal with the Iranians months ago or set up a black ops rescue mission which we would have learned very little about after the fact by its nature. Obviously there are many shades of varying solutions that can occur between those examples.

My point is I have no doubts whatsoever this situation would not have occurred and he would not have been rotting in a jail tortured for months on end. Guaranteed.  If I am really mistaken about this then I want to know about it. Please make that argument and back it up with facts and concrete evidence.

Sayeed is an AMERICAN CITIZEN.   Where is this wonderful hope and change tolerant government that loves everyone? I will use a word that I watched Doug Woodward recently resurrect: Balderdash!

The silence and inaction on behalf of this American citizen from this government speaks volumes to me and it should to every other Christian in this country as well.

Despite all of this the Lord has found an amazing way to work through this darkness. Many souls have been touched by the remarkable witnessing of this pastor during his time in prison. Think of Paul when he was imprisoned and that is the same kind of situation we have here. So praise the Lord that He always find a way to work something good out of even something as horrible as this situation is. God will not be stopped.

Please keep praying for Pastor Sayeed and his family.