2-12-16: Grab Bag

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Yes, it is.

I don’t live too far from Columbus, Ohio.

Another take on it: http://www.allenbwest.com/2016/02/bloody-machete-attack-at-nazareth-restaurant-in-ohio-suspect-is/


Yes, this is going to likely be a terrorist attack of some kind. Look at the targets. Look at the perps. Look at the religions.   Among other issues, Columbus has a HUGE Somali population that were brought in that live in the Northeast area.   When they were brought in en masse…sound familiar?… they didn’t even know how to use toilets for cryin’ out loud.

No, I’m not saying all Somalis are terrorists nor am I saying all the Somalis in Columbus are terrorists, either. What I am saying is: We’re past stupid with our senseless lack of immigration law enforcement and the death toll at the altar to political correctness on its own is off the charts. Political correctness combined with Islam is unfathomable but that’s where we are at now.  The West needs to wake up.   Our governments have set us up for this.  Stupidity and incompetence do not explain this all away.




Russia warns of a new World War starting in Syria. 

For now at least it seems like everything is converging in Syria with a lot of big wigs and powers. Is it any wonder why people who are aware of what the Bible says think that Isaiah 17’s culmination isn’t far off and may even be right on tap?

Here is one major example:


Saudis risk Russians’ wrath if they enter Syria

The Saudis are intent by all appearances to enter Syria.   The Saudis are Sunnis.  The Iranians are Shi’ites.   The Iranians have the Russians and Assad’s Syrian government on their side.  It’s questionable who would get involved on the side of the Saudis but given America’s own back and forth interests with both sides along with many other complicated factors I can’t get into in the spaced provided: I would have to share Russia’s sentiments.  This could escalate into something absurd if cooler heads do not prevail.


Russia keeps bombing despite Syria truce; Assad vows to fight on

Whatever this so-called ceasefire agreement may or may not be worth… this Reuters article is hot off the presses as I write this…  the bottom line is: Russia is going to have the time they want to finish whatever it is they are trying to do and part of that appears to be to help keep Assad in power.




I’m going to be shooting loose for this part of the blog.


This is rhetorical and sarcastic question: Why would anyone want or feel the need to build a robotic cockroach?

Here’s a hint: DARPA has had this sort of thing going for years but make of this what you will.

http://anniejacobsen.com/    <- Do yourself a favor and pick up all of her books as soon as you can.

In that same vein:
Here is Big Brother Google’s Deep Mind AI teaching itself to adjust and win computer videogames.   Keep in mind this is just what is being declassified and carefully trickled out for us in the mainstream.   As usual, I remind you that depending on who you believe it’s 10-50 years ahead of the streets behind closed doors.


A bit of a sidebar to that: How is it that in 50 years we went from the Wright Bros. to supposedly landing on the moon… that’s an impressive J curve yes?…  how is it that curve suddenly hit the brick wall somewhere in the 80s and basically stopped?

Shouldn’t we have at least had something like the Concorde as the “mainstream airplane” by now?

How about our cars?



Oh look at this little coke can on wheels but it’s self driving! Gee, I wonder why they’re so anxious to push this.  Like I don’t know.

Anyone ever watch Minority Report?  Honestly, if you haven’t, you should.

Why is Google into EVERYTHING?  I take back any and all “Big Brother” comments I ever made about Microsoft over the years. They have nothing on Google.  I really have wondered for several years if Google was nothing more than a public front for the NSA.

Why is it our cars essentially look the same and have also essentially stagnated since roughly the 1980s?

You have to practically buy an exotic to get something that looks appreciably different.  Doesn’t anyone else think that’s kind of strange? It doesn’t matter what brand you buy. Without the logos I personally can’t tell the difference between most Chevys, Fords, Hondas, and Acuras on the street and I’m betting most of you can’t, either.

There is a lot of sameness to it all regardless of brand and across a fairly wide price range. I wonder why that all is…



260,000 robots and counting in USA factories. This is another trend that will never reverse or go away.   This is another economic factor that isn’t getting discussed much yet but when you combine this with the several decades of globalism… we’re never going back, folks.  The government has and will continue to have to pay people to stay home just like Europe. Everything mentioned here is global.




They are talking about building a $1 BILLION prison here in the state of Ohio.  A lot of these are for non violent prisoners.  Can we get real, please?  Even Bill Gates’ super compound only runs around $40 million or so.

If you think this kind of madness is confined to the state of Ohio, you better keep your periscopes up.  Nice $4.1 trillion suicide budget proposed by Obummer by the way.




Here is some nuts and bolts about blood testing.

That sets up this:



CRISPR scares me. It scares me that someone could spend several thousand bucks or so and have one of these kits delivered to their house.  What good can come of this, honestly?   Besides blatantly playing God here I simply see no upside to this.
Please keep in mind  my 10-50 years ahead of the streets comment in regards to classified when looking at something like this?

I’ll just say it again: When Jesus mentions “like the days of Noah and Lot” as a description for the leading up to and in to His Second Coming He meant exactly that with absolutely NO caveats or exceptions whatsoever.  You start in Genesis 3, you lay it up in  Genesis 6, you cross check that in Jude and guess what? That ain’t the bad girls of Cain mating with the saintly sons of Seth.   🙂

On that same note: https://youtu.be/Lm2ETKQyO5s

Look at Daniel 2 starting around verse 43.   “They” shall mingle themselves with the seed of men… uh-oh, who is “they” since this is talking about a time in the future from when Daniel wrote that.  Have fun on that rabbit trail.  The future is now.

Keep praying, keep watching… and boy I hope He’s right and our “redemption draweth nigh but it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  For a lot of people it already is and then some.

It certainly is way past that for the Christians in Africa in the Middle East right now. It’s a full-fledged holocaust and few in the West seem to care. With few exceptions why do we not hear about this?  Have you heard about it in your church?



Pope Francis Bound for Having Historic Meeting 1,000 Years in the Making

For the first time in 1000 years, the head of the Roman Catholic Church is meeting in person with the head of the Russian Orthodox Church.   Just another step closer and especially with this Pope who is clearly a major “change agent” at minimum.

I doubt it would happen now but I wouldn’t be surprised if they came out of this meeting and announced plans for serious reconciliation and eventual unification.   It’s going to happen before long, guaranteed.




Chelsea Clinton: I Left the Church When I Was 6 Because It Opposed Abortion


1.) How many important decisions does and can anyone make on their own at the tender age of 6 years old? 

2.)  If you leave a church because they oppose murdering babies might I submit that the problem isn’t with the church?

She would have been better off keeping her mouth shut but they are already grooming her for the next decade.  Aren’t you excited?   Why even bother.

Dear Lord, please hurry.




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