Obamamess – It Arrived at My Doorstep Over the Weekend!

Obamamess – It Arrived at My Doorstep Over the Weekend!.



One thought on “Obamamess – It Arrived at My Doorstep Over the Weekend!

  1. One thing I have heard over and over by those who wanted ‘free’ healthcare is, ‘no one should lose their house over unpaid medical bills’. True, but what happened to the medical field began decades ago on a number of different fronts. In the 70’s, the cost of med school soared, along with everything else. And I mean everything and every field. Corruption from the very top to the very bottom of any and all businesses, and the corruption of those that could afford to have insurance but chose not to. If those that could take care of themselves, did so, then the truly unable to would have the care they needed. Then throw in illegals who come into your home, your country and demand you give them your time, knowledge, and devices, that are not ‘free’ to produce, and you have what we have today. The government who doles out ‘morality’ have none themselves, and they certainly do not give their self righteous edicts away for free. Morality cannot be mandated by mere men of government, but by God only. It is up to each individual to follow God’s law and none other. That in itself would heal the woes, but we know we are not living in a Godly world.

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