12-19: The Weekend round up




Israel: Iran has withdrawn most of its Revolutionary Guards from Syria

Read the entire article for why that is. This is something to be watched closely.




Russia is not going away and continues to expand her presence and influence on at least two countries that, along with her, will eventually be part of the Ezekiel 38 coalition regardless of who is in what role.


Iran is going to export enriched uranium to Russia in the very near future.   It’s obvious things are extremely cozy between these two and I don’t expect that trend to change any time soon.  These two are certainly ready for Ezekiel 38 whenever that happens.



Erdogan calls MP ‘traitor’ for telling RT that ISIS got chemical weapons via Turkey

Is Erdogan angry because this is a lie or because it’s true?


This is more compelling, upfront, and to the point for Russia to make a case against Turkey and specifically the Erdogan government to say nothing about if that first link is true as well.

President Vladimir Putin again denounced Turkey’s action during his annual news conference, saying that it is now “practically impossible” to repair ties under the current Turkish leadership.

My friend Alf Cengia from The Omega Letter said: “Erdogan has been playing the harlot. His time may well be running out.”   

I don’t have any doubt.


Turkey even reaching out to Israel is a perfect case in point of exactly that. Hypocritical and desperate.



U.N. endorses Syria peace plan in rare show of unity among big powers

We will see what that’s actually worth if anything but I would posit here that we all should get used to this kind of concept becoming “less rare” as time marches on .

The Associated Press Verified account ‏@AP
BREAKING: EU leaders vow ‘uncompromising fight against terrorism,’ call for wide-ranging countermeasures.
Whatever that means from 12-18-15.

I do continue to track this “terrorism as a catalyst for the New World Order” trend which I still think it is. I understand that there are a lot of complicated layers and variables to this but overall I think this trend is unmistakable.


High up elites like Kissinger are basically confirming that. The international talking points are always there.   Hegelian dialectic is always in play as well. Have a certain crisis that’s at least partly manufactured and then have a solution for said crisis ready.

It’s a delicate balancing act between vigilance and kneejerking whether it’s Los Angeles shutting down the public schools in the wake of debatable valid threat a week after the awful San Bernadino situation… I don’t blame them… or  someone who works in a large city near where I live taking note a young, athletic man in a fairly heavy winter garb on a balmy 60 degree day taking pictures of buildings in a conspicuous fashion. We shouldn’t give in to fear and hysteria which is something that’s all too easily promulgated in the media and on the Internet but trust your instincts. If you see something that stands out to you like a sore thumb then by all means notify someone.


Leslie Kean ‏@lesliekean 7m7 minutes ago
CNN did an embarrassing bit on “UFO hunters”. What an insult. http://fb.me/4KExUbxwB

Re: http://devoid.blogs.heraldtribune.com/15425/on-cnns-cosmic-unconsciousness/

That’s from LK’s Twitter feed on 12-17-15.

Why did CNN even bother, like I don’t know?    Aren’t we far enough along now to at least discuss the subject seriously or do we still have to swim through this DELIBERATE propoganda and nonsense trying to devalue and dismiss this subject?




Anyone up for 32 parents for one child?   Me, either.

Why would any remotely sane person find the idea of a child whipped up in a petrie dish with dozens of “parents” appealing in any way, shape, or form? Who wants this? Why?  At least there is some words of warning in this but once again we get the idea that “it’s already here and we can’t stop this freight train even if some of us wanted to.”


This is truly deviance that I can’t wrap my brain around and I can only pray the Lord intervenes as soon as possible before this evil comes to pass. No more!



The January/February 2016 issue of Scientific American has a cover story and spread about transgender children and how best to help them thrive.

This isn’t about treating people badly…this should never happen…but the fact that somehow we have turned around and warp speed this is a mainstream  issue even though way less than 10 percent of the population holds to this persuasion.
How about stop deliberately corrupting them early on with these kinds of ideas and just let kids be kid for starters? Just a thought.  It used to be you were a tom boy and then you grew up.  Or if you were like me you messed around with your toys and your sister’s toys for a few years and that was it. Now all of a sudden you do that and it’s a gender identity crisis or worse!   This deliberate targeting and corruption of youth whether it was the legalistic cult my family and I found ourselves in for a few months or the likes of something like this is SATANIC to the core and all part and parcel of breaking down the basic fundamentals and foundations of society.

People LEARN to be this way and especially young and impressionable children. You don’t have to be a shrink to know this. I wish at 4 years old I had been exposed to a lot more useful information like several languages and so forth because now it’s too late.  This is why kids can run circles around a lot of us when it comes to all the new tech gadgets.   The younger they are the better they learn and the more susceptible they are which is why cults constantly target them like the so-called church we had visited earlier this year.  It’s a red flag when you are shown and told about  kids being deliberately targeted for the supposed proselytizing racket.  I’m letting the cat out of the bag a little bit at a time.

Therein lies another sidebar rant: You’ve lost the battle if you give your kid a cellphone or any other device that gives them unchecked access to the Internet but I digress.

This is where we are at already as a society. This is above boards, mainstream, and in our faces and it isn’t going away.  It’s amazing to me how much has changed across the boards in just a relative handful of years.  Rounding up numbers generously, 10 percent or less of the population in any given country is homosexual or some variant thereof and the numbers for “trans” types is even lower than that and yet in the last handful of years the fervor and wall to wall propaganda and hoopla would make most people think it was 90 percent of the population.  Rhetorically: I wonder why that is?

The answer is: Because Satan knows he is running out of time and he is going to go against God and His creation any way he can including attacking  the “made in the image of God.”  We have seen that telegraphed as far back as Genesis 3:15 and the first larger than life attempt in Genesis 6 and the “wreck the image of God” motifs have never gone away whether it’s break down the family, break down the sexual roles and barriers, break down the basic gender identities where no one knows what a male and a female is to the point we are going to have meterosexuals and genderless bathrooms. People can lie to themselves and pretend all day long in a spirit of delusion but  most people on the Earth still know what a man and a woman are despite all of this.

Past this kind of issue of course we get into more unsettling and darker subject matter when we discuss “corrputing the image of God” but that is not the focus of today’s piece.

Incidentally, I can’t help but note the Aryan features of the child in that picture but I have no idea if that means anything or not. Considering the spirit of what’s in charge I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something behind it all.  Oh who am I kidding?  Ephesians 6 and especially verse 12 tells me and tells all of us exactly who and what is behind ALL of this.


A fun movie…but that’s ALL it is…a movie.  I leave it to you all to ponder the insane amount of near religious hype and mania that’s surrounding this right now and what that is a symptom of.


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