Mid East War Update with Dan Gordon!

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Dan GordonsIf it Bleeds it Leads
Dan Gordon IDF Captain reporting from Israel
Dan will be interviewed by Richard Shaw in the forthcoming Torah Code Special!
I’m a citizen soldier. That means I live most of my life out of uniform, towing nobody’s party line, following no one’s orders or even talking points, but my own. Eleven months out of the year I’m in jeans and t shirts or shorts and flip flops, the least military looking person on the face of the earth. I can get away with looking like a slob because I’m a writer. It’s not only NOT looked down upon in my profession, it’s almost expected.
I’ve worked in media for over forty years; everything from feature films to running news crews, some of them in the middle east.I remember one reporter for a major European network who was based in Jerusalem in the eighties…

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