2-19-16: Friday Grab Bag



Iran to Russia: Here is $14 billion…please build us a modern army

Ezekiel 38 much?


US airstrikes target ISIS camp in Libya, terrorist behind Tunisia attacks

Now the USA is going to get big on ISIS in Libya, or what’s left of it.  Another one of our endless list of meddling failures.  We wanted Gaddafi gone… how did that work out?

Tired of being showed up by the Russians?

Speaking of the Russians let’s glance at their spin on things:


RT.com can be a very good outlet but I’m under no illusions about it and which side of the arguments things will be biased towards.

In this case,  it is what it is.  The Russians are going to the UN Security Council…for whatever that’s worth…  to whine over Turkey’s potential invasion plans into Syria.   I hope they succeed simply because there are no winners and no looking outcomes on any kind of escalation and I have no idea how Turkey can be this brazen.

I have even less of an inkling as to how the Saudis think they can pull anything off in there. I think there is a woeful lack of understanding and overlooking by numerous parties in regards to the Russian involvement and influence in that region.

Contrary to popular myth, the Saudi kingdom is on very fragile grounds thanks to their own devices coming back to haunt them for being “apostates in bed with the West.”  I have little doubt at some point in the future the kingdom will go down.

Here is Turkey’s side of things:



Erdogan blames Kurds for using USA weapons on civilians.


Erdogan blames Syrian Kurds for Ankara car terrorist attack.

“Erdogan blames the Kurds for stubbing his toe this morning.”  🙂

Could be all true or at least partially although I find that Erdogan is obsessed with the Kurdish boogeyman and seems to be looking for any excuses he can find to crunch them down including penetrating Syria.

I realize the Kurds aren’t saints… no one is, I get it… but I would think NATO and the USA would be well served providing a certain level of support to them to check against ISIS and other elements like that. They most certainly are better potential allies on leashes vs the likes of ISIS and so forth.

The sad truth of it is, though, the USA has never given a flip about the Kurds and I doubt anyone else does, either.  The last source I read that from was from ex CIA member Robert Baer in his book See No Evil, from which the movie Syriana was based on .  It’s a poorly kept secret. “No one gives a @#$%  about the Kurds” is the exact quote in regards to the US State Department on through.   I highly doubt that status has changed since Baer wrote that book.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to end up being true that Turkey has been doing business with ISIS on some level.

If that ends up coming out… and we need the truth ASAP… then Turkey’s potential allies need to rethink their military escalation post  haste.    I just continue to be strongly convinced that Erdogan’s days are numbered as are Turkey’s days in the NATO camp.  They have to come over the fence to finish off the Ezekiel 38 coalition since the other major players are already in place: Russia, Iran, and Syria.  It’s just a question of how and when we get Turkey from point A to point B.   I suspect we’re looking at the beginnings of the eventual process right now.

It’s nasty warfare and I have no doubts all sides have been getting dirty for some time. No excuses. No whitwashing. We have seen accusations and varying degrees of proof of multiple sides even using chemical weapons or having access to them.  Does this really surprise anyone?  This is the way the Muslim world has always been with each other when they aren’t busy going after  Jews and Christians. It’s nothing new.

At present, I see no good guys anywhere in this picture.   The best we can figure from the fence here is: There is probably a grain of truth coming from both sides and then after that we are in the ever infamous “wilderness of mirrors” to use a favorite description out of the land of spies.  I love that phrase. 🙂

The problem here is escalation and who else gets pulled in?  This mess could be a prelude to a legitimate “World War 3” if people aren’t very smart and careful.  Cooler heads need to prevail. Please keep this in prayer along with “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and all that entails because that’s the only real hope to fixing all of this.

If we were in a different time period I would think this was some sort of dark satire the way it’s written and what the subject matter is about alas, not to be.

I find it revealing on numerous levels that this story merited national syndication and likely front page coverage in numerous papers across the country if its front page status in my hick town newspaper is anything to go by.

One takeaway here is:  These news people know where the story demands are and considering the appalling stats both in and outside of the church of both men and women who watch and/or are addicted to porn?

Perhaps this is justifiable news editorial decision after all.   They should know what their readership demands and wants to see, yes?

Past this?  I can’t tell you how much better we will sleep at my house tonight knowing this awful crisis has been averted because there aren’t any more important things going on that need to be dealt with.
Make of it what you will.
How much longer Lord?

Happy Friday everyone. I hope. 🙂


I will leave you with a repeat of my closing comments from yesterday’s blog.  🙂




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