Healthcare: Going from bad to worse

Liar, Liar…...

Look that over first and look at his entry from the previous day as well.

“We will keep this promise to the American people.  If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period.  If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period.” – Barack Obama

Anyone not named “period” is S.O.L.    Enough of the lies.

This is going to be a bit of disembodied rant so my apologies in advance if this lacks basic coherency.

The health insurance companies have cost us personally a lot of grief and money over the years and contributed to my father checking himself out of the hospital on purpose that ultimately led to his death 8 months later.  They almost cost my mother her viability two years ago as well. I have no love for them nor will I shed any tears when they ultimately go out of business. They deserve to.

Unfortunately we will be in to something even worse by that point.

The WSJ reports today (11-6-13)  that 10 million people got the axe on their insurance policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield. I’m happy to see that class action lawsuits are fully underway and I really do hope those people sue them into oblivion. Go get ’em!

Ultimately, the “only” way to fix this growing “crisis” we are in to now will be to implement a single player system, which was the endgame the entire time. We are going single payer whether we like it or not.

I want to touch on a few health care related points here:



This has been happening in some form or another for a long time. Let’s not kid ourselves here. The more nurses get laid off and the more people we have in relation to the number of doctors we have the more rationing will increase. It really does not matter what system you have in place.

When a desk clerk at an insurance company can override something a doctor says you need, that is rationing. I can’t blame the big bad US government for that although they will ultimately make that even worse.

When an insurance policy makes it where you have to wait 9 months longer than you should have to get a hip replacement and you take the risk of being paralyzed for life because there are so many swiss cheese holes in the coverage you are being fleeced for, that is rationing.

When you have people making the choice between a meal and their drugs for the day, that is rationing and evil.  This is all pre Obamacare and is not going to improve under Obamacare.

I refuse to call it the Affordable Care Act because the name itself is obviously a lie and a slap in the face. Ask the 10 million people that got their health care cancelled.



This is probably the biggest reason we will never have real health care reform.

I have Canadian friends that balk all the time when I tell them what our drugs cost vs. what they’re paying. The USA subsidizes the rest of the planet on pharma. It’s true. Look it up. Go on social media and connect with people outside of the USA if you don’t believe me.

The other talking point I heard was the fear of “death panels.”  I have no doubt that we will see those in a more blatant form down the road but we have had a concept like that around for a while in some ways. They are called insurance companies. All that will ultimately happen here is the government will be taking that place.

We are going to go from bad to worse. I continue to be astonished with just how much nonsense people tolerate and shrug their shoulders at.


3.) COST
The hospitals are a big part of the problem of this racket as well.

I never heard ONE person ever mention health care COST during these last five years of fake dialogs and fake debates. Why do I see a $50 toothbrush on an itemized hospital bill? That’s one easy random example and I’m NOT making that one up, either. It was either $50 or $100. It was insane whatever it was.

Anyone have a baby? You ever look over that itemized bill? It’s astounding.

I see nurses get laid off in droves and then hospitals are crying about lack of funds but meanwhile I’ve watched the parking lots and building expands for another mile. Are you kidding me?

The biggest reason single player is an abysmal failure in other parts of the world is the same reason we already have happening here: Not enough health care providers and too many patients. The ratio isn’t even close to viable and it is getting worse. It doesn’t matter what system you throw at it or put it in.

Why in the world are nurses getting laid off? We need more not less! What are they doing?! It’s like they WANT this thing to completely implode.
I have a friend of mine who is EXTREMELY low on income and to make a long story short she and her spouse have been through the ringer with a SLEW of health issues. They are poor as church mice and they have done the best they can to make the minimum payments to the hospital but guess what? The hospital sent the debt collectors after them anyways.  I will call that what it is: Evil.

That is one of a number of examples that I could bring up of things that have been going on for YEARS that I can’t blame the government for. Unfortunately, the government is moving in and is simply going to make all of this even more of a mess.

You ever stay overnight in a hospital? Don’t stay alone. Don’t ever leave a loved one alone in there, either.  What you have is a roughly $10,000 a night stay with woefully understaffed conditions. That’s if you’re in a non emergency situation. Get stuck in the ICU? You can be in ruin in no time when those bills come in.

If you go after why things cost so much then you start actually reforming and fixing the health care system. It will never happen because there is too much money to be made. The government wants a piece of that action while having full control.

If someone ever starts up “food insurance” we will have $50-$100 apples in no time. Then the government would ultimately move in on that cash cow as well.  Think about it. Think it through. It’s a vicious chicken/egg cause and effect circle we’re stuck in and instead of getting it fixed we’ve simply added to the mess with the government taking it over and mucking it up even more.

Real health care reform would address the issues that create the examples I’ve cited. We don’t have that and we’re not going to get it.

I think you all can see this one resonates close to home. I could rant a lot more about this but I’ll spare you.  I see this talking point about “the USA has (had?) the best health care system in the world.”   That may be true but if it is? That’s not  saying much in some regards. That “best” status will not last one way or the other at the rate we are going.

Satanocracy. <-  That’s a term that I heard  Evangelist August Rosado use and I want to give him credit for it. That’s what this is. This medical system is one of many tentacles of this Satanocracy that’s hugging a little tighter every day. It feels like the walls are closing in doesn’t it? I hate that feeling. I’m tired of it.  I don’t know how people that don’t have faith in the Lord get out of bed each day. I really don’t. This is a perfect example of where Christians…and I’m talking to myself here for sure… have to remind ourselves that God is bigger than all of this and He’s already won.
1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.


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  1. ‘Healthcare’, I use that term lightly anymore, is like everything else, money criminals rule over most of it. I worked for both a GIANT hospital, and then a private doctor. In both cases I have seen a doctor(s) haul tail to the records room when a patient dies, to slap as many ‘generic’ tests and procedures on the bill as possible. It was disgusting. As for why the nurse shortage, most provider’s are keeping as few registered/licensed as possible and are hiring people that take a 6-12 week course for ‘terminology’ only, they get the rest from on the job training from those still left with the knowledge. This has left many patients getting the minimum wage treatment in more ways than one. The whole system is broken from every angle.

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