2-16-16 (interesting sequence) Overload


Follow up.   Things are moving so fast.

I’m done with the Scalia subject.

My last word on that is this: If he had stayed alive and well for the next year or so I seriously doubt it would have made much of a difference just like it hasn’t made much of a difference for at least the last decade for starters. An 80-year-old man that many pounds overweight doesn’t need a CIA death ray gun from the 1970s to “take him out.”  Just sayin’.    With all due respect to the esteemed judge. 🙂

Moving on…



ISIS suspected of using chemical weapons

It’s right out of Joel Rosenberg’s latest fiction series The Third Target followed the First Hostage.    I have no doubt about it myself.

Does this really surprise anyone? Unfortunately I suspect in the 5 years (?!)and 300,000+ death toll (?!)  in Syria alone chems have been used by both sides and it’s going to spread.

Analysis: Moscow’s alliance with Iran and Hezbollah threatens strategic Israeli interests

No kidding?   Now where in the Bible does a familiar scenario that matches up with that show up? Oh yes! Ezekiel 38.

“The main beneficiary of the Russian intervention in Syria has been Iran. “



No question about it. At least for now Iran is the epic winner although there are some prophecies in the Bible coming on tap for them that make them the big losers like the end of Jeremiah 49 for the southern Elam territory and Ezekiel 38 to finish them off. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Frankly Iran has been a huge winner for months and with no small thanks to the USA helping them free up at least $1.7 billion if not more.   It’s going to be partially on our heads when…not if…when Iran decides to attack someone and that will most likely be Israel.

Short term winner: Iran.   Long term winner: God.   Hopefully sooner rather than later.


Nuclear Arms race underway in the Middle East like Israel has been warning about.

Israel has been warming people for years but no one cares.

This is with a large thanks to the United States caving in on that worthless deal with the Iranians. They are the bigger winners and so the rest of the Arab world knows they are going to have to “check and balance” things for themselves.  Awesome.


Russia’s top tier spy plane is in the game in Syria.  

This convergence in Syria with these major powers is quite disconcerting and extremely fluid.


Turkey seeks allies’ support for ground operation as Syria war nears border

This means NATO and specifically the United States.

It ain’ worth it.  I hope cool heads and some brain power kick in here.  The Saudi involvement is what troubles me here since they basically own us although Obama has been tap dancing on both sides of this Sunni-Shi’ite thing since he came into power as recently demonstrated with this ghastly Iran deal.   How do you play both sides of that fence?

I have a hard time seeing the USA go boots on the ground to support this insanity but given everything else we’ve seen since 9-11 alone?  I can’t rule anything out any more.

If the Saudis snap their fingers and play hardball with the $$$ and the oil then anything goes.   What I have to wonder about this is: The Saudi kingdom is in a fragile spot themselves. Do they really have the strength and the angle to get involved in something like this? This may be their undoing right here to get into folly like this.

Apparently Turkey is under the delusion that NATO and allies like that will back them up if they go for a ground invasion in Syria. I hope and suspect they are wrong about that but with the Saudis involved and Saudi money basically holding the USA up? All bets are off.  I hope we don’t do it.

NATO needs to parts ways with Turkey. They are hypocrites and I suspect Russia is right about their ties with ISIS.



US will sign Paris Agreement – climate envoy

Of course we will.  If it’s about self defeat and self sabotaging in a haze of delusion you can count on us to lead the pack.

The United States will sign the Paris Agreement on climate change this year regardless of the Supreme Court’s decision to put a chunk of President Barack Obama’s environmental action on hold, the US climate envoy said on Tuesday.

If Scalia were still alive this would still be true.  Ok, now that’s the last word. 🙂

The globalist agenda that’s been in play for decades is going to continue to move forward no matter what the window dressing  looks or sounds like.

“Todd Stern also said that Obama’s successor, even if it is a Republican, would be unlikely to scrap the Paris deal as to do so would have negative diplomatic implications.”

Precisely. Just like Obama Care,  the marriage issues, and everything else that’s happened.  We get whining and some theater and it keeps on moving in the same direction anyways.

Your vote counts.

Meanwhile China and India will continue to ignore this obvious pretext and self sabotaging delusion and make industrious money hand over fist.  You think they care about smog in the atmosphere?

Even Putin in Russia rightly called this out for the West’s New World Order pretext for takeover and redistribution of wealth that it is.  Keep in mind, of course, that Putin wants his own New World Order but I digress.




Supply of oil is being cut back in a mutual agreement across oil providing countries.

I find this second article about US Shale Oil in decline to be a telling indicator as well.  I sympathize with attempting to stabilize oil pricing but I have a this sinking feeling that this will be another one of those ideas that sounds good on paper and then ends up having unintended consequences at minimum along with the insane concept of “negative interest rates.”



This is particularly nauseating on social media outlets like Facebook:   Someone posts an image that says something like “Like, share, and say Amen! or else you’re a spawn of the devil and want to kill puppies, too!”  and so forth.

It’s galling when people try to drag God and the Bible into something like that.  In some cases it may be well intended but in poor taste but it does nothing but harm the cause for Jesus Christ and it’s the worst kind of low base manipulation at best.   It’s awful and it needs to stop.

Thus endeth today’s public service announcement. 🙂


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