UPDATE! News From the Front with Dan Gordon

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Dan GordonsI’m driving to Sderot, the border town that for years has gotten the brunt of the rockets Hamas aims at Israel, and in particular at the kindergartens in Sderot. They like to shoot their rockets off exactly at the hour that parents drop their kids off at school, because that creates the most terror in Jewish parents. And that’s the point after all. It’s not military vs military. Hamas is a terrorist army. And how do you plant terror in the heart of a Jewish parent? Go after their children. And still these people stand fast and raise their kids as” normally ” as possible. So I’m driving to Sderot to look at a playground filled with gaily painted bomb shelters so the kids will think they’re playhouses. They’re supposed to have a lot shelters like that in that playground, so wherever the kids are, when the rockets start falling…

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