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Artificial DNA Breakthrough Could Lead to New Treatments

I’m a broken record but here goes:

1.) This is just what’s de-classified and carefully massaged and tricked out for the mainstream. This is as mainstream as it gets.

2.) In Luke 21 and Matthew 24 Jesus describes days of Lot and days of Noah respectively with absolutely no caveats, no exceptions, no exemptions…no nuthin’.

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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Writer looks for clue in Delavan dig

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Margaret Plevak | May 7, 2014
 A California writer is offering $500 for a photograph of a 1911 dig of an ancient burial mound that uncovered large skeletons on what is now Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan. Large skeletons have been uncovered in other parts of the country and world, such as this photograph of self-described archaeologist Ralph Glidden, who–before it was outlawed–dug up such sites on Santa Catalina Island off the California coast. Photo courtesy of L.A. Marzulli

DELAVAN–It’s a 103-year-old Walworth County mystery that’s puzzled…

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