The Terminal Generation

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Read this very carefully, look at the charts…take it all in. Process this.

This isn’t a “resurgence of morality” or “prelude to revival” or the rest of that fantasy… this is the polar opposite.

I understand that the paintbrush doesn’t cover everyone in a given generation. On that same note I realize there is plenty of this type of element in the older generations as well and they bear the brunt of abject failure as parents on a basic level to spawn the likes of this and allow our society to get this point. Plenty of blame to all around so this isn’t about “bashing the millennial pinata.”

Broadly speaking it’s impossible to get away from the big picture of what our future as a society holds at this rate.

The idea of one of these people being in charge of anything important is probably one of the most horrifying things I can imagine and I hope I’m not here for it. They will have no problems taking a chip and celebrating the death of the Two Witnesses at the hands of the Antichrist and digitally sending gifts to each other to celebrate while the bodies lie there in the streets for all to see. 3 days later they will be in for quite the shock.

I’m not sure how much more “unnatural” and “seared conscience” we can get than some of what is described here and the sentiments and I really don’t want to see it. This isn’t even functional. Hey! It takes one to know one because I’m not the paragon of functionality, either but I can tell you what: If I was attracted to a pretty girl and had a shot I wouldn’t care about some videogame! C’mon fellas, get real! Of course when you are already so desensitized and seared from porn intake… and clearly something spiritual is happening there, too… that’s part and parcel of how you get to something like this. That article really is loaded. These people testify against themselves and don’t even know it.

If this millennial or at least the younger ones aren’t the brick wall and the terminal generation than honestly? God help us all because shy of His intervention it truly is hopeless and you can’t fix this at a ballot box. I really wish it were that simple. This is global.

It’s little wonder we are seeing this push for driverless cars. This is who they are getting ready for! They know they have a winner on their hands because they are part of what helped create this problem in the first place and you can read into that statement any way you want.

You cannot have a functioning society on even the most basic and broad of levels with the likes of this. It’s literally impossible by any standard.

If this doesn’t come together and spell out the culmination of everything a passage like 2 Timothy 3 and Romans 1:18-32 spells out for a society than I don’t know what does. This isn’t just in one place in the world, either. This is everywhere.


Temple Institute announces school to train Levitical priests
The Temple Institute, dedicated to reestablishing the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, announces school for training Kohanim.


Turkish Troops Surround US-NATO Base

How is this not getting any kind of coverage? I had to scour the ends of the Internet just to get this. What’s the story here? Meanwhile the US is bombing Libya for who knows what reasons… seems to be a disconnect here.

If anyone can find a credible follow up this I would appreciate seeing it because the story basically has gone dead after the date line on that link.

Israel really does have it coming from all directions. This is one of numerous recent articles that clearly show what the expectations are on all sides.It’s just a question of when and who blinks first. Once that happens frankly all bets are off as to how many dominoes start falling after that and how quickly.


Listen to this recent interview that L.A. Marzulli did with Dan Gordon, a colonel in the IDF who essentially is forecasting and predicting one of a number of likely scenarios that goes nicely with this article.

This is the relative calm before the inevitable storm and everyone knows it on all sides. Israel has made no bones about it: The next war with Hamas, for example, is the last one.

We need to stay in prayer, stay in the Word, and take a day at a time and be as vigilant as we can.

Recently Gary Stearman of Prophecy Watchers closed out an incredible presentation at the Rocky Mountain International Conference with “Jesus is coming soon… we’re almost done… just a little longer…” It was said in a commiserating and emotional manner because we’re all weary, wary, and frankly vexxed and tired of all of this and then some.

Only He can fix this.