Steve Fletcher Says We are IN the Tribulation, But Are We?

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If this is the Tribulation then it ain’t that bad. C’mon.

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Steve Fletcher sent me another one of his articles without me asking for it. Because of that, I feel an obligation to comment on it. I don’t do this because I’m “into” it or because I take joy in it. I do it because he sought me out. I’ve also asked him to stop sending me his articles.

It is really frustrating to see an individual like this continue as though nothing was wrong, in spite of the fact that he continues to twist Scripture so far out of joint that it doesn’t even resemble anything like what God intended. I realize that there are those who would argue that I am being arrogant and how dare I decide what God really meant. If they believe that, then clearly, they can’t really believe anything at all. The Bible says one thing or it says nothing.

God had an intended meaning…

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