6-2-16: Online Code of Conduct for “Hate Speech”

It’s coming. It’s going to be international and there will be no way to avoid it shy of abandoning the Internet and returning to the Stone Age. How many of us are really going to do that?


European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech

“The Commission together with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft (“the IT companies”) today unveil a code of conduct that includes a series of commitments to combat the spread of illegal hate speech online in Europe.”

Take the time to read it all for yourselves.

Everyone is or will be in on this. If you really think the Internet is bastion of unlimited free expression it’s past time to wake up about that.

I want to do my part, such as it is, to try and spread the word on this because I agree with the assessments of others: This is a big deal.
Make no mistake: What you read here will eventually be applied to the entire world to varying degrees. This is a template.

The most obvious question immediately arises: “Who and what defines ‘hate speech’?”

Their stated definition is exactly the kind of loaded, wordsmithing, legalese sophistry you would expect:

“Hate speech is defined by the Commission as something that “criminalises public incitement to violence or hatred against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

I don’t need to spell out for you all where that’s headed do I? If that isn’t a slippery slope I don’t know what is.

A sampling and overview:



UPDATE:   http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/8188/facebook-censorship-carlqvist


Speaking of hate speech:


Watch the entire video for yourself.

How is corrupting young kids in overt hate like this work for everyone? Can we do something about this or is that ok when it’s directed Jews and Israel? Freedom of religion and freedom expression is a-ok there, right?



It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around this seeming warming of relations between the Saudis and other Sunni Arab states… think about it… with Israel. How does that work?

The Saudis must truly be desperate beyond imagining is all I can figure. The Bin Ladens and others like that who already consider the monarchy apostate and worthy of doom must really be thrilled about this. The monarchy’s days are truly numbered. I can’t see this going anywhere meaningful. Jordan is supposed to be the “Palestinian state” anyways.

Strange bedfellows. Just another day in the Middle East.


5 thoughts on “6-2-16: Online Code of Conduct for “Hate Speech”

  1. This just another way the governments also known as satan’s servants, will try to put that boot back on the throats of the serv. ‘They’ can only do this if we allow it. Now, take note of when and how Twitter , Facebook, Google and the others get in a hissy fit. It is when they lost big money for one reason or another. The older folks are the ones using Facebook, there are alternatives, like the Patriots ‘fb’ but most are comfortable with where they are at. Drop Google for Startpage, which is out of Norway and is a proxy that gathers info from all search engines but leaves your ip secret. There are many private blogs people can gather at. But here’s the thing, people want the world to know what they think and want to put their two cents in. Not many want a private forum, they want attention. All of those social sites you mentioned are dying, and fast. When the boomers die, they die, so they must think fast to bring about new sites, or just hang in cyber space as a decoy of availability, when in fact as long as they have money coming in from the government, which all of those ARE a sector of, they will be perfectly fine with all of us shutting our mouths.

      • HAHAHA, you can ‘ban’ me but I will haunt anyone into hell . People need to get back to putting pen to paper, make the post office useful again. :p lol

  2. Romans 13 / 1 Cor.13 / Gal. 5:6 Owe none ought but love … the greatest of these is love … faith which works by love is what avails … ps. speak the truth in love >>> the bad news is that all people are rotten, sin kills, and all without Christ are damned … the good news is that He saves a remnant out of this doomed world

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