1-21-2016: Snowmageddon Edition

I am in an area not being affected by the present bad weather in the country but I am certainly mindful and praying for everyone that is or will be. Stay safe and warm, all.



Canada is well on its way just like everyone else.  Parts of Europe already are.    Keep an eye on these sorts of developments as we see the inevitable march towards the “North American Union” concept of equivalent thereof.




When Russia’s money runs out, the ‘real trouble starts’

Yes it does.  Many Bible scholars have long been convinced that, among other things, economic needs and more would be an element to this “hook in the jaw” that would  ultimately drag Russia downwards towards the Middle East and ultimately Israel in a hostile invasion. Outsiders are even quoted in that chapter asking “Have you come to take booty?”  which means anything of value and riches.

Russia is large in the Middle East now. We see them everywhere and they are already openly arming and beefing up their two biggest friends, Iran and Syria, as well their proxies like Hezbollah.


It’s my opinion but I truly believe at least one major Biblical prophetic event will occur before this decade is out. I’m increasingly liking the odds that I have above 50/50 on possibly as soon as this year.  I’d love for that to be the Rapture, of course, but there’s no way to know and we have to live one day at a time and “occupy until He comes.”

I had recently posted a prayer request on my Facebook page for myself and my family about being “in the wilderness” which is an allusion to times in the Bible where God has people set aside in a time of seeing quiet where the five senses really don’t do you any good. It seems “dark”  “silent” and there’s nothing to go by.  An example of this would be Moses being in the wilderness for 40 years, as an extreme example.  We, like a growing number of others, are having increasing difficulty dealing with New World Order fallout that isn’t our fault. Lack of fellowship. Lack of personal and professional prospects.  The devil using these to whisper in our ears with everything from the  “what if” bugaboos to “would have/could have/should have” and so forth.  Everyone deals with this.

It is a time where society as a whole is breaking down as we get ready for the final page turn which can’t happen fast enough. We have Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East right now. They don’t need an Antichrist. It’s the Tribulation right now for them essentially which is why I take increasing umbrage with things like Rapture arguments and so forth.  Then I get annoyed with myself with all my first world problems.

What’s worse?  “I’m lacking fellowship and outlets and certain other prospects”  or “Gee, I may get my head cut off today while I hide underground?”    Really.     Yes, that’s me self chastising.

So that’s a brief snapshot of where we are at and where I suspect many of you are at as well.  Cling to the Lord. The wilderness is ultimately about getting down to the basics and finally putting the Lord first and being “at the ends of ourselves.”  I hope that’s what happening for us.  A lot of people have far worse problems but we would and do appreciate prayer support on this.



Is the US giving up on Israel?   

The pretenses are ever shrinking.   I’m sorry but the Bible says that Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling for all and the entire world will be against her. No exceptions. No big buddies.    As an American Christian I hate this but I know what it ultimately is leading to.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all that it entails.





Germany, France…we’re seeing more of these stories all over Europe (and other parts of the world.)  For varying reasons including terrorism and backlash thereof we again see the Jews caught in the middle of it and somehow it all ends up going against them.  On an increasing basis they are expressing serious concerns for their safety in parts of Europe and as consequence more of them are heading out towards Israel.  Whether they know it or not, this is in continuation of Biblical prophecy where they are being gathered presently in a state of unbelief and ultimately this will be changed.  (Ezekiel 36-39)

A number of factors increasing Jewish aliyah to Israel are significant and need to be watched.  I hope I’m not here for this but there is going to be a point in the future where we will see this happen here in the USA as well for both Jews and Christians.



The Pope.



http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/13/pope-francis-google-alphabet-eric-schmidt-vatican-meeting-us-tech-ceo    <-  Why is the Pope with his unique science background meeting the CEO of Big Brother…um, I sorry…Google?  This is just begging for it, isn’t it?

http://www.jpost.com/Christian-News/Pope-visits-Rome-synagogue-calls-on-Christians-to-reject-anti-Semitism-441820    Denying the gospel to any group of people is the worst form of hate you can do.

I’ll admit it: We’re not supposed to do this but I’m awfully tempted to declare him the False Prophet and call it a day and take my licks as a kook.   Let me put it this way. If  he isn’t putting on a real  nice audition and prototype setup for the role I don’t know who is.

This is just one of many people out there saying the same things and that’s the biggest takeaway on this but he certainly a major “change agent” at minimum and being a Jesuit out in the open has its own connotations.  Have to watch him.

So no one takes this the wrong way: I can find plenty of this outside of the RCC as well.   I’m just waiting for them to officially declare the end of the Reformation and be done with it.  I won’t be surprised at all on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation next year to see a certain bunch of big names bend their knees and kiss the ring of the pope and finish it. I could name those people for fun but I’ll leave it be for now.

“Quote: Some observers also think the pope may address the question of homosexuality and language, in particular the supposed need to put less emphasis on the sinfulness of the sexual behavior and more on the notion of non-discrimination and the acceptance of persons with homosexual inclinations….Even though several cardinals have said openly that such changes are not possible within the Church and would run counter to the faith, Pope Francis has knowingly left the discussion open on these matters – so much so that Catholics, even those closely following the situation, do not know which way the exhortation will decide on them or if it will leave them intentionally ambiguous.”

Jesuit two-step.    I guarantee  you he’s going to “evolve on his views” soon just like we’ve seen plenty of from far too many so called evangelicals. See? This isn’t bash the big bad RCC time.

This is the major wheat/tare issue right now along with Antisemitism. Watch this closely.

Odds and ends:


There may be some validity to this Planet X concept after all if this is anything to go by.   I say this as a heavy skeptic of the concept.  It’s pretty hard to beat a Cal Tech breakdown and I appreciated LA’s commentary. 🙂




3 thoughts on “1-21-2016: Snowmageddon Edition

  1. There’s a lot of grace in your analysis these days Eric, and less rant, so the Wilderness experience is having an obvious impact. Interesting to compare the Exodus, as it could have happened and the Rev. 12 Wilderness of the Tribulation saints (the dragon’s wrath).

    Of course, the Rev. 2-3 instructions from Christ (by way of the Holy Ghost) to the churches (good and bad) is to Remember, Repent, and Hold Fast. Pruning remains a wheat and tares process as regards the Holy Angels. Calling sin what it is the way The Almighty seas it of course means not accepting or tolerating: those that say they’re jews and are not, those that say they’re apostles and are not, suffering balaam or jezebel to teach, being dead wood or luke warm…. with all the various implications, allegories, decodings, and analyses. Sin is doing other than God’s will. (God = The Creator … The Heavenly Father … as expressed through the Holy Ghost or Christ personally & directly, as The Word and The Door).

    So, had we ever chosen God’s will instead of our own, we wouldn’t have to take overlong detours through the wilderness. Grant that there are overcomings in any case, Job considered and Christ likewise re: The Cross, The Grave, and Resurrection. The Israelites on Exodus should have followed the faith of Joshua and Caleb. Moses should not have hit the rock twice, etc. As with original sin, that caused delays. Yet The Almighty turns even curses to blessings for His own, and in mercy even to enemies. The Rev. 12 End Time Saints are more interesting — since as with the Philadelphia church — they’re doing things right. They’ve dwelled in Heaven vice on the earth, even while in this world but not of it. They get to be protected from the wrath of the dragon, while in The Wilderness. I say (my best guess), they are the advance contingent of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. There time in the wilderness includes being well kept, even drawn from the resources of the enemy. I suspect that the windows of heaven are quite literally open to them. And that out from them come the Two Witnesses, The First Fruits, and the witness to the Great Multitude that will come out of Great Tribulation. So the Wilderness time need not be all about patience and refocussing on Christ. It can also be standing ready to move when the Cloud of Smoke and/or Pillar of Fire lifts… and definitely not complaining. That speaks to intimacies for those dwelling in the camp in obedience and watching, armor tried and ready.

    As for Canada cold, Superstorms, etc. Yes, well worth watching what they use for “money” and barter when the networks are out (electrical, information, transportation, water, sewage, etc.) SeashoreMary is going through a taste of such things now with limited web access. I’d like to get her up on mifi but we need to let times of refreshing and refocusing proceed, with an eye to grace. There’s plenty of coverage from those watching on the walls. Such as with the new gas giant, and recent dual comet / planetoid detections (by orbital calculations and ALMA array detections). I’m seeing a foreboding among the fallen prophets in the media and entertainment…. Some large dark mass (planet, worm hole, singularity, black hole, dark star, brown dwarf, etc.) bringing cataclysms. The media paints it like the end of the first season of The Flash, or Apocalypse in comic multiverse movies, or the hords from the roving planetoids in Andromeda, etc. etc. (Or climate change, or Armageddon space watch…..)

    So they know the hammer is coming. My take is that war in heaven and the dragon and his unholy angels are going to be cast out. Russ Dizdar’s take is the Black Awakening based on what the demon possessed say, black sun, etc. And of course Paul Begley and Corey are all on board with the nibiru version. No doubt more transdimensional than we care to admit with the disruptions already occurring in spiritual dimensions. Such as the increasing and more profound instances of the antichrist spriit or the spirit of false prophecy, which we see so prominently in pharaoh, the ten horns, apocalyptic islam, and jesuit sophistries (sythesis of thesis vs. antithesis as evolution, re: your point).

    Lean in Eric. Like St. John on Christ’s breast. (sorry no edits … I’m stream of thought here during lunch).

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