The Daily Roundup 10-28-15

At your leisure read Romans 1 with emphasis starting on verse 24 to the end of the chapter.

Let’s take a look at several recent stories:


MIT researchers used Wi-Fi to recognize people through walls It can also distinguish you from other people

Nothing wrong with the technology. It’s all about how it’s used. What’s still classified? Happy thoughts.


Businesses sweeping away gender specific toys–pub_b_8282114.html

Transgender Rights and Public Bathrooms

How do you determine a transgender bathroom? Is this even for real?  Unfortunately, yes it is.

How did society function for however many thousands of years just fine and all of a sudden in the last few years we can’t figure out if we are men or women?!

How and why did all this happen so fast? <- Talk about a loaded question! Think and pray on that. Ponder it very seriously.

When I was a young child I used to play with both my own toys and some of my sister’s all the time. I can assure you I never had a second thought or doubt whether or not I was a boy. I can assure you I find woman very attractive, always have, and always will.

My sister liked my Transformers. She never had a thought for a second that she was a boy like me. She finds men very attractive, always has, and always will.

All of a sudden now if this happens your kid is a transsexual or more and we have it all figured out when they are 3 years old! Right. Unbelievable.

When do people finally just snap from all the insanity?  Where is the outrage and blowback? What does it take? I continue to be increasingly, morbidly fascinated with just how much garbage people are willing to put up with.

Becoming a hermit becomes more attractive with each passing day.


^^ Cuts to the chase.  When you get frustrated enough things get blunt.

We have lost our minds.  2+2=5.

Romans 1 is a checklist that’s fully filled out.  1 Timothy 4. We’re there. 2 Timothy 3. Checklist filled out.  It’s not a pretty picture. It’s certainly nothing you can build any kind of real future off of.

This isn’t Nineveh in Jonah. This is Nineveh in Nahum over the edge.

There isn’t a glimmer of repentance anywhere in the culture. We’re done and it isn’t just the United States. It’s the entire planet.


This isn’t Bible prophecy but I continue to take note how these Messianic expectations have exploded out there in very recent times. Take it for whatever it may be worth.

Turkey takes over opposition TV stations ahead of elections

Elections probably with ” “.

Watch Turkey closely. If you are a premillennial leaning Christian then you know Turkey is a player and somehow needs to end up on the same side as the rest of the Ezekiel 38 alliance players who are already in their right places now. Erdogan has been going increasingly militant and less “Western leaning” but it remains to be seen if he stays or something Arab Spring  like happens in Turkey to finish it.

The Bible gives us a fairly decent amount of the “what” of events but it doesn’t give us a lot of the “how” of events as in: How do we get from point A to point B so this is why we watch these things.

My personal opinion is that Turkey ultimately leaves NATO and shifts more hard Islamic and lines up with Syria, Iran (and Russia.)


The fact that this is such a hot button issue now speaks volumes to me. A few years ago no one cared. This isn’t in 20-50 years my friends. It’s now.

Israel, Jordan Agree to Install Surveillance Cameras on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount

I am not going to read into anything too much but I find this concept revealing on several levels.

This specific development immediately brought two events in Bible prophecy yet to happen immediately to my mind:   Revelation 11 describes the events involving the Two Witnesses that whole world sees nonstop right on through to their deaths and resurrections. Take one guess where a lot of their activity will be if not all of it. They will be fixtures on the Temple Mount. If they showed up today we could start watching them just like that passage describes.

The same goes for Daniel 9 and Matthew 24 which describe how the AntiChrist will commit an Abomination of Desolation in the Temple. This Temple does not exist yet but it’s about to which is why this fervor about the Temple is important for us to watch.  This on site camera development also applies potentially to these events.   We now have a direct potential concept being established right now where people can watch the Temple Mount whenever they want, wherever they want, with little to no effort.

I’m not saying “this is it!”   I am simply saying we now have a direct, literal method that would be effective enough today and now to achieve maximum fulfillment.


Here is the continued haphazard and chaotic United States foreign policy. Back to sucking up to Iran even though they said publically a few ago they were done dealing with us. They have already violated this so-called deal we made, too.  No biggie, though.  How many red lines was that again?

Everyone knows we stand for nothing now and our word means nothing. It’s open season. The Russians certainly know it and that’s part of why they finally charged into the Middle East with abandon.

Like them or lump them: Russia has been getting a lot accomplished since they rolled in. They are large and in charge. They aren’t just attacking ISIS, either. With that in mind:

So the USA is going to send ground troops back into Iraq…surprise! You knew it wasn’t over and it’s never going to be… and Syria.    Look over my previous blog entries and look at that Damascus footage. 300,000 dead and a capital city teetering on the edge of destruction like that with no end in sight?  Except the end is near for that place: Isaiah 17.

What’s bizarre about this is that the Russians have clearly been going against supposed USA interests with some of their attacks so this is a potential proxy war between the United States and Russia.  How did that work out for everyone the last time we all danced to that tune for several decades? Everyone is talking out of both sides of their mouths and their actions are saying something else.  It cannot end well.

Meanwhile we pulled out of the Persian Gulf and turn around and do this:

Are we going to play chicken with the Chinese in their own back yard? For what?  It makes us much sense as us interfering in Russia’s backyard with the Ukraine. That’s not our business.

All the Chinese they have to do is stick out their hand out and say “pay up, suckers” and down we go. They own a big chunk of our debt. Cut off the exports to Wal-Mart for a month or two and watch what happens to The Great Consumer. A shot never has to be fired.

Being in proxy wars with Russia and China are fruitless and profitless ventures by even the most forgiving of standards. There is no upside here.

It’s no wonder people are impressed with Putin and the Russians. At least with them what you see is what you get, it’s coherent, it’s logical, and it makes sense. If Putin tells you he’s going to do something, he does it. People may not like a lot of it but there is something to be said for the rest of that.

USA foreign policy makes zero sense to me.

In Ezekiel 38 that huge alliance moves in against Israel and this verse always make me chuckle:

13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take a spoil? hast thou gathered thy company to take a prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take a great spoil?

…and nothing happens.  They whine and wring their wrists from the sidelines and that’s the last we see or hear from them. If that isn’t the West right now I don’t know what is.


All of these things together really tell me that Satan knows his time is running short. Why else have we seen such an obvious ramp up in all of these things and more in just a few years? We turned some kind of corner recently.   The speed at which things are moving now have an outright sense of urgency to them like someone is trying to beat the clock.  Luke 21, Mark 13, Matthew 24 birth pangs increasing in intensity and frequency across the boards is my call.

“The only way out of this mess is up!” – L.A. Marzulli


The Chinese go high tech for a new level of Christian persecution

I am a tech hound. I love technology. Technology is neither good nor bad. Like so many other things, it’s all about how it’s used so no one gets the wrong idea about the thrust of this post. 🙂

This blog entry is all thanks to my friend Walt F. who posted all of the links you will see in this blog post during a discussion in a large Facebook Bible prophecy group we participate in: The Time of the Signs.

The Chinese government is taking this for a test run but any broadly premillennial Christian knows right away what this concept is a clear precursor and dry run of.

It’s close.  This isn’t 20 years or 50 years down the road.  This is now.

This in our faces now right along with so many other things, some of which I’ve blogged about just in this last week alone. When you put it all together I think the big picture is unmistakable.


Look over these at your leisure. 🙂     The base technology.    Where it’s headed and how it’s already being used and other concepts.         Spot on warning article here.

In addition to these,  I recommend doing some research on RFID technology at your leisure because that is already a major player as well.


With that background in place, I have no idea who runs this website but the information is solid my hat is off to these people for running this story and I want to echo it:

I am going to deliberately not quote the article here because I want everyone to click on that link and read it there since it’s their story and they deserve all the credit, hits, and attention for it.

Please read it carefully and then by all means research it and vet it for yourselves as much as you can.  I have no reasons to disbelieve it, unfortunately. If that story gets debunked please let me know about it.  I’m not holding my breath.

For my money, if that isn’t a precursor to what will likely be at least part of how the AntiChrist will operate this planet with the final Big Brotherish Mark of the Beast concepts  and technology, I don’t know what is. We all should watch developments like these closely.

Depending on which sources you believe, the most conservative mainstream estimates put top-secret technology at least 10-20 years ahead of the streets so keep that mind as you take all of that in.

This isn’t about fear mongering or nail-biting. Far from it.

This is simply about informing everyone and spreading the word and encouraging all of us…speaking to myself, too… to wake up, stay awake, and pay attention to the times and season that we are in as Jesus instructed us to do, and to lift our eyes up because our redemption “draweth nigh” as the King James puts it.  Luke 21, Mark 13, Matthew 24: We are there. It’s just a question of how long it takes.

That doesn’t mean we check out and wait to cruise out of here. It means we occupy until He comes while encouraging each other with: Maranatha! Come quickly Lord Jesus!

He can’t come fast enough.


This is a great entry by my friend Alf Cengia from The Omega Letter that goes into detail about what’s happening with the underground church in China.

Will the USA military intervene against Israel on behalf of Iran?

So far I’d still like to think and hope: Highly doubtful.   It would be more trouble than it’s worth on many levels.

What troubles me is that the concept keeps coming up at all in serious discussions. It’s not going away.  This recent nuclear deal the USA made with Iran is poor enough and has enough strings and stipulations attached to it that some people are concerned about a back door for this concept that I pray I never have to see.

See what you all get out of this:

The Wall Street Journal has a special report on American and Israeli spying efforts in the run-up to American negotiations with Iran.  They were not, as you might imagine, characterized by cooperation in pursuit of a mutual interest in reigning in the Iran regime.  Rather, they were conducted in a spirit of hostility, with the administration directing the US military and intelligence community to ride herd on Israel’s military capacity to respond to Iran long before any negotiations took shape.

This movement to restrain Israel happened in spite of earlier US/Israeli cooperation and coordination on STUXNET and the assassination of Iranian scientists, according to the Journal‘s report.  Israel considered that STUXNET had reached its limits, and argued for a commando raid to destroy the fortified Fordow facility.  The article cites Michéle Flournoy as its source for this claim, for which she is quoted on the record.  The Obama administration decided to stymie the Israeli raid, a decision that expanded to Israeli military options over time.

Nerves frayed at the White House after senior officials learned Israeli aircraft had flown in and out of Iran in what some believed was a dry run for a commando raid on the site. Worried that Israel might ignite a regional war, the White House sent a second aircraft carrier to the region and readied attack aircraft, a senior U.S. official said, “in case all hell broke loose.”…

U.S. spy agencies stepped up satellite surveillance of Israeli aircraft movements. They detected when Israeli pilots were put on alert and identified moonless nights, which would give the Israelis better cover for an attack. They watched the Israelis practice strike missions and learned they were probing Iran’s air defenses, looking for ways to fly in undetected, U.S. officials said….

The White House decided to keep Mr. Netanyahu in the dark about the secret Iran talks, believing he would leak word to sabotage them.

This report has been received in Israel as evidence that the United States was prepared to bomb Israeli war planes to prevent them from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.  For example, the Jewish Press reports that conclusion as its headline:  “US Spied on Israel, Prepared to Destroy Israeli Bombers to Protect Iran.”

That conclusion is not supported by the evidence in the story.  Those carriers were also being used to provide Close Air Support in Afghanistan.  Even during the Bush administration, when a second carrier would arrive in the region to relieve its predecessor, the Navy would try to arrange as much of an overlap as possible so that more missions could be flown in support of forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As this time frame also overlaps with Obama’s half-surge in the Afghan campaign, an ill-conceived escalation-with-an-expiration-date that has led to two-thirds of the American fatalities in that war, a second aircraft carrier capable of providing additional support made practical sense even within the context of Afghanistan alone.

Nevertheless, the question is worth asking.  What orders did the carrier have in the event that “all hell should break loose”?  The carrier in question appears to have been the USS Enterprise, which joined the USS Abraham Lincoln in mid-2012.  The deployment was described as ‘routine’ and not a response to a specific threat.  Rather, it was portrayed as support to Afghan operations and anti-piracy operations.  Nevertheless, news agencies noted at the time that tensions on Iran’s nuclear program were “rising.”

The deployment was handled by the US 5th Fleet out of Bahrain, which is also known as NAVCENT, that is, the US Navy’s component of US Central Command (USCENTCOM).  Central Command is a geographic combatant command, one that has a particular set of missions derived from ‘ownership’ of a particular part of the world.  Israel is not part of US Central Command, but Iran is. Central Command’s ability to support its mission is thus far greater if Iran is the target than if Israel is, because Central Command’s whole support apparatus is built around generating intelligence and information about countries within its area of responsibility.

That does not authorize a final conclusion, however.  Any American strike on Israel would be classified at the very highest levels, and compartmentalized to a very few people.  Thus, there is no reason to believe that such a strike would expect to draw upon the expertise of the J2 (Intelligence) section of the combatant command overseeing the deployed assets that made the strike.  The intelligence preparation for the attack would be carried out within a small cell that could be located at a different combatant command, or even in a non-defense agency, precisely in the hope of cutting down on communication of the plans until they were to be executed.

The USS Enterprise cruised the Mediterranean as well as the Persian Gulf, which meant that it would have passed through the area of responsibility of US European Command (USEUCOM) — which includes Israel — on its way to the Iranian deployment.  Journalists wishing to press the question should look for personnel assignments suggesting that the Enterprise may have had operations or intelligence personnel with experience at USEUCOM or its Naval command, US-NAVEUR also known as the 6th Fleet.  If the Enterprise was crewed up with personnel whose service would have given them the opportunity to extensively study Israeli military capacities, that would be an indicator that such a mission was being considered at higher levels even if the crew members themselves were never warned of it.

We do know that the Obama administration recently arranged for no carrier to be present in the Persian Gulf region for two months at the time that the US Congress and Iran’s parliament would be considering the Iran deal.  This lapse is a far more shocking one than the presence of two carriers, which has happened three times in the last two decades.  It almost certainly served a political purpose, perhaps a show of good faith, or a reduction of the capacity of American military officers to respond to Iranian provocations that would prevent rising tensions within Iran’s government during consideration of the deal.  That the Obama administration might have deployed a carrier to suppress Israel at this time — either as a bluff, or with real orders to do so — is thus not outside the realm of possibility.  The failure to deploy any carrier means a reduction in support to US forces in Afghanistan, after all, so the failure to deploy a carrier is more costly than the deployment of a second carrier in terms of American lives.  If they are willing to pay that cost in service to this political agenda, there is no reason to doubt that they would be willing to pursue that same agenda by the deployment of a second carrier.

The question remains open and worth investigating.

There are number of questions that beg to be asked of these recent actions. To be fair the picture here is inconclusive but certainly suggestive.

Why did the USA basically “get out of Dodge” and in essence make way for the Russians even if that wasn’t the intent?

A few days prior I posted about all of this:

Note the item about Hezbollah in the Golan Heights.  There is build up everywhere by Israel’s enemies and they are all proxies for Iran and Syria.  It’s not a question of if, but when and all indicators point to sooner rather than later.

My own amateur “armchair quarterback” opinion taking in everything that above quoted article spells out is this:   Plausible deniability.

“See no evil, hear no evil… we weren’t anywhere near the area when something happens…whoops, sorry about that.”

When something happens with Israel in the center of it, the USA is just going to be conveniently out of position and out of range for the most part and especially with that Persian Gulf carrier pull out.

This sort of talking out of both sides of our mouths and double dealing with Israel is really nothing new and it well predates Obama. It simply is considerably less subtle now     Is this really the way we should treat our friends and allies in the world?  The United States has no greater friends on the planet than Canada and Israel.

Keep praying and keep watching.

The Daily Roundup 10-23-2015

A number of things are catching my eye and I’d like to run them by you with some thoughts and potential discussion.


This is brand new footage that’s twice as long as the thirty seconds I posted here on the blog the other day.  Read Isaiah 17 and think about how close that event likely is after three years and almost 300,000 dead in a country that really no longer exists. Damascus is in slow motion process of falling NOW.   That Scripture speaks of an end that’s large scale and shocking and I think we are close to it. Frankly, it won’t take much to finish the city off.  For further consideration:

If you are interested in further in depth study:


Hizballah is creeping up on Israel’s Golan border, relying on Russian military cover

Read Psalm 83. I understand the schools of argument on this passage. I am sympathetic to the idea that there is at least some literal element to this that has yet to be fulfilled and would place that event prior on a timeline to Ezekiel 38.   I do think it continues to be increasingly compelling that the Russians have become such major and aggressive players in the region.

What stands out to me in this story is a theme we all had better get used to seeing which goes like this: ”  ‘Fill in the blank happens’  thanks to/because of the Russians.”

Look at who the Russians are cozy with right now and where they are active: All Ezekiel 38 alliances and eventual territory. Look up the areas that were once part of the Persian Empire.

Iran and Syria have been running a proxy war for decades against Israel via Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, and other similar elements.  The ISIS wildcard notwithstanding, there are many of us who believe Psalm 83 is an event where the “proxies and middlemen” go into for the kill and are handily defeated. Some time after that the “big boys” including the Russians realize they finally have to do it themselves. They, too, will fail miserably as we read in Ezekiel 38 in what clearly is a supernatural event thanks to God Almighty.

I’m still waiting on word about the Chinese and when/if they show up in this fray. I’m betting on “when.”


Yesterday’s WWE caliber soundbyte from Czar Putin. I can’t help but chuckle despite myself because guess what? He means what he says and he says what he means.

While I can’t find it in my heart to get on the “root for the KGB killer” bandwagon with the pom-poms out like I see coming out of some quarters although I do have to say this:  I respect Putin and I don’t underestimate him.  One should never underestimate someone like this nor the Russians in general.

A friend of my named Putin “Ras-Putin” and I leave it to research that individual and the likely high level demon that was behind him. His death situation sounds like the inspiration for the Friday the 13th films.

My own opinion: Whatever was driving Rasputin is likely driving Putin now.

To be fair: He’s is making big waves and accomplishing a lot out in the Middle East. He’s “kicking butt and taking names” and I think the argument is valid that the USA made a big mess and he’s coming in there and cleaning it up.  He’s doing a heck of a job. Fair is fair.

I do understand that the Russians have their point of view about things as does Putin and I can sympathize with some of that if I “pretend I’m a Russian.”  I’m really trying to be fair about that. I get it.  I’ve studied their side of things and I can sympathize with their views on several items from their vantage point.

I understand that the USA isn’t the “goodie good guys in white hats” and the Russians are the “big bad evil black hat guys” and it’s just that simple and cut dried. Far from it.

I understand it’s a lot more complicated than that. Putin is a very intimidating individual who is not to be underestimated and “KGB”  is something to not be forgotten at all times.

Worth considering:   This is an excellent PBS documentary about Putin called Frontline. Worth your time watching. Not saying it’s Gospel fact because of who is presenting it but just worth chewing on. Take it for what it’s worth.


I have a lot of respect for the Russians, their people, and their rich history and culture. I’m by know means trying to cast them as “nasty villains.”  I’m simply stating that Putin is a very complex character with a background and penchant that merits scrutiny and concern.

I can also concede that my country, America, has earned a lot of the criticism that’s been heaped on it, largely for meddling and interference.  If I’m a Russian, I would be balking at USA interference in the Crimea and Ukraine for example. We don’t have any business there IMHO.

I am someone who has long been convinced that America will be a key component in the final world “Babylon system” that the AntiChrist will ultimately take over and, for now, has been the New World Order leader and spearhead so I hope these comments dispel any ideas of “jingoistic bias.”    It’s the sad truth I have to admit that my country has done many things for which I am unhappy and ashamed and that trend is going to continue.

On that same note I have to give credit to the Russians and their leadership on certain specific items where I exclaimed “Wow, they’re making more sense than we are!”  and that will be an interesting trend to continue to track as well.

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here.  🙂


Not much to say. When a debacle like Benghazi happens and there is blood on numerous people’s hands and no significant recourse has happened or will, it speaks for itself.  “What difference does it make”?  Sadly… not much it seems but when you deliberately take God out of any and all facets of society and then put several generations on it where life and nothing else has any value this is where it gets us. That’s how you get to where 1/5 of the babies in the USA get killed in mother’s womb. All bets are off.   Shame on us.

The Nazification of America. 

Awesome radio show by Chris Pinto from Noise Of Thunder Radio and Adullam Films. Right on the money. This is definitely someone whose ministry and work I highly recommend. His documentaries are all must sees.


It’s been a year since our personal struggles began and I’m reflecting on the Lord’s grace that things weren’t a lot worse. The book of Job is the most explicit and detailed glimpse we get of why the Lord allows things to happen to us sometimes.  He sees so much more than we do.   He promises that if we believe on Him that all these things will be for our ultimate betterment and for His glory.  It’s easier said than done and I keep reminding myself and others repeatedly: Just because we don’t know what we are doing doesn’t mean God doesn’t know what He is doing.

An End Times Snapshot 10-21-2015

Not a terribly original or exciting blog title but it will do. 🙂

I want to take a look at several stories that crossed my path that continue to paint an unmistakable picture to me that not only are we in the season before the Jesus Christ’s return but we are very close to it.

Things are moving so fast every day now which is to be expected if we follow the birth pangs analogy Jesus gave in Luke 21, Mark 13, and Matthew 24 and I firmly hold to that as the intensity and frequency of ALL of those factors are clearly on the uptick.


This is astounding war footage just “as is.”  out of Damascus. The Russians have been kicking butt and taking names. There is no question about that.

What makes it even more profound potentially is, for students of Bible prophecy, we know that Isaiah 17 forecasts an absolute and final destruction of Damascus. This has never happened in history and there are many of us who lean towards the idea that we have been seeing this prophecy in slow motion setup ever since the war broke out there.

The language in that passage describes a culminating shock and awe finisher of some sort. It could be nuclear. It could be biological. It could be supernatural. It might even be all of the above. We don’t know for sure but given the fact that the bulk of the Ezekiel 38 players are on stage now and in their correct positions makes me believe that Isaiah 17 at minimum is not far off from fulfillment.

The Russian involvement and escalation in the Middle East is a game changer and a point of no return and numerous people in and out of Christendom broadly agree for a wide variety of reasons.

Back on October 2, DEBKA reported that the Chinese were preparing to enter the fray as well on the side of the Russians and they and a few other outlets are stubbornly holding to that story as of this date.They have even repeated it several times. They have earned the benefit of the doubt with me at this point given a solid track record but… The Chinese appear to be taking the “slow boat” on showing up. *insert deserved groans here*  Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 😉

Where are they? I really wish DEBKA or someone would follow up on that story and lock it down with more authority.

To the best of my knowledge, the Chinese have not yet arrived although there are some stray mixed stories to that effect.

If and when the Chinese get involved it’s another game changer. I think they will because the eventual Kings of the East need to have more of an escalated interest in the area for at least financial interests.  The “stick it to the USA” concept likely has something going for it but that wouldn’t be enough in and of itself.  Economics and oil are huge motivators for a lot of what we are seeing.  The Chinese have been making inroads in the ME in recent years by making deals with Saudis and so forth. It makes sense they would want to “protect their investments” and so forth.

All of these things are always backdropped by the spiritual component. Everything stems off of that and we can’t forget it. Clearly the principalities and players behind the scenes on any all levels are shifting and moving. The stage is getting set.

Watch it closely.  One spark and domino could set off everything else and it could come quickly. We see through a glass dimly but the outlines are getting a little clearer each day.

Keep praying and to quote Gary Stearman at Prophecy Watchers: “Keep watching, everybody…”  because this rollercoaster is moving faster each day.

Keep praying.  Try and stay in the Bible as much as you can each day even if all you can do is read the same few sentences repeatedly if you’re in the midst of hardship.  It can get that way. It isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality and a relationship with He who loves us more than we will ever understand on this side.

^^ I highly recommend these materials.  To see it well documented in black and white and on video just how much radical change has taken place on the Earth inside of a decade and all birth pangs categories is staggering.



This Temple Mount issue went from being not mentioned at all to a burgeoning geopolitical hotbed issue in a handful of years.

Anyone that has a passing familiarity with Bible prophecy knows that the Temple has to be rebuilt and in place for the AntiChrist to eventually walk in there and commit the “Abomination of Desolation.”

This tension and fervor has led to increasing violence and what is essentially a new Intifada whether everyone wants to admit it or not. Abbas said a month ago at the UN that Oslo was terminated and everyone knew what that meant despite the lame attempts of others in the PLO to walk the comments back.  The several times a day and growing stabbing attacks and worse make it very clear that people got the message and it’s not a good one.


It’s a common belief that the Vatican is sitting on untold amounts of wealth and it would not surprise me at all if there is at least some truth to the idea that they are sitting on at least some of the Temple heirlooms and relics. Make of it what you will.  This is fairly detailed treatise.

The Bible gives us a good amount of the “what” in terms of prophecy but it doesn’t necessarily give us a lot of the  “how” as in “how do we get from point A to point B?”


Zombie Con? So shocking that an act of violence happened at an event where people celebrate the “undead.”   Are you kidding? What kind of deviant and demented society has practically a fetish to celebrate violence, gore, necromancy, and the undead?

We have become so desensitized to this…no accident… that last week an awful story came out of Ohio about a lady’s body being left for dead on a fence and everyone from the cops on through paid it no mind thinking it was a zombie Halloween decoration.

Somehow Halloween…a high Unholy Satanic holiday…kicks off a two month orgy of dissociation, partying, consumerism,  and checking out.  Call a doctor’s office in mid to late November to get something done and you will see what I mean. The holidays are ruined. Even if you don’t want to be “Scrooge” this nonsense makes you become one.

None of this is an accident. IMHO during the Tribulation we read awful and unreal descriptions in the book of Revelation of creatures coming out of the pit and people who have a time where they try to die and can’t… if that isn’t a zombie I don’t know what is.

It is my OPINION that the world is being desensitized and conditioned ahead of time so when these things comes to pass it will be all but shrugged off as normal.

I have another theory about this that involved the magical word “hybrid” and ties into the whole UFO abduction discussion that I could get into but suffice to say for now: If you have a bunch of people mutilating themselves to a point where they don’t even look human any more and we have plenty of that… IF there are any kind of demonic hybrids walking around…they would look a lot more “normal” vs the people mutilating themselves.  It’s brilliant cover if there is an issue. Just sayin’.    Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah before His return and there were no caveats or exceptions cited. Genesis 6 tells you what that means right on up to the Flood itself.

I appreciate a healthy skepticism. I have some of it myself. I have no proof of a hybrid issue nor do I hope to ever run across one in person.  I cannot state anything definitively past that either way although I can appreciate why there could be a potential Genesis 6 retread backdoor attempt concept in play via the UFO abduction set.   It’s worth researching carefully and taking note of.

Put all of this together and it’s hard for me to believe it’s all for nothing.

Back to the Future 2 day:   We sure were more wide eyed and optimistic in a pre 9-11, pre terrorism jihadist, pre open globalism left and right world weren’t we?  It’s interesting and fun to compare what they projected for our time and what they got right and didn’t.

Sadly, the alternate 1985 that was portrayed in this movie is a lot closer to where we are at and that’s worth considering on its own. In this movie, the wrecked timeline’s 1985 was a crime ridden, debauched, dark, Las Vegas- on-steroids essentially.

I will say this: The Cubs success is downright astounding and if they win it all that’s the biggest lock for nearness of the Apocalypse if ever I’ve seen and Zemeckis and his film crews’ prophetic status is secured.  😀


One of the reasons this blog was not active was this past year was a very challenging one for myself and my family. The short version for now is we went to Spiritual Warfare 3.0 and we were absolutely not ready. We got caught in a high-end spiritual entrapment that involved a legalist cult masquerading as something else,  We had a real life “multiple” target  us and ultimately this entire thing was about destroying us.There is another controversial concept.

Our family is technically an ecclesia. “When two or more are gathered in My name, I am there.”  Jesus wasn’t kidding about that and I want to encourage any of you reading this because I realize the “lonely/isolated feeling boat” is MUCH larger than I may have thought and that is also an end times symptom.  Breakdown of society fundamentals and all that goes with it. Divide and conquer are tactics of the enemy. This subject alone could be a very lengthy series of entries.   I call it New World Order Fallout and there are a slew of symptoms fall into that box.  Harping on symptoms is easy.  Going after the cause is something else entirely which is SIN.

The good news is: This year-long entrapment attempt and setup ultimately failed thanks to the Lord. There is the expected fallout from something like this that we covet your prayers on for healing and we are coming along thanks to the support we have had.

I freely admit that I understood the MPD/DID and SRA concept “on paper”  and agreed with it to a point at least so far as knowing “it was out there” and there were real victims… I understood the concept and that’s one thing… SEEING it with our own eyes is something else entirely.

There is a lot of nonsense out there in a number of these controversial topics and fields. Always carefully do your homework and pray to the Lord for wisdom and discernment. Check everything against His Word and you will never go wrong. 🙂

The theme I keep running into including interviews with pastors is being surprised and shocked at the level of spiritual attacks that happened and why. This included us and includes a number of my friends and people in spheres of acquaintance that I have had discussions with over the last few years.

We ourselves took it for granted that we were just “normal run of the mill Christians/regular people” not in ministry and not out on the front lines…. doesn’t matter. That’s not how this works and we got educated on that the hard way.

If you are even remotely trying to walk with the Lord you have a bullseye on your back because Satan is about robbing, killing, and destroying and if he can shipwreck Christians to a point of ineffectiveness or worse than he’s all for it and that’s what he is going to do.  We all need to remember Ephesians 6 and 1 John 4 and I highly recommend an in-depth study of these as soon as you can.  A friend of mine made a very good point about the Armor of God in Ephesians 6: It’s never supposed to come off.

If God has you in a position where all you can do is pray…then do it with all your might. Prayer is SO underestimated and undervalued it’s not even funny.

God always knows what He is doing even if we don’t!


In the hopefully not too distant future, Lord willing, more detailed blog entries will be going up about all of these things.

Stay in prayer and stay in the Bible as much as you can. If you’re having a tough time and we all do at least work into the Psalms and the book of John. If you have to read the same sentence repeatedly to get something out of it then do it. Fight through. It’s about a relationship, not religion. Religion stifles, stagnates, chokes, and kills. That’s the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches and what the Gospel is about regardless of what names and permutations it comes under. Fear, works, guilt, “improve  your status with God”, earn/keep your salvation… the focus is about “me” in all of those things instead of “God” and that means you need to get away from it.  This, too, goes to some of what this last year was about for us.

The saving Gospel of Jesus Christ which is spelled out very cleanly in John 3 and especially starting with verse 16 and 1 Corithians 15 guarantees that you will be protected and taken above and/or through anything in His peace and love. There isn’t much time left to make that decision. It’s the most important decision you will ever make. Why wait any longer?  Decide where you want to spend eternity because eternity is one blink away.

Watchers 9 DVD and Days of Chaos book review

Watchers 9 DVD

We live in truly remarkable times and as the title correctly states: The Days of Chaos.

This film is definitive, comprehensive, and absolutely on the edge of your seat in terms of importance with no needless hype or sensationalism because the subject matters themselves and their developments are indeed that all on their own. The key passages of Scripture used as the launching point for this documentary are Luke 21 and Matthew 24 and the varying symptoms and signs ticked off in both of those chapters that describe the time period leading up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Pinlight Productions continues to dazzle me with how fresh they can make the presentation with both cutting edge visuals and masterful sound design. It’s a total team effort on all levels so kudos to all. One would be hard pressed to find me anyone else that can compete with this crew on being able to stretch a budget to a magical degree. I don’t know how much more I can praise this entire crew than to say if I ever needed to make a film and I had the means to do so they would be my first choice.

LA Marzulli and Richard Shaw both have a special talent and gift from the Lord to be able to take a wide swath of subjects matters, including some fringy, edgy, and complicated concepts, boil them down to their basic elements, take the fluff out, dissect them all, and put them in a Biblical and honest context where the viewer can take it or leave it as it should be with a good documentary. It’s been a blessing to see how the Lord has taken the gifts and talents of both of them and brought it all together.

The Watchers series always has been a family and team production from top to bottom that comes together in a complete package. The “tender loving care” always shows even during some of the darkest segments. This isn’t about anything else but glorifying the Lord and doing what good watchmen are supposed to do: Putting a spotlight on a slew of subjects to edify and warn people as needed.

As I write this review in late 2015, it really is difficult to imagine decades more of status quo on a number of these elements highlighted given the growing developments already in play. We live in a time where we never know what we are going to see when we turn the TV on or check in on the Internet. This will only continue to ramp up across the boards as we move forward.

It’s become cliché by now but this really is the best Watchers yet. Why? It covers the issues that immediately affect everyone or will affect everyone, first and foremost, and it does it in a balanced and engaging fashion with a Biblical foundation. Topics like Nephilim, UFO deception, and those sorts of things definitely have their place in a larger context but these were not the primary focus of this documentary so it is my hope that an even larger, broader audience takes a shot at this one.

Ultimately these documentaries are about getting people to wake up, engage varying subject matters, ask tough questions, and if they don’t know Jesus Christ as their personal savior then to hopefully give them a potential avenue to get there.

It’s a tough balancing act to make a documentary from a Christian worldview that doesn’t alienate non Christians and I think this team has done the best they can with the careful balance. There is definitely something for everyone in this documentary. Jesus is all over this documentary, knocking at the door, but not kicking it down.

Watchers 9 opens up with a well done opening segment montage that touches on each subject that’s going to be covered. I will warn the squeamish now: There is a 10 second piece of footage in the opening montage that involves one of these Planned Parenthood butcher jobs and it’s disturbing. It is what it is. People need to know about it and sometimes a little bit of in your face shock value is unfortunately what it takes. I say that as someone who is not a fan of shock value and sensationalism although I do concede that there are judicious times where it has to be done. I think this is one of those times and it’s only for a few seconds. I respect the decision as to why that footage was included even though I readily admit to being squeamish myself so here is the heads up.

This nearly two-hour documentary flies by because you are drawn into it from the word go. Jade Helm, infrastructure grids, food supply, droughts and other natural phenomena, Bible prophecy and Middle East tackled from several viewpoints including a rare and welcome segment from the Native American viewpoint, the production crackles with energy and urgency.

What I have always appreciated about this series and I would argue this was the best one yet in terms of balance on this was that there was care taken to avoid nail-biting hype, paranoia, and sensationalism was taken when handling each subject.

Admittedly some of these subjects are sensational in their own right but it’s impressive when even a segment about the whole Planet X phenomenon is brought down to Earth, pardon the pun, and de-fused of all the excessive hype and insanity that’s out there. It’s the sign of a good documentary when a person can come into subject hostile or close to it and come away with an upgrade back to “healthy skeptic/jury is out/take it for what it’s worth” attitude like me coming off the Planet X discussion.  This segment might even be the sleeper because a lot of people have the same view on the subject as I do and I think when they see and hear this they will appreciate that someone finally took an above boards approach to it. What little real science exists for the topic, history, and potential (key word) Biblical implications were carefully discussed with all viewpoints getting a fair mention.

The segments on infrastructure failure and deterioration of the last 60 years combined with the growing drought in the United States, especially out in California, and the alarming loss of honey bees are an example of what I mean about how this documentary is about issues that are immediate, upfront, and will affect everyone at some point or another including people outside of the United States.  We have been paying taxes for decades supposedly for infrastructure and it’s never happened yet for  a slew of reasons I won’t get into here. We are increasingly paying the consequences on that. It doesn’t help when natural or arguably not so natural factors kick in on top of that. There are people who are convinced or at least suspicious that some level of man-made interference and weather engineering is now at play via HAARP or some other construct to meddle with weather patterns. There may be intended and unintended consequences and finally there is the potential of a supernatural component as well. Ultimately we come back to Luke 21 and Matthew 24 and the fact that these symptoms all match up and strongly suggest we are in the  “pre-Horsemen on the march” setup phase.

Richard Shaw was in two segments that featured some hefty technical concepts were brought up and they needed to be brought down to Earth and presented in a compelling fashion since they involved some time in front of a computer and a video processing walkthrough.  One segment was an update on the research involving The Torah Codes. It is no small challenge to present a concept like this in a handful of minutes and explain how it operates and then bring everyone up to the latest developments but Shaw was able to to pull this off just as  he has in the past on a previous Torah Codes documentaries and several conference presentations.  I won’t belabor the point but even I’m satisfied that there is something noteworthy going on here that merits further, careful scrutiny and study. It’s math and probability and it all goes past coincidence.  There is no Kabbalah or crazy mysticism anywhere. What is not encouraged nor fostered from the lead experts handling the Torah Codes responsibly is any attempt at trying to forecast the future. Responsible people are not doing this nor are they encouraging it. I recommend a careful study on your own time to make of it what you will. There has been a lot of nonsense in this area over the years. The Torah Codes involve strictly Genesis-Deuteronomy in the original Hebrew on a tight set of rails that I couldn’t do justice to here trying to explain it. I don’t fully understand it myself but I can definitely appreciate that I am looking at something that isn’t easily dismissed.

The other segment was a UFO update segment that involved some time where Shaw walked us through a careful video study of further dissection of some UFO ship footage that we first saw in Watchers 7, courtesy of the late Dr. Roger Leir. That ship footage is jaw dropping and undeniable at this point but the point to this segment was to further dissect what is possibly being seen near the top of it via an opening. Richard Shaw has done his best to remaster and carefully clean up the original video which was shot before the days of HD but ultimately you are the mercy of the master source. Garbage in, garbage out as they say in both the audio and video worlds. In any event, there are some suspect qualities to the top of the interior of this ship when looking closely that seem to suggest that there may be two to three “aliens” visible. Shaw takes us briefly but necessarily through the steps he has taken to analyze this video. This is a sequence that would have been dead on arrival in most situations because how compelling is it, really, to have someone sitting at a computer and walking you through Photoshop and other routines of that nature? Shaw pulls it off successfully because he has to for the sake of all the wannabe debunkers out there. He keeps the technical jargon down and the segment doesn’t over stay its welcome. Unfortunately, technical wizardry can only go so far and is still at the mercy of the quality of the source material, which was good for the mid 1990s but doesn’t hold a candle to our technology today. Because of this, it would be fair to say the close up footage of what might be “aliens” is inconclusive but I personally think there is enough there that I desperately wish more could be done with it and I am personally not satisfied with dismissing it as another “Jesus in a Taco” situation.

There was one other portion of the UFO segment which I think offers easier and more definitive takeaway. It highlighted an unfortunate, deluded man who thinks he has the ability to summon down UFOs at will and if he has “positive energy” he will summon down “good beings” and vice versa. Multiple cameras and numerous people were on hand as witnesses and they all captured this footage of a manifestation of some kind of broadly humanoid looking creature in the sky. It has not been debunked. The spiritual deception and “great deception” angles are also ramping up and moving forward along with everything else so it begs the question: If they…meaning demons…are getting this bold and brazen with these sorts of sightings… how close are we before the big one hits and especially in the context of everything else?

The segment of Bible prophecy and news that got the largest amount of focus and attention, and rightfully so, was Israel and the Middle East. Israel is the super sign and God’s timepiece. If people want to know where they are at on God’s prophetic timeclock all they have to do is look at Israel and then zoom back and look at the rest of the Middle East. The developments that have occurred out there in recent times have been staggering and show no signs of abating but rather the opposite.

As anyone who studies and operates in this realm at all knows all too well: Since everything is moving with greater speed it becomes that much more difficult to keep things current when producing any kind of media shy of daily Internet concepts. In this case, this was all extremely current and the continued strength of this media allows for in-depth analysis, study, and dissection. The burgeoning Temple Mount issue was also given a segment and rightfully so. It’s extremely telling that we are in a time where that is even being discussed let alone the growing frustration towards inevitable collision we are already seeing on this growing issue. Even a handful of years ago it was a relative non-issue. Now we have regular violence and tension over the Temple Mount and it is quickly becoming a geopolitical hot button issue in and of itself.  A huge underground revival to Christianity is taking place in parts of the Middle East including under the oppressive regime of Iran. There is a segment with a powerful testimony from a Christian Iranian not to be missed.

Last but not least is the closing segment. Every Watchers documentary ends with L.A. Marzulli doing an on-screen monologue where he recaps what we’ve seen, poses challenging questions, and exhorts the viewers to continue to research for the truth.   This has not changed but I did notice and personally appreciated that there was more of an upfront but careful, non-proselytizing mention of Jesus Christ and the Gospel. My admittedly biased opinion as a Christian likes the segment but I can appreciate the tough balancing act and tough deliberating and prayer that has to go into a decision on how to handle this sort of segment since the hope, intent, and prayer is that the documentary will go to as wide and diverse an audience as possible.

Days of Chaos Book

The companion book shares the same title as Watchers 9 DVD does, Days of Chaos.   While the book does indeed touch on many of the same topics as the DVD does, it also touches on a number of other topics and goes into much more depth on all of the subject matter as the medium allows for.  This book is far more than just “a written form of the DVD.” This is a meaty, nearly 300 page Biblical prophetic study and analysis in its own right and a sequel of sorts to LA’s previous book Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural which is still well worth everyone’s time.

The book is presented as “an end times handbook” and I readily agree with that description. Every conceivable major prophetic topic and “birth pang” symptom is given at least one detailed chapter with full breakdown, analysis, and Scriptural dissection with copious footnotes for further reading and research.  The book is an enjoyable read which may sound peculiar given the serious subject matter but that goes to LA’s engaging and accessible writing.

LA’s approach to writing this book involved taking numerous blog entries of his going as far back 2008 and working his way forward to present day. From there he adds current day information and responds to himself with 20-20 hindsight and it speaks for itself just how much has happened in such a short amount of time. He also pulls in numerous other resources and the end result is nearly 300 page book that lives up to its billing. It’s incredible to see in black and white just how much change has happened in such a short amount of time.

The Days of Chaos DVD and book set clearly spell out that the birth pangs have picked up in both speed and intensity just as Jesus said they would in the season leading up to His return and it’s clear that there isn’t much time left before that happens. These materials don’t just tell, they show.  Both of these are must have study materials that you need to avail yourself of as soon as you can. The best places to get them are either directly off of or at


Since developments are moving so quickly in the world an expansion of the Watchers concept into a TV show that can be more frequent and regular makes a lot of sense. It looks like LA and his crew are hoping to launch the project in January 2016 so as the Lord leads if you feel compelled to offer support to the project that’s the best way to do it.

Final takeaway:  Come quickly, Lord Jesus!