3-4-16: While we were distracted…

Let’s talk some shop. 🙂




Report: Hezbollah prepares for ‘biggest war ever’ with Israel

Which war? Psalm 83 perhaps?  Everyone is getting ready. All of Iran’s proxies.

Hamas is arguably and even more pressing and immediate threat that might go first but ultimately it won’t matter. Then, of course, we can’t forget ISIS. Who blinks first and when?



^^ Here is the original story and the timestamp.

Here is a follow-up that I had to find being circulated from official Syrian sources:

“The electricity ministry said power was being restored and service would resume by midnight (22:00 GMT), TV reported.”

They still have no clue why this blackout happened in the entire country. It probably isn’t hard to figure out with all the war and everything but..we’ll see. I honestly was halfway wondering what I might see when I woke up this morning because that’s how close I think some of this is.

There have been occasions in history where something like this happens as a prelude to an invasion or some other major event along those lines so I don’t think I overreacted when I went to bed honestly wondering what I was going to see this morning.

It’s not a surprise given five-year of war and havoc that their infrastructure is likely shot but no one has a clue why this happened or how this happened nonetheless.   I halfway wondered when I went to bed last night on this news and woke up this morning what I was going to see.  Was I going to see Isaiah 17 get finished off?   I didn’t think it was a very high probability but I had to consider it.

This was and is a big deal potentially. Whole countries going dark without any clear cause and especially in that region of the world in the context of everything else is highly suspect.

What’s next?



Turkey is eyeing closer business ties with Iran

Now we get to it.  It’s just a question of when and how we get Turkey in the Ezekiel 38 coalition along with everyone else.   They aren’t staying in NATO.

Money makes the world go ’round. It doesn’t necessarily have to be conflict to get the job done. There are numerous ways to skin a cat.




Turkish authorities just seized control of the country’s largest newspaper

This is an ominous sign in any country and typical under dictatorships. Why did they do this?

Something is coming.


SAUDI SHENANIGANS:   (It made me chuckle saying it out loud, what can I say?)


I’m going to employ a simple phrase that I’ve heard numerous times over the years in various media and it’s always said with a certain trembling and angst behind it:  “This is an ill omen.”

Are the Saudis for real? Their kingdom is barely hanging on by threads.   The foolishness of this staggers my mind.    Iran and Russia are quite the formidable duo to say the least.   Methinks some people need to get real and quickly.


Did you hear about this anywhere in America? Of course we didn’t.

They are too busy distracting us with the continued “reality TV” in its worst sense, bread and circuses instead.

This was a potentially big deal and there will be more of this to come. Jordan’s kingdom is also on the bubble and with all due respect to His highness considering the bulk of his populous leans sympathetic to ISIS? Have your Lear jet on hot standby, sir.


Joel Rosenberg broke this down in vastly superior fashion than I ever could here. I agree about praying for these folks but I also want to indicate the following:

As a point of reference, Jordan is also on the boards for some eventual Bible prophecy that has not occurred yet and we’re not sure when but like a lot of the rest of this I suspect it’s in the near future and may be one of several dominoes that start falling in concert.

Jeremiah 49:1-6, Zephaniah 2:8-10, and Ezekiel 25:14 all refer to Jordan and events that have not happened yet. I owe Bill Salus the hat tip for the easy references on those verses courtesy of his new book The Now Prophecies which I highly recommend.



20,000 ISIS-bound uniforms seized in Spain

Which country was this loot headed for?  I wonder.   It’s well documented that ISIS is well fortified in every conceivable sense in terms of assets, resources, and acquiring more of them.  It can’t be overstated what a volatile and unpredictable wildcard the represent on top of everything else.

All bets are off.



Implications of Greater Chinese Involvement in the Mideast


This shouldn’t surprise anyone.  I am in the camp that absolutely believes they are or will spearhead the “Kings of the East” referred to in numerous Biblical prophetic passages.


Listen to that and remember: Everything being discussed here is what has been trickled out into the mainstream as de-classified.  Classified runs at least 10-40 years ahead of the streets by even the most conservative estimates.  Because of that honestly? I’ll make the call: I think we’re there.



I will be re-indicating this blog entry on occasion in hopes that it’s an encouragement to anyone that sees it with all thanks to the Lord if that’s the case.  🙂


2-22-16: Monday Overload

The day is still young while I post this.   I won’t be surprised if I have to revise and expand this throughout the day and/or in the comments area below.

Today’s theme Scripture is:
1 Corinthians 3:19

19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

Couple that with Psalm 2 for some encouragement and perspective.  🙂

With that in place….hang on tight!



Wheee! I can control a remote control car with my brain!   Guess what? DARPA has been working on this for decades. What’s still classified? 10-40 years ahead of the streets, just remember that.




Russia wants to fly surveillance planes over US with advanced cameras, congressional staffer says

“Russia will ask permission on Monday to start flying surveillance planes equipped with high-powered digital cameras amid warnings from U.S. intelligence and military officials that such overflights help Moscow collect intelligence on the United States.”

Obama will say yes. He may even pop for some of the gas.

This is a done deal one way or the other because let’s face it: The Russians have been doing provocative flybys and whatever they want anyways with no recourse so let’s not kid ourselves: This has likely been going on for some time.




BREAKING: US, Russia agree on plan for cease-fire in Syria to start Saturday.

^^ For whatever this may be worth. Likely not much.  “Cease fire”  “red line”…it’s all the same thing.

I’m betting they didn’t get ISIS to agree to this “cease-fire” so I don’t really see the point or purpose to this.



NATO Warns Turkey It Won’t Support Ankara in Conflict With Russia

This news is something I’ve been waiting to see publicly and now here are the first inklings of it.

NATO is not going to go to bat or put their necks out for Erodgan’s insanity.   If Turkey goes into Syria they are on their own and as a citizen of the NATO country does almost all of the heavy lifting I am very relieved to see this indicator.

The other takeaway for me here is my repeated refrain of: How do we get Turkey to eventually join its eventual Ezekiel 38 allies: Russia, Syria, and Iran?   I think we just took a step closer to finding out. Russia has been patiently dotting its i’s, crossing its t’s…it even went to the UN Security Council last week to air its complaints.   I believe that Putin is waiting to let Erdogan hang himself past a point of no return.  If Turkish and eventually Saudi troops enter Syria he will have no qualms treating them as enemy combatants and targets the same as everything else they have been going after since October 2015.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see him expand his air bomb campaigns into Turkish territory as well and especially since this “Turkey is in bed with ISIS” narrative is gaining steam.

Listen to Erdogan for yourselves.

Putin would definitely disagree with this concept.  I’m not sure he and perhaps the Saudis really get it.  If they go into Syria they will be dealing with Iranians…far from pushovers…and the Russians.

I continue to marvel at Erdogan’s obsession against the Kurds as well and I stand by my cautious/tight concept of: The Kurds are the group we should be supporting out of any of these people in that particular mess.

Sidebar anecdote: Someone reminded me that the Kurds are the closest thing we have to descendants of the original Medes.  That’s interesting. 🙂


ISIS terrorist attack kills at least 122 and injures many more.

Don’t forget: They are everywhere or are well on their way.   They are the wild card in this Middle East cauldron that makes everything “all bets are off.”

I thin it’s a safe bet that ISIS is not going to regard any “cease-fire” agreements, either.

Bill Salus: The Now Prophecies

A very timely and up to date discussion on Prophecy Watchers between Gary Stearman and Middle East expert Bill Salus that does all of this thousands of times more justice than I can do on this blog.    This is part 1.  I would expect part 2 within the next few weeks. Stay tuned. 🙂




Smartphones to replace cards at bank machines

This is the interim step.  After this comes chips.  If I have a chip on me it can’t be stolen, hacked, and there is no number or password to worry about. Doesn’t that sound safe and convenient?

Gradualism.  Frog in a slowly boiling pot approach at least for now. In general and in any category you wish to name I perceive a noticeable uptick in speed and frequency of that boiling effect.    Kind of like…birth pangs?




China is buying up foreign companies left and right

Whatever financial issues they have been having it obviously hasn’t slowed them down a bit.   As someone who is in the camp that views them as the leading element of the eventual “Kings of the East” referred to in the Bible I pay attention to any of these kinds of developments.




This article does an excellent job exposing and indicating some rank apostasy in the church that is the inevitable road that Replacement Theology can lead to.

I can’t outdo this commentary in response to this article so I will post it and quote it here:

“Prophecy Watchers:

Sadly, I know several people who would agree with this nonsense. A few of them frequent this Facebook page. The Jewish people have been brought back to the Land, a miracle in itself, in unbelief. It won’t be long before God begins to intervene in their lives in a new way and opens their eyes to His purpose. The prophet Zechariah lays out the coming scenario.

And it shall come to pass, that in all the land, saith the LORD, two parts therein shall be cut off and die; but the third shall be left therein. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried: they shall call on my name, and I will hear them: I will say, It is my people: and they shall say, The LORD is my God. (Zech 13:8-9)

Pray for the Jewish people and for the peace of Jerusalem. And pray for these biblically ignorant Christians who simply don’t understand the Bible, or the destiny of the Jewish people. “

Frankly this is a more charitable view by and large than mine in regards to these people. I’m at the point I sincerely do not know or understand how people can be Christians and say and do a lot of things and this is certainly a glaring example of it.

Past this: Hitler knew who the Jews were.  All of the Arab and Muslim world right now to a man, woman, and suicide bomber knows exactly who the Jews are otherwise…why is everyone attacking the “wrong target?”    What’s going on there? .

In that same vein:




 ‘Thou shalt not kill’: Pope Francis calls for worldwide ban on death penalty

This is rich coming from the religious institute that used to burn people at the stake for doing nothing more than wanting to translate the Bible into English for starters.

There was another item of hypocrisy from this past week that I will indicate here with this image that I can’t take any credit for.  I have no idea who crafted this image…if you are out there… thanks and  I will be happy to give you attribution.  IT IS NOT MINE.  🙂


Followed by this Scripture:

Revelation 21:10-14

10 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God,

11 Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;

12 And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:

13 On the east three gates; on the north three gates; on the south three gates; and on the west three gates.

14 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations, and in them the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.”

What happens here if I take the Pope at his word and hold him to his stated standard?   I’ll let you all figure that one out for yourselves.

I sincerely hope and pray that we are very close to the page turning on all of this where we can get to that sequence of Scripture.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem” and that it entails.  🙂


Orlando Prophecy Summit: Behind the Scenes


The above link is to a write-up that I did following the Pike’s Peak Prophecy Summit of July 2013.  I am extremely grateful to Natalina at Extraordinary Intelligence for giving me that opportunity and platform for that. What you will read here is in many ways an extension and continuation of themes from that original piece.

This write up is about the Orlando Prophecy Summit that was hosted by the Prophecy In The News ministry. It was held at the Sea World Renaissance on March 28-31 which was Friday through Sunday.

Thursday March 27th was travel day to the conference for many of us. The conference did not officially kick off until 2pm EDT the following day on Friday so we all had some time to rest and get our bearings. Unofficially, things kicked off right away.

By fortunate happenstance after I checked in I went in to one of the hotel restaurants for dinner and found myself sharing a table with no less than LA Marzulli and his lovely wife Peggy, L.A.’s business partner Richard Shaw, and Bill Salus. Needless to say that meal was highlighted by very interesting conversation where I was mostly in “fly on the wall” mode.

When the meal was finished, we all were leisurely walking and ran into Doc Marquis and his assistant Nathaniel Earl in the hallway. The next thing I knew, we all got into a conversation with Doc that could have easily been expanded into a full fledged panel concept. Doc was even improvising and doing air drawings of diagrams on the wall. I wish someone had taken out their Iphone and captured this.

During this same time an impromptu worship service broke out in a large foyer area in front of this restaurant.  The sound carried throughout the entire large lobby area of this hotel.  It was a great way to unofficially and properly kick the entire event off and set the tone wonderfully.

The next morning was Friday March 28 and the fun continued right at breakfast down in the same restaurant as the night before. This time I found myself at a table with Doug Woodward and his assistant Patricia rightly nicknamed “Scully” to Woodward’s “Mulder”, along with Doug Krieger and Dene McGriff, DW’s co-authors on the Final Babylon book.

For this gathering I was more quiet since I did not have my coffee quota in me but it was fun to wake up and listen to this group of speakers and several personal friends of theirs get into more interesting dialogue. As you can see I’ve already cited two examples of how a person can be at a conference like this, going about their business, and with little to no effort get into some fun and interesting situations. That’s the beauty of it.

I wasn’t able to get pictures with everyone that I wanted to but that’s the nature of the beast. I’m amazed I was able to even get what I did on my aging digital camera.  What follows are some of my best pictures from the conference with commentary and anecdotes.


I took a few shots like these just to give people an idea of how large the main area was where speaker tables were set up. If I had been able to, I would have panned left to right to give a better idea, but I think this shot is sufficient. This was actually a very light crowd. There were many times where this area was crammed with people to a standstill.

To the right you can see doors to the outside and to the left are the entrances into the main ballroom area where the streaming presentations came from. The Marzullis had first table to the right when you walked into the conference area. In front to the right at the table facing downwards is Peggy Marzulli, LA’s wife.  I couldn’t believe how much hectic action she was able to handle without breaking stride.


This is an overhead shot of the main ballroom area close to a full house. Many times it was standing room only. People who opted for the streaming/on demand from Prophecy In the News should immediately recognize this. My camera was acting up a little bit here and if I had a wide lens the picture would have provided more impact.

If memory serves me correctly, this room could seat approximately 1500 people. We had 2000 people so you can start to quickly appreciate one of the reasons why the scheduling was such that two alternate speakers would be speaking at the same time as well as anything happening in the main ballroom.


Chuck Missler and Gary Stearman doing a Q&A session in one of the breakout rooms. This session could have gone for several hours. This is an example of deliberate scheduling in an attempt to provide something compelling to run against the main ballroom. This QA was taking place at the same time the high demand Mark Biltz Blood Moon message was. As intriguing as the Blood Moons may be, I did not regret attending this rare treat instead.


I was able to somehow sneak up in that huge ballroom and my camera seriously overachieved to get this shot. I’m proud of it! I wish I had been able to get a picture taken of myself with Pastor Stearman and his lovely wife Doris but it just didn’t come together. They are two very special people in service to the Lord.


Right to left: Doc Marquis, yours truly, and Doc’s assistant Nathaniel. I want to know where those two got those t-shirts. I had to keep my eye on these two constantly with the kind of mischief I know that they are capable of. Of course I’m joking…mostly. As usual, Doc did some killer presentations and had seemingly endless energy and time for everyone and everything.


See what I mean about Doc and mischief? What a troublemaker!  🙂

The father-son radio team of Douglass and Joe Hagmann were indeed guest at the conference and were greeted warmly, made a ton of contacts, and had a lot of fun. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture with them but I did get a chance to talk with them for a few minutes it and thank them for all that they do.


Another shot of Doc with the Hagmanns. This is a typical example of the “something impromptu might break out here” motif.


It’s always a treat to see and hear Bill Salus. Bill is a powerhouse when it comes to Biblical scholarship and study. I was especially glad that there was some down time where several of us got to chat with Bill on a little more intimate level than a 2000 person conference would normally allow.

Shortly after the conference was concluded, Bill was going to be making contact with Dr. Hormoz Shariat of Iran and running through some prophetic material out of the Bible specifically relevant to Iran and especially this Elam situation out of Jeremiah 49:34-39. By the time you all read this, this event will have already occurred.

We were all very excited to hear of this at the conference. The reason this was so exciting is because Dr. Hormoz Shariat is often referred to as the Billy Graham of Iran and for good reason. Iran is currently experiencing a revival of sorts despite all of its many issues since 1979 and Dr. Shariat’s ministry is a key component in that mix.

Jeremiah 49:34-39 specifies the Elam area. This is currently the area in modern day Iran where the Bushehr Reactor is. It’s considered all but a given that when Israel is finally forced to take action to prevent Iran from using nuclear weapons that Bushehr will be a top target. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the consequences and fallout will be when that reactor is attacked and destroyed. Salus’s working theory is that Jeremiah 49:34-39 could be describing all of that.

It is conceivable that attack will be the first domino that falls for everything else to come afterwards. Who knows for sure?  Psalm 83, Ezekiel 38, and so forth. Some of these prophecies like Isaiah 17 (Syria) and Isaiah 19 (Egypt) *could be* in early stages or slow process even now.

Bill will be going into many of these things in further detail in a new book that he hopes to release during the summer of 2014. As it was he went into some detail during the course of the conference and as usual no one can be dogmatic about any of these sorts of things but Bill does his homework, documents himself to the nines, and makes a very compelling argument. The bottom line is we must keep a close eye on the Middle East and especially God’s prophetic time clock: Israel.


S. Douglas Woodward is the man. It is always a pleasure to correspond with Doug and seeing him in person is especially fun.

Did you notice his tie? Good. Mission accomplished. 🙂   That tie has the name of his current book and one that is a must read. In short: The book’s thesis is that Ancient Aliens is today’s Gnosticism and tackles that and all that goes with it from a Biblical stance and fits into latter days Bible prophecy.  Doug is one of my favorite authors and researchers. He has an uncanny gift for being able to sift through even some of the most outrageous nonsense and find the one or two nuggets of salient information and make sense out of it. From there he is able to apply and match those items up against the Scriptures. The first morning of the conference I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant with him and his Final Babylon co-authors Doug Krieger and Dene McGriff. I also got to meet Doug’s assistant Patricia who is nicknamed “Scully” in relation to Doug’s “Mulder.”  If you are even remotely familiar with the kind of material Doug gets into it makes perfect sense. There were a few other people at the table as well so it was a lively bunch. I normally am not a morning person but needless to say that conversation with all of those people along with several cups of coffee was extremely riveting and stimulating.


Russ Dizdar, yours truly, and his lovely wife Shelly Dizdar. I love this family and appreciate the very challenging ministry they are involved in. They need your prayers and support. This was my second time meeting them personally although I have been grateful to be able to keep in touch with them and tabs on the ministry thanks to social media and other outlets. As busy as they are, somehow they always manage to find time for everyone.


Sharon K. Gilbert, yours truly, and her husband Derek Gilbert. When you meet them it’s like you have known them your entire life and I certainly count them as dear friends. This is the second time we have met personally. The first time was at the Pike’s Peak conference last July detailed in the link at the top of this article.

It was exciting to see Derek get an opportunity to give a presentation in the main ballroom. It just so happened that his was the last message to close out the conference and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to end it. He turned a lot of heads.

Derek’s message was about how this awesome technology we all enjoy and are spoiled by unfortunately has a very serious consequence and downside so far as the control and Big Brother angle goes and how the transhumanists are using this technology in their deluded bid for immortality. A lot of it isn’t even sinister in intent necessarily but ultimately can and will be used that way.

Transhumanism is nothing more than the “ye shall be as gods” lie that Satan told Eve way back in the Garden of Eden all hidden by slick technology. It’s a vain and empty hope and is the closest thing to eschatology that atheists have.

Many people know of him and his wife Sharon thanks to their radio shows PID Radio and View From the Bunker. What some people may not know is that both of them are also excellent public speakers (and singers!) as well. Derek is someone that I and a number of other people definitely could see him in full-time ministry of some sort and this message would be my easiest first exhibit towards making that case.  Derek already has the rightly deserved reputation for stellar interviews and uncanny knack for bringing out the best in any guest he has on his show. Several of the speakers at the conference came away saying that they were amazed at how well prepared he was and that it was “the best interview they ever had.” That quoted reaction is nothing new.

It was fascinating to hear how Derek and Sharon’s presentations complemented one another and came at some of the same subject matters from completely different angles. It really was like weaving a tapestry that goes towards a big picture. The two of them often joke about “sharing one brain” in response to this effect.

Now if we can only figure out a way to get Sam T. Dachsund in the mix.  🙂


Last but certainly not least. Peggy Marzulli and of course her husband L.A. who is really on the cutting edge of some very serious and important research and yours truly on the right.  L.A. had some killer presentations and caused quite a few jaws to drop. He “set his hair on fire” as the refrain went.

During one of his segments, they deliberately had to cut off the live streaming because the information was extremely sensitive. Suffice it to say, when that information goes public with some more documentation behind it will turn heads. This is another family in ministry that I count as dear friends.

I have to give special mention to Richard Shaw who managed to escape my camera. Richard Shaw is LA Marzulli’s business partner, producer, and video genius extraordinaire on the Watchers series. This would be the first time many people including myself would hear him in a public speaking situation. I am uncertain if this was the first time he had ever done public speaking but considering how well he did it is hard for me to imagine so.  He had great enthusiasm for his subject matter and that enthusiasm was infectious. I was thrilled to have an opportunity to meet him and have some time on the side to get into a real discussion with him.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and frankly I’m counting on that. I hope that these photos on my humble and aging digital camera make up for any deficiencies in my writing and tell the tale.