The Daily Round-Up 11-8-2015


Last night several outlets ran and linked to this story:
Russia is opting a nuclear strike on ISIS; The Kremilin is awaiting consent from its allies

In response to the purported downing of a Russian civilian airliner in the Sinai in Egypt, the Kremlin is now poised for a nuclear strike on sites controlled by the Islamic State. Citing its right to protect its people and interests in Russia and abroad, Intelligence officials have anonymously reported that Russia is moving its tactical nuclear units closer to its international boundaries and its frontier with other hotspots within Russia, such as the northern Caucasus region. The Russian military have been called up to help evacuate Russian nationals within these hotspots and have ordered non-essential civilians to leave Syria, Iraq, the Gulf states and other nations in the Arab world.

Although Russia’s poising to use its nuclear weapons on ISIS, Russia held a secret meeting with NATO, reassuring them that Russia has no intentions on using nuclear weapons on either Georgia or the Ukraine, citing that attacking either of them would invoke a nuclear strike from NATO. Also Russia had consulted with the Syrian government as well as the governments of its allies in the region, who in turned told the Kurds and other allied militias of a possible nuclear strike, warning them to move allied civilians from areas that might be struck by Russia’s nuclear weapons.

I can’t vouch for that site and I’m leery when I see no real outside confirmation until I come on this morning and then see this from the mainstream media:

Carter sees Russia, China as potential threats to global order

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter on Saturday slammed Russia, saying it is endangering the world order through its incursions in Ukraine and loose talk about nuclear weapons, and said the U.S. defense establishment is searching for ways to deter Russian aggression to protect U.S. allies.

I don’t want to play loosely with this but let’s get real here: We know that airliner did not come down via technical issues and I think we’ve known that since the beginning.  Most likely it’s shaping up to be a bomb from the inside and unfortunately ISIS is telling the truth when they take immediate credit for it.

In my continued and increasingly urgent assessment:  Putin is being slow, methodical, dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s so he can pin his ears back when he retaliates and frankly he is well within his rights to do so.  He won’t be meandering for years on end like the United States did.  I sincerely hope and pray cooler heads prevail and nukes do not come into the picture but considering we continue to see chemical warfare stories coming out of Syria even now and because of the times we live in? It’s just a matter of time and not much of it.    See:     <- this is blaming the anti Assad side but Assad has used them, too. Look it up.   It isn’t going to take much for Isaiah 17 to see final fulfillment and if any kind of nuclear concept gets introduced to the Syrian theater then it’s that much more likely and closer.

Four day old and no updates anywhere on the Internet. What happened to this airplane? The silence is deafening.


Temple Mount:
Abbas urges Sisi: Pressure Israel to stop ‘assaults against al-Aksa Mosque’

It’s not going away is it?
Israel trying to rebuild Temple: Palestinian news chief in Nazi-style, anti-Semitic rant

Hostile witness. The point here is: They’re worried about. It’s serious. It’s a burgeoning geopolitical issue NOW, not in 20-50 years.
VFTB 286: Carl Teichrib – Parliament of World Religions

Please take the time to listen to this vital interview that Derek Gilbert does with Carl Teichrib of Forcing Change.  All that’s missing is the Antichrist himself when you listen to all of this.  It’s close.


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