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If you live in the US, there is a 50 per cent chance your area is abnormally dry. According to the National Drought Monitor, half of the country is now in some level of drought, and almost 15 per cent is in “extreme or exceptional” drought. The sustained dry spell may explain why wildfires have broken out earlier than expected in California.–and-half-the-us-is-now-in-drought.html?cmpid=RSS|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|online-news#.U3X76V6u_wJ

As most of you know who visit this site often, I am a fan of maps.  Maps can reveal any situation at a glance and give us an a good overview where it might take paragraphs of text to convey the same meaning.  Such is the case with the map above.  Bottom line, it’s not good.

I spoke to my Wifey yesterday, from Peru and she told me that it was 92 degrees at the house.  The wind was…

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