2-9-16: The View From the Wilderness


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Jerusalem is really a Cup of Trembling for the entire world.  Honestly, why do the Chinese even give a flip about who has what capital and dividing Jerusalem and so forth?   On paper… why should they even care?  It’s just more proof that there is more than meets the eye going on here and it’s supernatural.


The Israelis certainly have room for valid concern in regards to Obama’s last year in office and how it’s going to affect them.  The long/short of it is:  Assuming we have elections and he leaves office and possibly moves on to the headship of the UN… wow….    he has nothing to lose so unfortunately I would say that yes, it’s a safe bet that 2016 is not going to be a “good news” year when it comes to USA and Israeli relations on this level.


Bibi wants to build a fence on all of Israel’s borders?

^^ Not the “land of unwalled villages” of Ezekiel 38 yet. Far from it.   This is why many of us are sympathetic to a literal Psalm 83 war scenario.  This has to go away. This has to be resolved somehow.




This story is as good of an analysis as any I’ve seen in regards to the chaos in Syria.   I continue to keep my eyes on the Ezekiel 38 Axis of Russian, Iran, and Syria in context as I watch this unfold.

As usual, Gary Stearman from Prophecy Watchers does a masterful job in ten minutes of breaking all of this madness down for us in a Biblical and prophetic context.   It’s hard to imagine this dragging out for much longer let alone for decades or some figure like that. I just don’t see how that happens and I readily agree that Isaiah 17’s destruction of Damascus has been in slow motion progress this entire time and will ultimately lead to that 24 hour conclusion that results in the outright end of that city.   If you have seen any of that drone footage in the last few months then it doesn’t take some kind of expert to figure out that the city is mostly gone already. It will never return or be restored.




Something is going to give here and soon. It has to. I don’t have to be in the basement of the DI at CIA to figure this out.

Since Turkey continues to be hypocrites with their troops in Northern Iraq, among other things, it is my continued position that one way or the other Turkey and NATO will ultimately part ways and NATO most certainly will not stick their necks out for Turkey. It isn’t worth it. They aren’t worth it.

How do we get from point A to B in terms of getting Turkey in the Ezekiel 38 coalition where they belong, regardless of views as to which role they will play? I think we are close to finding out.


This is a neat archaeological find out in Turkey.   See? It’s all not all bad news! 🙂


Here is some analytical reading to consider.



Just my opinion but I just find some of the aspects and characteristics/timing of the Zika virus and the “convenient” turn around for a vaccine like this…suspect.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to learn that the Zika virus had artificial origins to it like a lot of other things.  You can take that any way you want.



“William Richards, who began studying psychedelics in Germany in 1963, is convinced LSD and psilocybin drugs can transform people’s lives for the better”

Right, because it worked so well back in the 60s.  C’mon.

This is foolishness and playing with fire.    The shrinks try to play in a naturalistic context and more and more of them are trying to cheat with insanity like this.

The Bible calls this pharmakia and it’s all over New Testament warnings in the context of raging insanity, perilous times, and being handed over  to a depraved mind.  If these people have their way… let’s get real here…  how much mileage do you put on a society running like that?  Decades? Several generations?  I honestly don’t see it.     Mind you this is before we even get into the “drugs open you up to demons” problem which takes this to an entirely different level.

I sympathize more with Russ Dizdar’s Black Awakening concept and especially after running into one of those…things… this past year up close and personal but like so much of the rest of this I would suggest a ramping up birth pangs pattern with a certain gradualism that continues to increase in speed and frequency. Pick your category of choice and it’s the same pattern.  Just another case in point here.




Listen to this update.   It really is becoming more like the scenario depicted in the movie Minority Report with each passing day. Derek Gilbert has done several updates in just the last week alone that go to that.




I normally wouldn’t go here and my focus isn’t on the candidate here but everyone needs to read this, see who it is, see what organization they are with, and if that isn’t toxic apostasy and heresy of THE highest order I don’t know what is.  Note the names of these groups and individuals.  Be ye aware.

I most certainly am in the camp that believes the Time of the Gentiles is near an end and frankly it needs to be because, broadly speaking, we are doing much more harm than good and especially in the West.

Please Lord… I know you are longsuffering and patient…but put an end to this.


We’re still “in the wilderness” in a number of ways and it’s very tough, relatively speaking.  Like I wrote before:  We certainly are not the Christians in the Middle East in a holocaust by a mile to be sure and please continue to join us in prayer for them. I wish we could do more.

First world problems here on our homefront to be sure… so many have so many bigger challenges to deal with but on a relative scale it’s still a challenge.  The heart is deceptive…. “feel” definitely doesn’t mean actual reality…  but it can be challenging.

It’s wearisome.   Fear, anxiety, depression…it yields the entire gambit when you feel (key word) like there are no prospects of any kind and you’re out an island figuratively speaking. That’s when you start fighting the “what ifs.”   It’s not good.  It’s a vicious cycle.  It’s fretting and vexxing which we shouldn’t be doing but that’s easier said than done.

Proverbs 13:12 talks about hope deferred and I’d have to say this is a serious challenge for us. I’m just being honest.      We know that spiritual and emotional attacks are a big part of this.

I know it’s a big “wilderness of mirrors” to use my favorite expression out of the clandestine world. A bunch of haze and garbage from the enemy. He comes to lie, steal, rob, and destroy and he’s trying to do it to us and everyone else.  He’s trying to take peace and joy from us right now and that’s been the game for at least the better part of the last couple of years and especially this last year or so.

I’m amazed how much of this I’m running in to amongst fellow Christians from a fairly wide variety of samples and I suspect that’s no accident.  Some of the scenarios and language may differ but ultimate I’m seeing and hearing the same things from them.     I guess the question ultimately comes down to: How bad is this going to get and how long is it all going to drag out and that’s where the faith challenges begin.

We really are getting a clinic on one day at a time and today has enough troubles of its own.  We’re still working on the whole “Do not worry/doesn’t add a day to your life”  concept!   Oh ye of little faith…  I know…    Shameful, really, but trying to be honest about it.   What I’m hoping for here is not to come out with a “whine, whine woe is me”  vibe but instead I’m willing to put this out there to send it out to likely a number of you reading this so we can at least send each other a message that says: Hey, we’re really not alone even though frankly it feels like  it and everything in this crumbling society absolutely goes to that.

We are blessed in a number of ways and we know it.  We have been trying to move forward on focusing on things to be thankful for of which there are plenty.

This really is a “one day at a time” game and it really is all any of us can handle.  God knows what He is doing even if…and when… we don’t.

Hang in there! 🙂



I just finished watching Skywatch TV interviewing Josh and Christine Peck and I’ll tell you… that’s some  powerful testimonies there  and I think I feel about two inches tall for ever complaining about anything in my life at all.  That was just the kind of “reinforcement” we  needed to hear in this house.


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