From S. Douglas Woodward: Announcing LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET

This is going to be a major must read book! Looking forward to it!

New View From the Bunker with Derek Gilbert interviewing Doug Woodward about all of it.


43 thoughts on “From S. Douglas Woodward: Announcing LYING WONDERS OF THE RED PLANET

  1. Liars, murderers (like abortion enablers), and the rest of God’s enemies have their futures terminated. They’ve been aborted.

    I’m guessing that makes their current “existence,” (ephemeral and not even a real “life), something like passing shadows and fading memories (*). They’re cardboard cutouts and stage props. All their apparent hard-work or dreams are trash. That includes their empty fantasies about outer space or some far distant past. They’ll never get there. Light from the nearest stars and the shadows (if not sunspots) of their planets supposedly takes years to get to earth. An earth far distant from where it was when that light was originated. Originated when some past earth was far away from it’s present location. No one is ever going back in time. And no human is ever going to some far distance star till after the resurrections.

    (* In sharp contrast to those who are saved by Christ, who have unending wonders to look forward to and share with Y’shua).

    The futures of the enemy (humans, hybrids, angels, or even animals) end in the Second Death after the resurrections (i.e. in the Lake of Fire). Not their conscious, just their future — cut-off from the new Creation and eternal life with Yeshua Messiah (Jesus of Nazareth).

    So all their myths, storytelling, and lying wonders are like pulp fiction, TV commercials, and news reports – just dark clouds passing and very soon forgotten. Broken promises and empty dreams.

    Reality check. It would be far easier to colonize Antarctica, under the ocean, underground, in earth orbit, or even on the moon — long long long before any colony on distant planets.

      • Gary drops a hint that he’s working on a book about satan’s “serpent kingdom”…
        …cp. dinosaurs / reptilians.

        And I’d say possibly also ancient angel (possibly enemy angel) bio-tech…
        …including angelic remote control of “small brained” saurians.

        • quote: Dr. Patton has made numerous trips to Peru, together with Dr. Dennis Swift, to investigate the ceremonial burial stones found in the Inca tombs (c.a. 500-1500 AD). Almost one third of the stones depict specific types of dinosaurs.

          The evolutionary scenario tells us that man and dinosaur were separated by at least 65 million years and “modern” man’s conception of dinosaurs did not begin until the 1800’s. This find appears to falsify that theory and verify the fact that ancient Peruvians saw these dinosaurs.

          See the stones for yourself. Hear the whole story and learn of the numerous independent sources of confirmation. See the ancient tombs and view the tapestry (ca. 700AD) which clearly displays the dinosaur motif.

          Visit the ruins of Tiwanaku, a city that existed before Christ with astounding technology; 20,000 ton building stones, precisely cut into complex geometrical shapes, ancient temple walls decorated with human faces typical of today’s races. This is a record that defies the often heard story of “primitive” man and evolutionary development.

  2. more mass mind control — “The Tomorrow People”

    …”My name is Stephen Jameson. I am one of the Tomorrow People, the next step in human evolution.”
    …”They call our powers the three Ts: telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation.”
    …”There is a shadow war going on between us and Ultra, a secret organization that hunts us.”
    …”The only way to keep my species from going extinct is to find my father,
    — and the only way to do that is by working for the enemy. ”

    ps. they’re also depicted as explorers of other dimensions

  3. it’s 1-18-2014 in the pagan states of amerika…
    …Q: Social-Prophecy or Technology-Roadmap?

    For the metaphor-impaired…
    (…whether by birth, upbringing, brain damage, or distraction…)
    …the machine = a primitive AI
    ~ makes audio and video bulleted presentations
    – heralds microsoft’s powerpoint
    – and similar softwares

    The manufacturing locations…
    – Tallahassee, Florida
    – Lima, Peru
    – Vancouver, Canada
    – Sydney, Australia
    …are targeted slave colony centers
    …for global manufacturing
    (cp. NAFTA, babylon, etc.)

    Charlie Magnetico…
    …aka J.R. Bob Dobs (see pipe)
    – works very hard, like ~automated-manufacturing
    – producing a computer with ~computer-guidance
    – no matter that transcontinental missiles go off course
    – ~ATM-controls have defects (spills)
    – ~slot-machines have same, etc.

    note: TTY, microwave, etc. all herald “the internet”

    A: Naming Names: AT&T, IBM, American Oil…
    …the Muppet Show, Sesame Street, and Fraggle Rock
    …or what do all these have in common?
    ps. Jerry Juhl & Jim Henson
    pps. AT&T ~ PARC, Palo Alto Advance Research

    …about which much more can be said
    esp. by those that know…
    “Ma Bell is a Bad Mother”
    cp. babylon

    • ppps. (…pppt for back channelers)
      Q2: How can global warming / climate change be stopped?
      A1: The 10 horns will conclude — destroy babylon (global manufacturing)
      A2: Mankind can’t.

      – outer space colonization is to take humans to the stars
      – when it’s more likely enemy angels trying to escape

    • Celestial:

      Bill Bryson

    • reactions…
      a. The moon (in the solar systems goldilocks zone) proves the galactic planet chasers are dreamers
      b. It’s far more likely we would find life, water, intelligence, a place to colonize on the moon (transition zones), in antarctica, in the oceans, or underground than any place in another galaxy that dreamers are reading into the shadows they peer in
      c. J. Camilla’s celestial presents some strong methods for getting materials, ignores stereo image comparisons from different viewings (photos), and jumps to far too many conclusions
      d. Bryson’s methods and materials are marvels! I wonder if they’ve looked into “false color spectrums” in the sense of mapping a much narrower range of wavelengths into common human color spectrums? I hope he gets his new telescope and cameras. Well worth following.
      e. I tried the multi-shot modes on my cell phone to clean up some o the motion artififacts… with no immediate success.
      f. If I were launching satellites, then I’d put classified packages on every one of them that do intel and military missions while the advertised missions are in progress. Re: Kepler and Webb … the government earth monitoring missions could become a higher resource priority than the dreamers (galactic astronomers) useless missions that they like to create CGI from out of smoke and mirrors.
      g. Yep, I’m a bit opinionated about enemy methods.
      h. No surprise if there’s been ongoing classified missions on the moon for 100 years. Nor would I be surprised if many satellites have EMP, jamming, or spoofing devices in them.

  4. Another year American Holocaust Continues
    — that which fueled the nazis rules in amerika
    — as abomination is celebrated on the heights
    — as the right of the damned to genocides

    Upwards of another million fetuses were exterminated…
    ( though we were all fetuses to start )
    …or were those aborted used for other horrors ???

    Do we actually know what happens to their bodies – or to their blood?

    Are they harvested to create:
    – slave drones?
    – or body parts?
    – or vaccines?
    – or cosmetics?
    – or rejuvenation treatments?
    …for the elites and lords

    What are the monsters that push abortion actually doing, beyond eugenics?

    Those that treat their own children like trash
    — would not stop at any atrocity
    — and are far worse than nazis, socialists,
    — or any other mass murderers in history

    The United States of America had the leading role in this delusion,
    and make no mistake — there is a price to pay — God is not mocked,
    judgment begins at the house of God.

    The Holy Angels will execute their charge
    — to separate tares from wheat
    — at the time appointed
    — and send hell to the damned
    — casting enemy angels out of heaven
    — and into this world !!!

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      • cp. with David Flynn’s work on Temple at the Center of Time…
        …esp. if al aqsa is taken as a nephilim stronghold

        What is a Ceque System?

        As reported by the Spanish priest Bernabé Cobo, the ceque system broke Cuzco into four sections, corresponding to the four royal roads (and four political divisions called suyus) of the Inca. Shrines, called huacas in Quechua, were connected by the ceques, so that as you journeyed along the line, you would visit the shrines in order.

        Shrines located on the ceques were many things, including natural landscape features (caves, boulders, springs) and man-made features (houses, fountains, canals, palaces). The shrines had a variety of functions and meanings, related to the Inca religion, to political rulers, to family connections, to astronomical sighting points, and to land boundaries or irrigation system markers.

        Physical, Social–or Both

        Some of the ceques were straight lines, while others zigzag their way across the landscape. They never cross one another, although often they run parallel to one another. The Inca quipu system–a way of storing information by using knots on connected strings–may have also been maps of ceques.

        Interestingly, there’s some debate about whether there were physical paths connecting the shrines. If there were, they were quite informal, and the most important part of the ceques was the huacas along the way.

  6. I’ll ignore for a bit that exo-biology allows for silicon based life forms…
    …likewise that there are manganese nodules
    …and sulfur vents in the abyss
    …how sure can anyone be that an alien life form
    …on a mostly barren rocket planet
    –wouldn’t camouflage itself as a rock

  7. Constance Cumbey on “Socialism and the New Age Movement” (draft)


    Then there is the Liberal International which says it is “a world federation of liberal and progressive democratic political parties.” Its founding document, the OXFORD MANIFESTO of 1947 was drafted by prominent European Theosophist and internationalist, Salvador de Madariaga. Salvador de Madariaga was the grandfather and/or uncle and/or cousin depending on which genealogy one accepts of those put forward by Javier Solana. He was “grandpa” until Madariaga’s Theosophy was emphasized to the public. Then he suddenly became “great uncle.” He is “great uncle” because Solana’s grandfather and Madariaga were “cousins.” That would make him a very distant cousin indeed. I suspect he was grandpa and it is not convenient for Solana to make the relationship clear. Solana was on the USA’s subversive list for years and then one early December day in 1995 was suddenly made the new head of NATO with powers never granted any other NATO head before since. I spent several years researching Solana who still plays an extremely prominent role in ‘global governance’ circles.

    Madariaga’s drafting of the Oxford Manifesto, the founding document of Liberal International was purportedly inspired by Lord William Henry Beveridge, a prominent Fabian. How much good there is in the worst of us and how much bad in the best of us — Lord Beveridge, to his credit did take steps to help Jewish academics escape Hitler’s holocaust — something more than the entire British government can take credit for in those years. Salvador de Madariaga was the inaugural president of Liberal International in 1948 after drafting the Oxford Manifesto in 1947. He was close to the Sufi Movement, Krishnamurti and he and his wife Constance Archibald were active Theosophists who raised their daughter Nieves (either Javier Solana’s mother or cousin, depending on which genealogy one accepts) in same. Her favorite guru was Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.

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