1-11-16 Carpathia Rising?

That deliberately sensationalistic title is a tongue in cheek…mostly…reference for the following story.  I couldn’t resist. 🙂


Obama considering run to be the next leader of the UN.

Sure.  Why not?  He’s that arrogant and delusional despite his wretched track record.

Y’all didn’t really think he was going away did you?

For the record I wholeheartedly endorse any and all efforts and opposition against this ghastly and absurd concept although honestly? He’s a perfect fit for that worthless institution and vice versa. He’s finished this country off so why not? (A process that started long before he showed up to be fair. )

He came out of nowhere as a junior senator without a thing to his name and a joke of a resume with a very murky background to say the least.  Despite that, he was handed a Nobel Prize for doing nothing except showing up, became POTUS and got re-elected to boot… all points that can’t be overstated… all that’s going to just suddenly fade off into the sunset in a year or so?  It’s hard to see it.

They have invested too much into him.  A cryptic statement that I leave for you all to ponder and research on your own.  Don’t underestimate him or what’s behind him.


I will say that this Soros disclosure in regards to regretting supporting Obama is potentially revealing if it isn’t a misdirection.  It sends me a cold water signal that Obama’s arrogance and delusions of grandeur may be hitting a brick wall. Soros had a huge hand in creating the product known as Obama.

Hype and theories notwithstanding, Obama has been major change agent and major ground softener at minimum.  So is the current Pope.

In the case of Obama, no one can deny the huge impact he’s had and the trail of destruction, chaos, and sheer stupidity left in his wake.  Incompetence is not a sufficient answer to account for all of it. The Pope is making his waves but I don’t think we have seen him “peak” yet like we likely have Obama barring something insane of course.

It’s amazing how similar these two sound to each other in a lot of ways and especially on obvious globalist canards like climate change, universalist religion concepts, and redistribution of wealth.

These two are the latest in a line of nice looking prototypes in a number of ways for antichrist and false prophet roles and they merit heavy scrutiny and running anything they say and do against a Bible, 1 John 4 style.
RFID…marching towards the eventual  Mark of the Beast:


Biostamps.  Bio this…bio that…  safe and convenient right?

Closer and closer we inch in the declassified mainstream towards these RFID tags on everyone for just about everything. After this comes the chips. Where else can they go with this?

What’s still classified? 10-40 years ahead of the streets by the most conservative estimates? What do you think?



Pakistan’s contribution to world peace was issued yesterday in which they offered to wipe Iran off the map if Iran did anything towards Saudi Arabia. Pakistan has nukes.  Thanks, guys. Very helpful.   Sunni vs Shiite is how you draw the lines on this.

Listen to Derek Gilbert, my favorite newscaster, break it down for you far better than I can.




I have no idea if this means anything but Iran appears to be attempting to throw some kind of cold water on this mess. Given the previous story about Pakistan I couldn’t help but chuckle at this: “This was Tehran’s first response to Pakistan’s effort to mediate the crisis with Riyadh. But tensions remain high.”



Russia arming Hezbollah with long range missiles.

If the Psalm 83 as a war scenario comes to pass, this is another step in that direction.  The idea being that the inner ring of countries surrounding Israel including all the proxies, the middle men… groups like Hezbollah, the PLO, the Palestinians. etc…..they take their shots at Israel first and they lose setting up the eventual “I guess we’ll have to take care of this ourselves” from the big boys.

The end result, among other things, is that Israel becomes the “land of unwalled villages” in Ezekiel 38 which she most certainly is not right now.

With all due respect to some others out there… I have no idea in the world how anyone gets a context of a different subject or nation than Israel in Ezekiel 38 when it’s clear the focus of the narrative never changes for several chapters but I digress…

Whose proxies are Hamas, Hezbollah, PLO, etc.? Iran and Syria. They always have been. Who’s their new big buddy that’s large, in charge, and not going away? Russia.  Who is in Ezekiel 38? All of them for starters.

Where is Turkey?  My bet is parting ways with NATO soon and possibly being booted out.

Ezekiel 38 is when the middle men and the proxies are gone and the mainstays finally decide to go for it themselves and they lose thanks to direct intervention by God.   A Psalm 83 war scenario prior to this makes a lot of sense to me and if it’s correct then it wouldn’t take much to set it off.  I

Can I be dogmatic about it or any of the rest of this? No, but I think there are some pretty solid and compelling arguments for them that others have done far better than I ever could on it.

It sure seems like a ton of stage setting and window dressing for those events is staring us in the face right now.

Interesting times? Business as usual?    It’s something new every day.

Have a nice day?  🙂

Just keep to the Lord who is sitting on the thrown, Psalm 2 style, firmly in control and never surprised.


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