Marzulli: Prophecy – Israel and the End Times

Prophecy – Israel and the End Times.


Ok, now I am back to first today. 😉

Amen to this post. I continue to consider it an outright miracle at this point when I wake up in the morning and it isn’t kiss kiss bang bang time over there. Really.

I don’t do date setting nor would I even attempt to flirt or tease it but simply going by deduction and law of attrition…I literally cannot see this situation holding out in the current status quo for much longer. 20 -50 more years on this smoking cinder block? I honestly can’t see it.

These folks want Israel gone NOW. An increasing number of at least orthodox Jews want that Temple rebuilt (along with other elements) and they’re ready to do it.

Something’s got to give. Soon.   That’s before we get back to Iran, Syria, Iraq and the rest of the hotbeds.

Pray for the Peace of Jersusalem and ALL that the prayer entails.