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Nazca, Peru!

We travelled from Paracas to the see the famous Nazca lines.  These enigmatic lines are set in some of the most inhospitable and stark terrain I have ever seen.  The folks on the tour went up in small 6 seater, Cesena’s and saw the lines from the air.  There are glyphs of a hummingbird, a whale, spider and other figures which are drawn on the ground and only seen from the air.  There are also straight lines that travel for miles on the floor of this vast plateau.

However, I want to focus on another subject and that is the picture here.  It is the remains of a mummy that was displayed in a small, private museum very close to the airport in Nazca.  Sr. Felix, who is a Shaman, is the curator of the museum.  He met us in full…

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