On The Trail! Caral – Oldest City in the Americas!

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North of Lima, Peru about a 4.5 hour drive is Caral, the site of the oldest and largest pyramid complex in the Americas.  The site is dated at 5000 years old.   It is located in a lush, verdant valley where a beautiful river runs through it, providing water for the constant rotation of crops grown there.  I have one word to describe the site…. breathtaking.   We spent over four hours exploring the site and thanks to Alejandro, the guide whom we hired, I was able to ask many questions, some of which I will address in this post.

The site is not megalithic, meaning that we don’t see the type of large stones fitted together with joinery that we would be hard pressed to do today, like we find elsewhere in Peru.   However, it reminded me very much of…

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