1-4-16: The New Year Overload Edition




Every plan Russia has involving Syria in the Middle East has one guaranteed common denominator that you can take all the way to the bank: Them.  As in: Them being large and in charge and not going away.


A typical day in Russia in any time period. Government and military leaders die “without explanation” all the time, right?  What did he know?



It’s all over the news in between Bill Cosby, Jenner, Khardashian,  and wall to wall bread- and- circuses. Even the MSM is getting to a point where they can’t ignore this any longer.

The Sunni-Shiite conflict boils down to these two lead proponents. Everything else has been proxy between them in other ME countries.  This is getting very frigid and hostile very quickly and world markets are understandably reacting to it.

It’s amazing to see even China have a 7 percent drop in their markets, be forced to hit the emergency freeze button trading…something we all are unfortunately familiar with… and all because of “weak manufactering data and rising Middle East tensions.”

I’m betting it’s more the latter than the former’s fault.

Ugly day on the markets with the USA having the worst stock market opening in 80+ years.  That’s a great way to start off the New Year, isn’t it?

Global economic indicators also give away that this Iran-Saudi issue is a big deal and everyone knows it.

You better believe it.     The last thing I think anyone wants to see is an “Arab Spring” like phenomenon take place here with these big players. All bets are off it that happens.  I am praying this does not happen.

It won’t take much for this to get to a place where we all start feeling it whether we have a clue in the world of what’s going on or not.  See that $2 or less a gallon gas? Hold on to that memory if this continues to escalate.

Khameni’s incendiary and apocalyptic rhetoric against the Saudis is that but it still can’t be ignored because of the strong religious overtones coming from both sides of this.  This isn’t just about economics and politics and too many in the West will never get that.

From my armchair I have to wonder just how it is this Sunni vs Shiite conflict either gets resolved or at least settled out.  Or does it even have to?

I’m still not convinced that it has to be finished when I see stories like these:



It’s funny how this works isn’t it? Iran and the Saudis have issues and somehow it’s an excuse to attack Israel who has nothing to do with any of this.  You figure it out.

They see an opportunity and they take it. The Sunni vs Shiites differences can disappear in a flash if there is some reasons the Jews ping loud on their radar. That’s always been the case.

ISRAEL: Prophecy before our eyes?

What I’m about to show you? I think so, yes.

More lost Jews coming out of the woodwork from places some of us  have never heard of, coming back to Israel:


This is happening and it’s been happening. This is just the latest in a seemingly endless series of examples.

““And this exiled host of the children of Israel who are (with) the Canaanites as far as Zarepath and the exile of Jerusalem which is in Sepharad shall inherit the cities of the south. And saviors shall ascend Mt Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the Lord shall have the kingdom.”(Obadiah 1:20-21)

I would submit to you this is in process of being fulfilled right before our eyes. Apparently Zarepath and Sephard and Negev are supposed to refer to the areas these particular Jews are coming from. Worth noting and researching further.


Obama and gun control.

All over the news. Never let a crisis go to waste…real or manufactured doesn’t matter…and Pharoah is going to do whatever he wants as usual and we’ll get some bellyaching rhetoric from the manufactured fake opposition and that’s it.   The agenda moves forward and that’s that.  Look at voting records and get past speeches and rhetoric.


Pharoah is losing his luster.  The Saudis are angry enough they don’t care if they offend the White House. Considering Obama has practically been a plant for them depending on whose theories you believe… I find this remarkable.

Over the weekend there were stories going around where George Soros of all people publically expresed regret for supporting Obama. Considering Obama is practically a product he helped create in the first place I just have to wonder what this all means.

See it for yourself: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2016/01/george-soros-regrets-backing-obama.php

My own guess: Assuming it’s even legit, it means the experiment is finished with mixed results with most goals accomplished and the next time we see this sort of thing where you get a guy that comes up out nowhere and becomes a rock star for nothing it’s going to be the real thing. This was the dry run.

Astute commentary I saw on Facebook:

Caroline Glick

Now Bahrain has joined Saudi Arabia in cutting off diplomatic relations with Iran. Jordan is probably next.
It only took Obama’s deal with the mullahs six months to push the Islamic world to the brink of war and threaten the survival of the Saudi regime – the US’s strongest ally in the Persian Gulf.
Quite an accomplishment. Good thing Ben Rhodes said that implementing the nuclear deal with Iran is one of the key goals of Obama’s last year in office. We have so much more to look forward to in the coming year…


It’s a disaster and it makes me believe the stories about an increasing number of elites having buyer’s remorse way too late and after the fact in regards to Obama are legitimate.

As I write this it’s like dominoes falling as Saudi friendly countries are shutting down relations with Iran and I won’t even try to keep up with it all here for today. Watch closely on a VERY fluid story.



Civil Unrest.   

Sincerely praying cooler heads prevail and this ends peaceably and well for all concerned. No other alternatives go well or end well.


This documentary needs to see the light of day. Please pray for this project and prayerfully consider supporting it as the Lord leads.

Parting thoughts:  The world and various developments clearly didn’t get the memo about taking time off for the holidays. If anything it was the exact opposite.  In the time it’s been since I last posted here we have already seen more fluidity and things move forward even during a time period where people’s guards usually go down and things get a little more relaxed traditionally.

I continue to pray for all the people who were affected by ghastly weather across the USA starting on Christmas of all days and that led to nearly 50 people dead as a result.  Other parts of the world have also seen weather that everyone has used words like “unprecedented” “freakish” and other language like that.

There are a number of things that could go to all of this but overall if I look at this big picture and I don’t see “strange weather patterns” and see a birth pangs like pattern of increasing speed and frequency on ALL of the above and then some then  I don’t know what to tell you because this isn’t business as usual.   I don’t see how it can be.  Not all of these things at once.  That’s the key.

I may as well post this now and give up because things keep happening every time I turn around it seems.  That, too, says a lot.  Watching and praying…

Mark 13, Matthew 24, Luke 21 and a culture and society of Romans 1 and 2 Timothy 3.  If we aren’t right there or on the edge of all of that then it beats me.