The Daily Roundup 11-2-2015

^^ Please read this blog entry first and look all of that over since I’m going to use it as a springboard for my entry here.


The UN Plans To Implement Universal Biometric Identification For All Of Humanity By 2030

Read that for yourself at your leisure.

Let’s get real here: They could implement this today tech wise if they wanted to but they can’t yet because there are still way too many people both in and out of Christendom that would stand against it so more cultural and social conditioning at minimum are needed. It doesn’t escape my notice that these target dates for a number of these concepts continue to shrink. Make of that what you will.


This Russian airliner with all hands lost over the weekend. Nearly 230 lives lost.

When the news broke DEBKA claimed it was a missile that shot it down and there is unconfirmed video floating around the Internet supposedly showing that. DEBKA stands by this story and a few other strays had tentatively run that way until we suddenly got lost in a couple of days worth of nonsense “technical issues” talk.   No way.

I think it was obvious from the get-go this wasn’t going to be good news and ISIS wasted no time claiming responsibility. It’s a retaliation from them and it was inevitable. Unfortunately they are telling the truth.  It’s an awful tragedy no matter what but this was an attack against a soft target.

Opinion:  I expect the Russians and Putin to methodically dot all of their i’s and cross all of their t’s before the world stage so no one has any questions when they take the gloves off and show everyone what “shock and awe” is really all about.  They will not be concerned about hurting feelings or preserving landscape and saving caraboo when it’s time to pin ears back and get the job done instead of meandering around for years on end.

Putin: Speaking of Putin, once again and despite myself, a continuing trend in recent years of Putin making more sense to me than my own leaders continues with this:

Put “Putin global warming sham” in a search engine and see for yourself.

Putin says that climate change/global warming or whatever other cover language the New World Order globalists operating the West want to use for this pretext to take control is a scheme and fraud and he’s 100 percent right about that.

Please do some objective research on this.


Erdogan is going full strongman dictator.  90 percent of the vote went to him and his party a few days after his government took over the opposition TV stations. Please.

Turkey has an ISIS problem so at some point Turkey is going to have to get past their “historic rivalry” with Russia to deal with that problem and I expect they will. I also expect Turkey to leave NATO and end what little is left of their “Western leaning” pretenses.

I realize there are varying eschatological views on this but most premillenial Christians agree that Turkey is a player in Ezekiel 38 to some degree or another.  As of right now Turkey is not on the same side as Russia, Syria, and Iran but that’s going to have to change and it’s just a question of when and how.  We took another step closer in that direction with this development in my estimation.


All the action is centering in Iraq…originally part of the Persian Empire…and Syria.

By all means please look through my previous blogs recently and look at that footage of Damascus, or what’s left of it.  How much more time do you think that city is really going to hold out with all these major world players escalating in what was already a three year bloodbath?  Obama was forced to flip flop yet again when his handlers up the food chain gave him his marching orders and now the USA will be getting involved in Iraq…which we knew was never going to end…and Syria as well.

Isaiah 17’s conclusion is on the boards in my opinion.

TEMPLE MOUNT:,7340,L-4717498,00.html

It’s not going away is it? This isn’t in 20-50 years in the future…this is now.

Everyone is getting sick and tired of this status quo on all sides and especially on the Jewish side. The Muslims want it all to themselves and that’s not going to cut it, either.

The Temple Institute and their allies do not look or sound like people intent on waiting x number of decades before they can start getting this project off the ground. They look and sound like people ready to do it NOW.

A few years ago this was a non issue and now it’s a growing flashpoint issue in a geopolitical context.


$20 Trillion in overall national debt is seriously underestimating the issue.

Although to be frank, it doesn’t matter. That is untenable imaginary figure that’s past any point of reason or meaning. That figure is certainly “bad enough.”

The truth is: It’s six figures into the trillions overall and it well predates Obama.

Do this research on your own time but even if we take this at face value: It’s the kiss of death. There is no future that you can build on this and it’s irretrievable.

You can tax every person 100 percent from here on out and the money will never be recovered. It can’t be done and it won’t be.

What’s important to note again is: This debt issue is a global problem and that point can’t be overstated.

The next step globally will be some crisis event that’s capitalized on to do a forced reset for a global market and currency.  This will be when the new world leader…guess who he is!… moves in to take over or it will be one of his first actions as leader.

Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21…  if I’m not seeing those in stories like what’s on my blog and LA Marzulli’s blog linked at the top then I don’t know what we’re looking at because that most certainly is not “business as usual.”