1-22-2016: The Friday Hit and Run

I am continuing to pray for a wide variety of people being affected by the weather. Some folks are coming out more fortunate so far, which I’m glad to hear, but I am concerned about any areas that are or will be dealing with power outages in freezing or worse conditions.  Please take any and all necessary means to stay safe and warm.



Some White House personnel even admitted yesterday that Iran was “probably” going to use all the money and everything to nuke up and power up.     No kidding?   Thanks to us just  like a lot of other things that have happened just since the Arab Spring.

When you are handed to a depraved mind, abject insanity and loss of basic common sense are symptoms and when you can’t even get better than that from so-called world leaders?   Romans 1.   When leaders can’t do better than this, it simply isn’t sustainable for very long.

http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/7282/libya-chaos   <-  This outlet continues to be exceptional.   North Africa is going to eventually be part of the Kings of the South as mentioned in Bible prophecy in places like Ezekiel 38 and so forth.



Israel is looking for friends in all the wrong places.  They looking for another “Egypt” instead of looking to God but that, too, shall change.


Did the USA essentially pay a ransom to Iran?

Sure it did.   Any doubt really?

I am glad those people are free but it came an unbelievably high cost that will come back to bite all of us in the rear and likely be a nice assist towards fulfilling several major Bible prophecies in regards to certain wars and other Middle East happenings.  All of Israel’s enemies are arming up to the teeth. Guess who you can thank for helping to cultivate those conditions in some form or another?

Does America have a role in Bible prophecy?  Sure it does. At least as a major assist. Case in point.
http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/206880#.VqJWS6tf3yY    Turkish border on the bring of being a war zone with Russia right in the middle of it. Notice how they are everywhere now?

See also: http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/21/politics/russia-syria-air-base/

This is a flashpoint in the makings. Putin is still very unhappy with Erdogan and for now Turkey is still on the “wrong side” as it pertains to eventually being in the Ezekiel 38 coalition regardless of your view of how important they are in that.  How do they part ways from NATO?  It’s going to happen soon.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they booted out. There is no way NATO is going to go out on a limb for Turkey and especially when they have hypocritically violated several concepts with their troops in Iraq.

Some people are concerned about the USA and Russia going to war over Turkey via something like this.  No way in my opinion. I can’t see it. It’s absolutely not even remotely worth it for the USA or NATO. Turkey has never really been a logical fit anyways.

Israel  confirms plans to seize West Bank land

It’s really Judea and Samaria but I digress.
The shrill and hypocritical rhetoric directed against Israel here from all the usual suspects continues to be laughable at best if it weren’t so serious.


High strangeness?   What did these fighter jets go after here?


Clearly an overt demonic issue here at minimum. .   Even we weed out tons of frauds and crazies there are still troubling common themes and denominators coming up.

What kind of deviant minds wake up in the morning and come up with something like this?   What kind of deviant minds would want to watch this and consider it entertainment?   Like so many other things we see and hear: Why even go there?

Here’s a hint: See the previous link in this section.

We keep running into these same messages, concepts, themes and if I didn’t know any better I would wonder if we were all being conditioned for something because surely Jesus didn’t mean what He said that it would be  like the day of both Noah and Lot before His Second Coming without any caveats or exceptions to said comments whatsoever.



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