12-19: The Weekend round up




Israel: Iran has withdrawn most of its Revolutionary Guards from Syria

Read the entire article for why that is. This is something to be watched closely.




Russia is not going away and continues to expand her presence and influence on at least two countries that, along with her, will eventually be part of the Ezekiel 38 coalition regardless of who is in what role.


Iran is going to export enriched uranium to Russia in the very near future.   It’s obvious things are extremely cozy between these two and I don’t expect that trend to change any time soon.  These two are certainly ready for Ezekiel 38 whenever that happens.



Erdogan calls MP ‘traitor’ for telling RT that ISIS got chemical weapons via Turkey

Is Erdogan angry because this is a lie or because it’s true?


This is more compelling, upfront, and to the point for Russia to make a case against Turkey and specifically the Erdogan government to say nothing about if that first link is true as well.

President Vladimir Putin again denounced Turkey’s action during his annual news conference, saying that it is now “practically impossible” to repair ties under the current Turkish leadership.

My friend Alf Cengia from The Omega Letter said: “Erdogan has been playing the harlot. His time may well be running out.”   

I don’t have any doubt.


Turkey even reaching out to Israel is a perfect case in point of exactly that. Hypocritical and desperate.



U.N. endorses Syria peace plan in rare show of unity among big powers

We will see what that’s actually worth if anything but I would posit here that we all should get used to this kind of concept becoming “less rare” as time marches on .

The Associated Press Verified account ‏@AP
BREAKING: EU leaders vow ‘uncompromising fight against terrorism,’ call for wide-ranging countermeasures.
Whatever that means from 12-18-15.

I do continue to track this “terrorism as a catalyst for the New World Order” trend which I still think it is. I understand that there are a lot of complicated layers and variables to this but overall I think this trend is unmistakable.


High up elites like Kissinger are basically confirming that. The international talking points are always there.   Hegelian dialectic is always in play as well. Have a certain crisis that’s at least partly manufactured and then have a solution for said crisis ready.

It’s a delicate balancing act between vigilance and kneejerking whether it’s Los Angeles shutting down the public schools in the wake of debatable valid threat a week after the awful San Bernadino situation… I don’t blame them… or  someone who works in a large city near where I live taking note a young, athletic man in a fairly heavy winter garb on a balmy 60 degree day taking pictures of buildings in a conspicuous fashion. We shouldn’t give in to fear and hysteria which is something that’s all too easily promulgated in the media and on the Internet but trust your instincts. If you see something that stands out to you like a sore thumb then by all means notify someone.


Leslie Kean ‏@lesliekean 7m7 minutes ago
CNN did an embarrassing bit on “UFO hunters”. What an insult. http://fb.me/4KExUbxwB

Re: http://devoid.blogs.heraldtribune.com/15425/on-cnns-cosmic-unconsciousness/

That’s from LK’s Twitter feed on 12-17-15.

Why did CNN even bother, like I don’t know?    Aren’t we far enough along now to at least discuss the subject seriously or do we still have to swim through this DELIBERATE propoganda and nonsense trying to devalue and dismiss this subject?




Anyone up for 32 parents for one child?   Me, either.

Why would any remotely sane person find the idea of a child whipped up in a petrie dish with dozens of “parents” appealing in any way, shape, or form? Who wants this? Why?  At least there is some words of warning in this but once again we get the idea that “it’s already here and we can’t stop this freight train even if some of us wanted to.”


This is truly deviance that I can’t wrap my brain around and I can only pray the Lord intervenes as soon as possible before this evil comes to pass. No more!



The January/February 2016 issue of Scientific American has a cover story and spread about transgender children and how best to help them thrive.

This isn’t about treating people badly…this should never happen…but the fact that somehow we have turned around and warp speed this is a mainstream  issue even though way less than 10 percent of the population holds to this persuasion.
How about stop deliberately corrupting them early on with these kinds of ideas and just let kids be kid for starters? Just a thought.  It used to be you were a tom boy and then you grew up.  Or if you were like me you messed around with your toys and your sister’s toys for a few years and that was it. Now all of a sudden you do that and it’s a gender identity crisis or worse!   This deliberate targeting and corruption of youth whether it was the legalistic cult my family and I found ourselves in for a few months or the likes of something like this is SATANIC to the core and all part and parcel of breaking down the basic fundamentals and foundations of society.

People LEARN to be this way and especially young and impressionable children. You don’t have to be a shrink to know this. I wish at 4 years old I had been exposed to a lot more useful information like several languages and so forth because now it’s too late.  This is why kids can run circles around a lot of us when it comes to all the new tech gadgets.   The younger they are the better they learn and the more susceptible they are which is why cults constantly target them like the so-called church we had visited earlier this year.  It’s a red flag when you are shown and told about  kids being deliberately targeted for the supposed proselytizing racket.  I’m letting the cat out of the bag a little bit at a time.

Therein lies another sidebar rant: You’ve lost the battle if you give your kid a cellphone or any other device that gives them unchecked access to the Internet but I digress.

This is where we are at already as a society. This is above boards, mainstream, and in our faces and it isn’t going away.  It’s amazing to me how much has changed across the boards in just a relative handful of years.  Rounding up numbers generously, 10 percent or less of the population in any given country is homosexual or some variant thereof and the numbers for “trans” types is even lower than that and yet in the last handful of years the fervor and wall to wall propaganda and hoopla would make most people think it was 90 percent of the population.  Rhetorically: I wonder why that is?

The answer is: Because Satan knows he is running out of time and he is going to go against God and His creation any way he can including attacking  the “made in the image of God.”  We have seen that telegraphed as far back as Genesis 3:15 and the first larger than life attempt in Genesis 6 and the “wreck the image of God” motifs have never gone away whether it’s break down the family, break down the sexual roles and barriers, break down the basic gender identities where no one knows what a male and a female is to the point we are going to have meterosexuals and genderless bathrooms. People can lie to themselves and pretend all day long in a spirit of delusion but  most people on the Earth still know what a man and a woman are despite all of this.

Past this kind of issue of course we get into more unsettling and darker subject matter when we discuss “corrputing the image of God” but that is not the focus of today’s piece.

Incidentally, I can’t help but note the Aryan features of the child in that picture but I have no idea if that means anything or not. Considering the spirit of what’s in charge I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something behind it all.  Oh who am I kidding?  Ephesians 6 and especially verse 12 tells me and tells all of us exactly who and what is behind ALL of this.


A fun movie…but that’s ALL it is…a movie.  I leave it to you all to ponder the insane amount of near religious hype and mania that’s surrounding this right now and what that is a symptom of.


12-11-15 Friday Overload



Putin puts nuclear option on the table in regard to ISIS.

Wow.  I won’t read into it too much but this is a very serious suggestion and I don’t doubt if Putin had a situation where he felt it was warranted he would do it.

Two weeks ago there was this piece: http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/11/russia-vs-turkey-nuclear-war-likely/

Flashy headlines notwithstanding it shows what the growing concerns are out there and there is an outline of a potential pattern here.

It’s worth noting that the types of cruise missiles Russia is firing from their submarine right now in the Mediterranean are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

This isn’t going away.


A surprisingly, for me, hefty and prescient analysis from CNN of all places that asks “Why aren’t Arab states doing more against ISIS?”

I have some very politically incorrect theories of my own about that for at least some of them but this does to another issue that’s largely been forgotten and shouldn’t be.  Yemen. Don’t forget about it.


Here is a brand new development that just broke as I writing this in regards to the Yemen civil war and the clear proxy war situation that’s been taking place there.  Yemen is yet another potential flash point in this mess.


It continues to get my attention that these Messianic expectations on the clear uprise in certain Jewish quarters.  Unfortunately some of them at least are going to be setting themselves up for the false one who we, the Christians, know will be the Antichrist.  Any way you shake this the ramifications prophetically here are obvious.


This high-ranking Admiral accuses Obama of treason.  He’s right although Obama has been guilty of it many times over.  What people don’t want to get in to is that there has been plenty of treason against the Constitution from plenty of people with both Rs and Ds that well predate Obama.  That’s a huge tip of an iceberg discussion that can go down any number of rabbit trails but yes, I’m one of those New World Order kooks and all I have to say is: Get past rhetoric and look at actual voting records.  Past this? Associations matter. Do your own research.

Anyone who was and is in favor of an unconstitutional nightmare concept like Homeland Security and nationalizing banks and so forth can’t get on a high horse accusing anyone else of being unconstitutional and needs to go away.

These next sound bytes have been making their rounds  like wildfire all over the Internet and I will warn you about vulgar language in the following links.  I can’t condone the choice of words but I absolutely agree with the sentiments and what’s behind them:


Our public discourse has gone down the tubes on all sides.   I sympathize with the frustration and anger behind these kinds of outbursts  and share a lot of it to be honest with you but when you are in the public arena you have to do better than this.

These two commentators were suspended by Fox News not for what they said per se… or were they?…but because of the foul language which I could get off on a high horse about double standards and graphic war footage that gets shown all the time but I’ll spare you.

Despite the language I agree 100 percent with what they said or more accurately the sentiments and frustration behind what they said.  The incompetence accusation has merit but it doesn’t cover the gambit and for now I’ll leave it to you all to ponder that and do your own research. Today’s key word is: Self sabotage.    It gets old seeing basic logic and common sense constantly abandoned.

To be fair:  As easy as it it is to do blaming everything on Obama like he’s a stuffed pinata it oversimplifies the issues facing the country and how we got here and it also continues to over amplify the power and effect that should be coming out of the Oval Orifice (paying attention?)    The executive branch has gotten much more powerful over time than it was supposed to be and that, too, predates Obama.

The other problem in that same vein is to watch the SCOTUS violate its purview and act like the legislative branch like it has on an increasing basis and most recently and conspicuously with the homosexual issue.    The government itself is guilty of lawlessness by definition when you fail to equally use and enforce the plenty of good and existing laws we have on the books for all kinds of hot button issues we see in the news today.    Selectively deciding to not enforce certain laws for whatever reason is lawlessness and also treason but that’s honestly nothing new, either. It’s just a lot more blatant now.


This was an excellent column by Matt Walsh that makes four arguments in regards to  “4 Insane Reasons Why Liberals Admire and Romanticize Islam”? 
It’s ironic because radial Islam would have no problems cutting them down, either.  This Liberal-Muslim collusion is the most dangerous and illogical form of “useful idiot” on the part of much of the Left that I’ve seen yet and that’s saying something.

It’s real root is Satanic, of course, and I won’t ruin the article for you but number 4 is far and away the key to the entire thing.

On that same note:



Why do atheists give a rip what anyone else believes or does in their own private time? Answer: Because atheism itself is a religion and this is more proof of it right here. Why do these people care if people go to church or not on Christmas or any other time for that matter?

We don’t see this kind of blowback against people that believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but somehow all these “rational”  “high minded” “open minded intellectuals” from Dawkins on down froth at the mouth and become unhinged in a sea of illogic and paying money to put up billboards telling people to skip church on Christmas is just the latest in a never-ending line of examples of that.

They continue to testify against themselves.  The fool says in his heart there is no God but here’s the real truth of it:  A lot of them DO believe in God… and they HATE him. That’s the truth. Nothing logical and rational about it. Who goes out of their way to spend the time and money for ads and other varying forms of propaganda against something or someone who supposedly doesn’t exist?  That’s insane at best. It makes no sense.   It’s a hostile witness so keep on hatin’ atheists.

Why don’t you all take a time out and put up some anti Mohammed billboards, too, while you’re at it?  Speaks for itself.  Among other things you all don’t have the guts.



Someone at Google may have let the cat out of the bag when they weren’t supposed to.  I have no doubts that “behind the curtains” the tech is way ahead of the streets like what this Google rep indicates here.  Somewhere around 40 years ahead of the streets is the median average leaning conservatively depending on who you talk to and what you see and hear.  Even ultra conservative goes to at least 20 years which I think is “big enough” don’t you?


I have seen a lot of articles like this in the past week about how expectations are the smartphone will obsolete within five years. These target dates keep shrinking but I have no doubts like QR Codes, 3D Printing, and so many other things that suddenly came up seemingly out of nowhere, hits the streets, and voila! Became mainstream that this prediction will end up being correct.   I take note how transhumanist target dates have also been shrinking downwards.

My own personal expectation here is that the chip is the only way to go next after this and especially playing hard on the safety, security, and convenience talking points which we already have seen plenty of.  Where else do you go after the smartphone? Really?   This generation  especially starting with the me-llenials especially wants to be connected 24/7 all the time with everyone and everything no matter what so they will take that chip at the drop of  a hat. They don’t even care about getting a driver’s license. As long as they can twat on the Internet, Google will even give them a self driving car.  What a brave new world we are headed for. I hope I’m not here to see all of that come to fruition. That’s not being a fatalist although I admit I do have a bit of a streak of it. I just honestly don’t care to be a part of that kind of society. No thanks.

So what comes after a smartphone?  I’ll take a blind shot at this: Read Revelation 13. Just a thought.



Yet another loaded blog from LA Marzulli that covers the gambit across several subjects.




Daily Round-Up 12-7-15



Things are getting friendlier between Egypt and Russia. Egypt is another Ezekiel 38 player.




Will NATO expel Turkey over recent aggressiveness?

To my knowledge this is the first time in the media that this concept of Turkey and NATO going their separate ways has been floated.   For me this is inevitable because somehow we have to get Turkey in the Ezekiel 38 coalition.  How do we get from point A to point B?  From NATO’s standpoint: They aren’t worth it and especially now. I can’t imagine NATO gunning up for Turkey.

They have always been an odd fit at best and the moves Erdogan has made makes it even that much more so.

I see this separation happening in the near future and then it won’t take much after that for the sequence to be complete.


The POTUS speech was a wallpaper non-event that has no credibility behind it whatsoever. Words say one thing and actions continue to say something else entirely.   The only person that I believe when they say they are going to destroy ISIS is Putin.

I have to give Trump credit when his response to this speech last night was:  “Is that all there is? We need a new President – FAST!”       

That would be a nice start and I agree but it wouldn’t solve the spiritual decay in the land of which poor leadership is just one of numerous Romans 1 fallout symptoms.


Two Jews arrested on Temple Mount for Hanukkah prayer

Unbelievable. On Hanukkah no less. How much longer is this ever deteriorating status quo really going to be tolerated?   Here’s a hint: It won’t be many years or decades.



That is a partisan website but the video is legit. Even if it’s a “joke”… who has a baby smoke pot?   I hope they find these people and round them up.


Conspiracy theorists threaten family of Sandy Hook shooting victim Vicki Soto

Let’s say for the sake of the argument this lady is a crisis actor. (I don’t believe it. Sue me.) Is this how to handle it?  Really?

I have my tin foil nearby when I need it and sometimes going down a rabbit trail can be fun. 🙂

This is an example of where the slippery slope can take us and I think this is beyond the pale. It’s outrageous and some people really need to please loosen the tin foil hat a notch and allow more blood flow to their brains.




Stonehenge. The mystery that keeps on giving.   This is an interesting concept.

If it was a second-hand monument how did they transport it and how did they line it up perfectly with the stars in a certain incredibly accurate way that we still can’t fully replicate now to the best of my knowledge?


TW!    Some of you know what that means and it definitely go for this video. Trigger Warning all the way!

This is an incredibly disturbing video and don’t feel bad if you can’t watch the whole thing. What you are going to see and hear in this video are two children that were rescued out of a Satanic occult abuse situation.  This video has been vetted many times over and passed muster.    I honestly wish it weren’t true.

A lot of things stand out to me in this video including the notably “Aryan” features of the kids which is no accident.   We learned this a little bit the hard way this past year that likes of this is a lot closer to home than a lot of us would like to think about and the key word for today is “infiltration.”    It’s closer than you think. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Ezekiel 8. God sees all.  Just pray for the likes of this out there and by that I mean: It could be on the next street over from where you live. Seriously.


Several people who are involved in the very challenging ministry in these areas are trying to make a documentary about all of these things.  Please pray for this project and if please prayerfully consider support.  Thanks.



People actually believe the likes of this but anything to not believe in God.   Amazing.

12-4-15… a pot boiling over?



Russia-Turkey tensions continue to escalate.   How do they end up together in the Ezekiel 38 coalition ultimately?  Keep watching.


Israeli jets carry out strikes north of Damascus — reports
Raids said to target four trucks loaded with ballistic missiles; no immediate reports of casualties

Closer and closer the action gets to Damascus.





California gunmen said to be on US, Saudi and Pakistani watch lists 



Pick any news outlet you want.  Duh, it’s terrorism.  Yes, it’s Jihadist related. Yes, they’re finding that Farook was radicalized. What a surprise! Not.    The story continues to move so I won’t spam a bunch of links in here. Everyone can easily look into this for themselves.

Clearly premeditated.  The only part that was unimpressive was their exit plan which was sorely lacking.  Farook got into some argument two weeks prior with a co-worker over Islam and the co-worker disagreeing with him about Islam being a religion of peace. Guess who won that argument the hard way!

Whether they got orders to activate or not it remains to be seen although I certainly would contend Satan gave this bunch the green light and that’s all that matters. No question.

Because we can’t rationalize evil and something demonic… people without a Christian and spiritual worldview are once against lost today grasping at straws whether its rounding up guns, tossing around more antidepressants, or getting people more “jobs and education” and “fixing climate change.”   People jumping to conclusions and getting into arguments mere hours after an event when the bodies aren’t even cold and next of kin aren’t even fully notified shows a lack of basic decency and class but these things are long gone in today’s society.

We can’t fix sin outside of Jesus Christ and we live in a world that gave the middle finger to God some time ago and we are reaping what we sow.   The United States simply caught up and now everyone is in the same boat.   When you are handed over to a depraved mind…study this!… there are a slew of symptoms starting with Romans 1 that you can check off and we’ve got them all.

You can round-up every gun today and the criminals will still have them or get them.  Criminals don’t care about the law…that’s why they are criminals!

They can create IEDs. They can use knives. They can use chemicals. They can use their bare hands.  This shooting was in a gun free zone in a state with some of the toughest gun laws in the country.

I do have to wonder why it is the USA government or at least parts of it are so intent on disarming its citizenry in the face of something like this and then we see a country like Israel that lives like this essentially day-to-day with a fairly left-wing government and yet virtually everyone with few exceptions in that country and their government has enough basic sense of reality that they aren’t trying to disarm their citizenry.  The historical track record for disarming the citizenry is not a bright one to say the least.

How about Paris? They have some pretty tough gun laws there. How did that work out for them?  Why is the US Dept. of Agriculture stockpiling ammo like there is no tomorrow?  Look into it.



San Bernardino Shooters’ Neighbor Didn’t Report Suspicions out of Fear of Being Called Racist

This is a big part of the problem in America and abroad. The body count at the altar of political correctness is staggering.  We see and hear the likes of this ALL the time.

Grow a spine, grow something… be a “racist.”  Get called some name and get the job done anyways.

Way too much of this out there. Infuriating.

Let’s get back to: Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.




Landlord lets media enter California shooting suspects’ home

Firings and even criminal prosecution should happen here. Unforgivable.



Romans 1.  It’s a checklist and we unfortunately have all the check boxes filled.

Read Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21.  We’re there. Study them closely.

Ephesians 6:12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Do not forget this. This is what this is all really about.  If you read nothing else off this blog today please don’t miss that.

2 Timothy 1:7:
7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

That, too. 🙂

Daily Round-Up 12-2-2015



This article asks and analyzes oil and gas (re: economics) as being a major driver on this conflict. Is there any doubt? I would posit that this is a potential “hook in the jaw element” that we are looking at here that drives Russia’s increased activity in the region. I expect no reversals on that trend.







My money is on the Russians probably telling at least some truth here about this.

For “slander” that’s a pretty compelling and ever-growing body of evidence that they are mounting against Erdogan.

It’s think it’s doom on Erdogan from where I sit.  Putin has made no bones since that plane was shot down that he views Turkey and Erdogan and his people specifically as “aiding and abetting terrorists” and now he’s proving it.  What happens after that?


There is no way NATO is going to go to war and stand by Erdogan in light of a growing body of evidence like this. They would be fools to do so.

How does Turkey ultimately end up on the Ezekiel 38 coalition side vs being in NATO? I think we are close to finding out. For the last week we have seen stories about Russia mobiling military assets near the Syrian-Turkey border along with attacking ISIS and Turkey assets both in Syria.





Israel’s air superiority clouded by new Russian missiles in Syria
Putin’s deployment of advanced S-400 system impacts a mainstay of Israel’s defense strategy, though coordination with Moscow mitigates the threat

As I wrote my last blog this is too close for my comfort level and I hardly share the optimism expressed here to say the least.


Israel is nervous over Russia’s actions in the Golan.

Good. They should be.




“We didn’t go after oil wells, actually hitting oil wells that ISIS controls, because we didn’t want to do environmental damage, and we didn’t want to destroy that infrastructure.”  – President Barack Obama

Fine. Why not take them over?



I will keep my comments brief as interspersed through the quoted article.



By Francis X. Rocca
Updated Nov. 30, 2015 7:45 p.m. ET

BANGUI, Central African Republic— Pope Francis on Monday called for an end to religious violence in this African nation, capping his trip to the continent with a visit to a mosque that is a haven for Muslims fleeing violence by Christian militias.


It’s all equally bad but how about the Christian holocaust taking place with figures that blow this out of the water all over Africa in the Middle East? The numbers aren’t even close. Why isn’t the Pope spinning on his head over that?


“Those who claim to believe in God must also be men and women of peace,” he said. “Together, we must say no to hatred, to revenge and to violence, particularly that violence which is perpetrated in the name of a religion or of God himself.”

I’d be interested in matching the death toll over the course of history of Islam vs the RCC when it comes to martyring real Christians and other dissenters. Yes, let’s have that discussion right on through to Pope Pius, the Nazis, and the Holocaust.  Yeah, I went there.


Later, while flying back to Rome, the pope said that there was no special link between Islam and violence.

Please consider a lobotomy if you believe this. C’mon Mr. Jesuit, please tell a lie with some sophistication? You can do better than this. TRY.

“You cannot reject a religion because there are some fundamentalist groups, or even many of them at a certain moment in history,” he said. “How many wars, and not only religious wars, have we Christians waged? It wasn’t Muslims who committed the sack of Rome.”


Yes, let’s ask the Waldenses, the Abligeneses, and the Anabaptists about that. Oh wait…


Under heavy security, the pope’s visit to the modest mosque in the capital’s Muslim quarter, known as PK5, was the culmination of a six-day trip that also included Kenya and Uganda.

While Pope Francis has been eager to visit this nation, one of the world’s poorest, concerns for his safety had thrown the final leg of his trip in doubt until the last minute.

Since 2012, this country has been locked in a bloody civil war that has increasingly taken on religious dimensions. Some have hoped that the visit of the pope, who called on Sunday for the militias to lay down their arms, could rekindle a peace process. Thousands of French forces and U.N. peacekeepers are deployed in the country in an attempt to control the violence.
According to Human Rights Watch, about 122,000 Muslims lived in Bangui before the start of the civil war. But attacks by Christian militias have driven hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the country or forced them to seek shelter in enclaves.


Again, this is no good no matter who is doing it and I’m not trying to minimize that at all but what about the numbers of Christians and other non-Muslims being slaughtered in that same area and all over Africa in the Middle East?


In the Central African Republic, about 15% of residents are Muslims, according to the CIA Factbook. Catholics make up about a third of the population, according to the Vatican.

I’m not sure how much I trust either of these sources.

The PK5 enclave in Bangui is the last remaining Muslim community in the city, with 15,000 people. Since late September, at least 100 people have died there, according to Human Rights Watch, many of them civilians. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and the wooden skeletons of empty stalls are all that remain of the city’s once-bustling market.

Pope Francis’ determination to visit PK5 reflected his frequent calls for interreligious dialogue. The pope traveled to the mosque in his open popemobile, greeting crowds waiting for him along the side of the road.

Blue-helmeted U.N. peacekeepers lined the main road and blocked access from the dusty, red-clay side streets. Some were posted in trucks and armored vehicles with guns mounted on the top. Armed soldiers were also perched in the mosque’s three minarets.

At the mosque, the pope was greeted by the head imam as well as Bangui’s Catholic archbishop. About 250 men sat cross-legged on threadbare rugs, listening to the pope say that the religiously motivated violence in the country “disfigures the face of God.”

“Christians and Muslims are brothers and sisters,” said the 78-year-old pope, who appeared tired at times during the morning’s events. “Those who claim to believe in God must also be men and women of peace.”

This is high blasphemy right here. Sheer heresy of the highest order from the supposed vicar of Christ.   This has been beaten to death by light years outside of this blog and I will leave it to people to do their own research. This oft repeated lie doesn’t have any legs to stand on when we compare Jehovah and his characteristics vs Allah in the Koran and plenty of Christians and Muslims alike know that to be true.
The Argentine pope has been bold in denouncing violence against Christians around the world while supporting interfaith dialogue, saying he would even be willing to speak with Islamic State fighters in the name of peace.

Try it. Face to face.


As archbishop of Buenos Aires and as pontiff, Pope Francis has enjoyed close relations with Muslim leaders.

He sure has. He’s all warm, fuzzy, and cozy with just about all of them.  Hmmm…
At the mosque on Monday, he bowed his head during the recitation of a Muslim prayer and then asked the imam to take him to the mosque’s mihrab, the prayer niche in a mosque that indicates the direction of Mecca. The pair stood silently together for a moment.

Please show me support for this anywhere in the Scriptures.


After the ceremony, the pope visited with people living in dirty tents in the courtyard of the mosque, including mixed Muslim-Christian families, who have taken refuge there. Pope Francis also asked to make an impromptu visit to a public school across from the mosque, housed in a building with a corrugated metal roof. Teenage boys wearing T-shirts with the pope’s likeness stood outside.

It isn’t just the American Protestants that are in to marketing, cult of personality, and salesmanship.


Some at the mosque meeting were cautious about whether the pope’s visit could help encourage elections that could bring reconciliation. Elections had been scheduled for October but were postponed because of the fighting.

“We hope the visit will help us to proceed with elections,” said Finance Minister Abdalla Kadre’ Assane. “But the pope is not enough.”

The last elected head of state, President François Bozize, was overthrown by Muslim forces in 2013. A transitional council chose Catherine Samba-Panza as interim president last year to oversee a return to democracy.

Following the visit, the pope celebrated Mass at a sports complex in the city’s center. While the stadium holds 30,000 people, it wasn’t filled to capacity, since organizers had limited the number of tickets distributed through the country’s local parishes.

The pope said that “in these times of conflict, hate and war,” it is easy “to be led into selfishness, distrust, violence, destructiveness, vengeance, indifference to and exploitation of those who are most vulnerable.”

It takes courage to “forgive those who have wronged us,” he said during his homily.

Following the Mass, the pope boarded his flight back to Rome.

The pope was asked then if the Catholic Church should change its teaching against condom use to improve prevention of HIV/AIDS, which remains a scourge in Africa.

He didn’t respond directly but called the question “small” and “casuistic,” and said debate over the morality of condom use should wait until after the resolution of “tragic, man-made illnesses” such as malnutrition, environmental problems and arms dealing.

A Jesuit accusing anyone of casuitry (look it up) is always worth a chuckle.

There is an amazing relativism being expressed here to say the least and I will simply let you all digest this any way you want because I could get into trouble if I cut loose on  all of this.

This is a sneak preview of Revelation 13 as far as I’m concerned.




LA Marzulli’s blog entry today is a can’t miss.  Co-signed!