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Putin puts nuclear option on the table in regard to ISIS.

Wow.  I won’t read into it too much but this is a very serious suggestion and I don’t doubt if Putin had a situation where he felt it was warranted he would do it.

Two weeks ago there was this piece: http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/11/russia-vs-turkey-nuclear-war-likely/

Flashy headlines notwithstanding it shows what the growing concerns are out there and there is an outline of a potential pattern here.

It’s worth noting that the types of cruise missiles Russia is firing from their submarine right now in the Mediterranean are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

This isn’t going away.


A surprisingly, for me, hefty and prescient analysis from CNN of all places that asks “Why aren’t Arab states doing more against ISIS?”

I have some very politically incorrect theories of my own about that for at least some of them but this does to another issue that’s largely been forgotten and shouldn’t be.  Yemen. Don’t forget about it.


Here is a brand new development that just broke as I writing this in regards to the Yemen civil war and the clear proxy war situation that’s been taking place there.  Yemen is yet another potential flash point in this mess.


It continues to get my attention that these Messianic expectations on the clear uprise in certain Jewish quarters.  Unfortunately some of them at least are going to be setting themselves up for the false one who we, the Christians, know will be the Antichrist.  Any way you shake this the ramifications prophetically here are obvious.


This high-ranking Admiral accuses Obama of treason.  He’s right although Obama has been guilty of it many times over.  What people don’t want to get in to is that there has been plenty of treason against the Constitution from plenty of people with both Rs and Ds that well predate Obama.  That’s a huge tip of an iceberg discussion that can go down any number of rabbit trails but yes, I’m one of those New World Order kooks and all I have to say is: Get past rhetoric and look at actual voting records.  Past this? Associations matter. Do your own research.

Anyone who was and is in favor of an unconstitutional nightmare concept like Homeland Security and nationalizing banks and so forth can’t get on a high horse accusing anyone else of being unconstitutional and needs to go away.

These next sound bytes have been making their rounds  like wildfire all over the Internet and I will warn you about vulgar language in the following links.  I can’t condone the choice of words but I absolutely agree with the sentiments and what’s behind them:


Our public discourse has gone down the tubes on all sides.   I sympathize with the frustration and anger behind these kinds of outbursts  and share a lot of it to be honest with you but when you are in the public arena you have to do better than this.

These two commentators were suspended by Fox News not for what they said per se… or were they?…but because of the foul language which I could get off on a high horse about double standards and graphic war footage that gets shown all the time but I’ll spare you.

Despite the language I agree 100 percent with what they said or more accurately the sentiments and frustration behind what they said.  The incompetence accusation has merit but it doesn’t cover the gambit and for now I’ll leave it to you all to ponder that and do your own research. Today’s key word is: Self sabotage.    It gets old seeing basic logic and common sense constantly abandoned.

To be fair:  As easy as it it is to do blaming everything on Obama like he’s a stuffed pinata it oversimplifies the issues facing the country and how we got here and it also continues to over amplify the power and effect that should be coming out of the Oval Orifice (paying attention?)    The executive branch has gotten much more powerful over time than it was supposed to be and that, too, predates Obama.

The other problem in that same vein is to watch the SCOTUS violate its purview and act like the legislative branch like it has on an increasing basis and most recently and conspicuously with the homosexual issue.    The government itself is guilty of lawlessness by definition when you fail to equally use and enforce the plenty of good and existing laws we have on the books for all kinds of hot button issues we see in the news today.    Selectively deciding to not enforce certain laws for whatever reason is lawlessness and also treason but that’s honestly nothing new, either. It’s just a lot more blatant now.


This was an excellent column by Matt Walsh that makes four arguments in regards to  “4 Insane Reasons Why Liberals Admire and Romanticize Islam”? 
It’s ironic because radial Islam would have no problems cutting them down, either.  This Liberal-Muslim collusion is the most dangerous and illogical form of “useful idiot” on the part of much of the Left that I’ve seen yet and that’s saying something.

It’s real root is Satanic, of course, and I won’t ruin the article for you but number 4 is far and away the key to the entire thing.

On that same note:



Why do atheists give a rip what anyone else believes or does in their own private time? Answer: Because atheism itself is a religion and this is more proof of it right here. Why do these people care if people go to church or not on Christmas or any other time for that matter?

We don’t see this kind of blowback against people that believe in Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny but somehow all these “rational”  “high minded” “open minded intellectuals” from Dawkins on down froth at the mouth and become unhinged in a sea of illogic and paying money to put up billboards telling people to skip church on Christmas is just the latest in a never-ending line of examples of that.

They continue to testify against themselves.  The fool says in his heart there is no God but here’s the real truth of it:  A lot of them DO believe in God… and they HATE him. That’s the truth. Nothing logical and rational about it. Who goes out of their way to spend the time and money for ads and other varying forms of propaganda against something or someone who supposedly doesn’t exist?  That’s insane at best. It makes no sense.   It’s a hostile witness so keep on hatin’ atheists.

Why don’t you all take a time out and put up some anti Mohammed billboards, too, while you’re at it?  Speaks for itself.  Among other things you all don’t have the guts.



Someone at Google may have let the cat out of the bag when they weren’t supposed to.  I have no doubts that “behind the curtains” the tech is way ahead of the streets like what this Google rep indicates here.  Somewhere around 40 years ahead of the streets is the median average leaning conservatively depending on who you talk to and what you see and hear.  Even ultra conservative goes to at least 20 years which I think is “big enough” don’t you?


I have seen a lot of articles like this in the past week about how expectations are the smartphone will obsolete within five years. These target dates keep shrinking but I have no doubts like QR Codes, 3D Printing, and so many other things that suddenly came up seemingly out of nowhere, hits the streets, and voila! Became mainstream that this prediction will end up being correct.   I take note how transhumanist target dates have also been shrinking downwards.

My own personal expectation here is that the chip is the only way to go next after this and especially playing hard on the safety, security, and convenience talking points which we already have seen plenty of.  Where else do you go after the smartphone? Really?   This generation  especially starting with the me-llenials especially wants to be connected 24/7 all the time with everyone and everything no matter what so they will take that chip at the drop of  a hat. They don’t even care about getting a driver’s license. As long as they can twat on the Internet, Google will even give them a self driving car.  What a brave new world we are headed for. I hope I’m not here to see all of that come to fruition. That’s not being a fatalist although I admit I do have a bit of a streak of it. I just honestly don’t care to be a part of that kind of society. No thanks.

So what comes after a smartphone?  I’ll take a blind shot at this: Read Revelation 13. Just a thought.



Yet another loaded blog from LA Marzulli that covers the gambit across several subjects.





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