The Daily Round-Up 11-11-15

I want to take a moment to express my utmost gratitude to any and all United States military veterans and current active personnel for their service.


ISIS in Sinai threatens to attack Israel.

Again.  That’s a given isn’t it? ISIS threatening Israel?

At some point these constant threats and nickel and dime rocket attacks are going to escalate past that to a point of no return. These types can’t help themselves.  People wonder “Well, what about this Sunni vs Shi’ite conflict?”  and I say who cares? Nothing unites Islam faster than hate of Jews and Israel.

We see Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38 trapping and stage setting all over the place now. How many more years or decades do you want to put on this hot bed and especially with the Temple Mount issue being a point of contention as well?  What’s the over/under?  I’m liking the under more with each passing day.

Good for Israel. Boycott the boycotters.  What a bunch of nonsense this BDS is. When are you boycotters going to throw your smartphones that you live and die by in the trash can because guess where all that sweet tech came from?  Adios iPhone! LOL right.


Tehran says Russian S-300 missiles on the way
Defense minister says Iranian troops training in Russia to operate the anti-aircraft weapons, which will arrive by the end of 2015

As expected the Russian S-3000 missile deal went through with the Iranians. This Ezekiel 38 alliance sure is looking cozy, isn’t it?    The USA’s void has been filled. The Russians are large,  in charge, and they are not going away. Their influence is everywhere and it will continue to expand.
Russian military surge in Syria: More helicopters, first “volunteer” combatants

More overt and aggressive Russian military surging activity in Syria including volunteer combatants. These are the big three.     I especially feel confident about the “under” on the over/under of Isaiah 17 in the near future.

I know that Turkey is eventually supposed to be in that alliance as well and the recent election developments there portend a move in a direction that I fully expect to see them to leave NATO and cross over. It’s just a question of when and how.


8-Year-Old Boy in Alabama Charged With Murder

This is where we are as a society now.  I hate to say how common these types of stories are.   It isn’t just some radical Muslim group somewhere in the mountains with their kids being brainwashed to shoot M16s and kill Jews… those aren’t children… and neither is something like this.   You cease to be a child when you do something like this but when you have kicked God out since the 60s and run several generations on a value system where life has no meaning or value this is what we get to. These are examples of what the Bible means by “seared consciences.”

There is no future there. This is one of seemingly endless items I can point to that clearly indicate a society in its death throes. There is an important point that gets lost which is: This is all over the planet and not just in one country. The planet is ready for judgement and it’s not going to be much longer before the Lord finally turns the page. Why shouldn’t He?  There isn’t a shred of repentance anywhere.

When several generations go on with God kicked out and we are taught to believe that we came from random pond scum over billions of years and nothing has any meaning this is where it gets us.  Oh yeah, and aliens deposited the pond scum there in the first place.  Right. Where did the aliens come from?

I keep hearing all this revival and reprieve talk…  sounds nice but I just don’t see it.

We have been under a reprieve of sorts since at least the 1960s here in the United States and I’m being extremely generous with that figure. Check the abortion rates just since 1973 and let’s get real here.  These days the most dangerous place in the United States is a mother’s womb where we are up to a 1/5 kill rate. Look it up. Life has no value any more.

Where is the repentance? Nowhere.  We’re in the book of Nahum, not Jonah if we’re going to use the Nineveh analogy which I think is more appropriate since it’s Gentile Nation vs. Gentile Nation vs this continued failed attempt to try to suggest that America is either Israel 2 or a replacement for it outright.  No way.   By the way, just because some of the founding fathers may have made a covenant with God doesn’t mean He made one with them.  The only nation He has ever done that with is Israel and He did it with Himself in the book of Genesis. He made that covenant with Himself.  This is a nice overview of the Abrahamic Covenant:

This is a one shot throughout all history never to be repeated.

Romans 1 is checked off. It’s called abandonment judgement and it’s not just the United States although it’s been more jarring and distinct in the United States because in its brief history of existence it is used to affluence and at least a surface veneer of broadly Judeo-Christian concepts and now that’s all gone.

What are the laws of the Constitution and the United States based on? Biblical principles but since we’ve thrown that all out now… where does that put us?

It’s not a cheery message but while some people are hankering for another organized religion “awakening”…these were mixed bags by the way…or some ultracharismatic “revival” and let’s try and “pause the prophetic timeclock” in some instances which I can’t get that concept at all… no thanks!… I am shamelessly hankering for AR-rival and it can’t happen fast enough. The only way out of this mess is up and I say Come quickly Lord Jesus!


1.) This Starbucks Christmas coffee cup thing…who cares?  Christians are being slaughtered in the Middle East and I’m supposed to get upset about this?  Get real. Don’t like it? Don’t do business with them. Problem solved. They are a rip off anyways.

2.) I can’t believe all these political robo-calls actually work. For us and apparently many other people they have the exact opposite of the intended effect.  That’s why we screen caller ID and turn the phones off when we don’t want to be bothered.  I’ve been amazed at the deer in the headlights reactions I get when I’ve suggested that to people who get so annoyed over this.  It’s not rocket science, folks. It’s ok! You can turn the phones off whenever you want. They are there for YOUR convenience not the other way around!

Imagine turning the smartphones off to get a good night’s sleep at night, too!  gasps