6-2-16: Online Code of Conduct for “Hate Speech”

It’s coming. It’s going to be international and there will be no way to avoid it shy of abandoning the Internet and returning to the Stone Age. How many of us are really going to do that?


European Commission and IT Companies announce Code of Conduct on illegal online hate speech

“The Commission together with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft (“the IT companies”) today unveil a code of conduct that includes a series of commitments to combat the spread of illegal hate speech online in Europe.”

Take the time to read it all for yourselves.

Everyone is or will be in on this. If you really think the Internet is bastion of unlimited free expression it’s past time to wake up about that.

I want to do my part, such as it is, to try and spread the word on this because I agree with the assessments of others: This is a big deal.
Make no mistake: What you read here will eventually be applied to the entire world to varying degrees. This is a template.

The most obvious question immediately arises: “Who and what defines ‘hate speech’?”

Their stated definition is exactly the kind of loaded, wordsmithing, legalese sophistry you would expect:

“Hate speech is defined by the Commission as something that “criminalises public incitement to violence or hatred against a group of persons or a member of such a group defined by reference to race, colour, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin.”

I don’t need to spell out for you all where that’s headed do I? If that isn’t a slippery slope I don’t know what is.

A sampling and overview:



UPDATE:   http://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/8188/facebook-censorship-carlqvist


Speaking of hate speech:


Watch the entire video for yourself.

How is corrupting young kids in overt hate like this work for everyone? Can we do something about this or is that ok when it’s directed Jews and Israel? Freedom of religion and freedom expression is a-ok there, right?



It’s hard for me to wrap my brain around this seeming warming of relations between the Saudis and other Sunni Arab states… think about it… with Israel. How does that work?

The Saudis must truly be desperate beyond imagining is all I can figure. The Bin Ladens and others like that who already consider the monarchy apostate and worthy of doom must really be thrilled about this. The monarchy’s days are truly numbered. I can’t see this going anywhere meaningful. Jordan is supposed to be the “Palestinian state” anyways.

Strange bedfellows. Just another day in the Middle East.


4-20-16: Germany assembling “Secret EU Army”?


It isn’t a secret any more! 🙂


Follow up to the last two days now. It’s been a busy week so far: https://banditzlayer.wordpress.com/2016/04/19/4-19-16-the-fix-is-in/

1.) http://www.breitbart.com/london/2016/04/20/german-and-dutch-military-forces-merge-bringing-eu-army-a-step-closer/    (Check all hyperlinks)  Main Story
REPORT: Germany ‘Annexing’ Dutch Military As Secretive EU Army Begins To Take Shape

2.)  https://twitter.com/COLRICHARDKEMP/status/722552898018766848   Anecdotal secondary of sorts

As usual, I want to attempt to not get carried away here or read too much into anything but I don’t see any way around it: This is a significant development in the makings.   It’s also completely different from what we are used to seeing and hearing out of Europe. This sort of thing is quite atypical.  I’m sure we will see and hear plenty of “we need this to combat the evil terrorists” and so forth and there may be some truth to that but there is no way that is sufficient reason in and of itself.  A check against the Russians?  That may be part of it as well.

The second link is a Twitter account of one Colonel Richard Kemp and I can take no credit for it. Certainly the illustration is revealing of what the expectations are at least so far as the “get out of the EU” proponents in Great Britain go. I suspect there is at least a grain of truth to it and especially in light of the first link.

I do find it interesting that Germany is essentially at the head of this development. Not that anyone cares, obviously,  and I’m no expert on this by a mile but how is this potentially not in violation of post World War II treaties, for starters?   More brilliant minds than mine have likely covered every legal nuance on this but I just can’t help but wonder anyways.

This is interesting and compelling but ultimately if I’m thinking ahead to Antichrist and New World Order and one world government then I still say this will need NATO to make it worthwhile and that means America. I can’t see the EU on their own assembling a military worth a hoot let alone comparable to the USA even with the never-ending self sabotaging that the American government excels at.

NATO, or NATO ultimately becomes, will marry these elements together in some form or fashion when it’s time for the World Leader to step up.  The CFR has the world divided into ten regions and you can find those maps right on their own website if you dig around and the alphabet soup group Club of Rome has had similar maps and concepts floating around since the 70s.   Why do we care about ten?  Revelation 17:12.

Regardless of eschatology or honestly? Even without any at all, this is a game changer in the makings.  Stay tuned.

Who is or will be in charge of this EU Military?  

How about this person?  Every so often this concept comes up:  https://euobserver.com/institutional/115965      The EU Super President. That article is from 2012 but it’s sufficient to make the point.  4 years later on that I’d say that concept is easily better than 50/50 odds of happening.  I consider it a given.

When?  My own hunch is: Whenever this military is ready.  I won’t be surprised to see this all up and running before the decade is out. It’s clear they have been working on this for some time as is.   They didn’t wake up this past Monday morning out of nowhere and decide to suddenly whip up an EU Army, let’s put it that way.

Stay tuned.



6.1 Quake near Fukishima

Drudge ran this.  6.1 aftershocks… that’s an aftershock!?…  near Fukishima in Japan. They just can’t catch a break. Please keep praying for them, the people of Ecquador, and everyone else that’s been affected by this unprecedented and ghastly streak of seismic activity. This is NOT business as usual.


6.2 quake off the coast of Ecquador!   Pray. These people just can’t catch a break!  It’s rather scary and sobering to see and hear about 5s and 6s being  considered “aftershocks.”





PHOTOS: Jewish Priests Sacrifice Paschal Lamb in Jerusalem

“I didn’t get all dressed up for nuthin’.”  – Mel Gibson as William Wallace with a cool Scottish brogue in Braveheart.

That principle definitely continues to apply to the Temple Institute and things of this nature.

I leave it to you all to read this and look it all over along with other developments we have seen and heard in recent years in regards to the Temple Mount and preparations along these lines and I’ll simply ask this:  Does anyone really think this crew looks content to wait on the sidelines for x number of more decades?  I can’t see it.



Another gem from Caroline Glick. What she writes about here is prophetically significant so please take note of it. Anything involving UNESCO is usually bad news and especially for Israel.



Just how close are we?:  https://prophecywatchers.com/videos/gary-stearman-elijah-coming/

4-19-16: The Fix Is In

This will be an overglorified follow-up to yesterday’s blog. I would recommend reading this first before jumping in to today’s: https://banditzlayer.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/4-18-16-too-much-shakin-going-on/

Hezbollah condemns Israel’s scheme to divide Syria  (Golan Heights)

Obviously we have a lot of unhappy campers and growing agitation over Netanyahu’s firm stance on keeping the Golan.    Hamas is upset. Hezbollah is upset.

Apparently the US government is also upset:


Here is Joe Biden slipping out with the real truth of how this government is operating and how they view things. The anger and disgust on his face as he did another one of his demagogue routines speaks for itself.

What’s especially classless about this is we aren’t 24 hours removed from yet another terrorist attack against Israel in Jerusalem but I guess that’s their fault, too, right Joe?  A supposed ally of the USA is fresh off an attack and this is the best you can do? Really?

Make no mistake: He’s speaking for the bulk of the American government at minimum. Joe is known for slipping out candid truths when he’s not supposed to.  The gaffe machine lets another one go here. Make no mistake: This is where are things are at.

What is Obama going to say and do at the UN on Friday?

This is the view of the New World Order.


(Some of you may recognize this. A little levity despite the serious subject matter. 🙂 )

They are all singing from the same hymnal and it’s not a heavenly one.


Hamas praises attacks in Jerusalem

Sure, why not? It’s all semantics. They probably were in on it but aren’t dumb enough to outright claim responsibility. Not yet.

These are all the same types of elements with one goal in mind: Destruction of Israel and the Jews.  They don’t care about peace or co-existence.


This is some of the craziest Bizarro World stuff I’ve run into yet and that’s saying something:  They really are accusing Israel of working WITH ISIS and Al Quaida? Really? Think about it.  This is sheer desperation at best.  How can anyone with more than two brain cells believe tripe like this?

“‘EU doesn’t recognize Israeli occupation of the Golan’

Federica Mogherini stresses that the European Union ‘recognizes Israel within its pre-1967 boundaries, regardless of the (Israeli) government’s claims on other areas.’ ”

Again, we hear from another component of the New World Order, bluntly stated. This is how they view Israel, at best.
Speaking of New World Order:  (notice a theme today?)
Report: UN Office Coordinates Millions in Donations to Anti-Israel Groups

It’s no surprise that the UN would have numerous proxies and monies going towards anything anti-Israel.    Does anyone really believes this is a neutral organization?  I so wish the USA would get out of it and kick them off our soils but I know that’s a pipe dream.    Israel should consider the same but I suspect that, too, is also fantasy.




Well worth reading.


Very inconvenient truths here.




Look up April 19-20 in world history and you will see a rather impressive laundry list.  Does it mean anything? Who is to say except it’s a rather impressive and diverse list that for my money certainly goes into uncanny territory at least. Make of it what you will.

Putting that on the table with an upcoming Passover off the heels of major and unusual earthquake activity that even has scientists perplexed just makes me wonder.   Certainly odds are that this coming weekend will come and go and everything will be status quo.  But what if it isn’t? All we can do is watch. Just be aware of these things and take it for whatever it’s worth.

Given the past week’s worth of events with this kind of anecdote in my brain and Passover coming up at the end of this week I just have to wonder what’s going to happen, if anything.   We’ll find out soon enough.

◄ Zechariah 12 ►

Jerusalem will Be Attacked  

1The burden of the word of the LORD for Israel, saith the LORD, which stretcheth forth the heavens, and layeth the foundation of the earth, and formeth the spirit of man within him.

2   Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem. 3And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. 4In that day, saith the LORD, I will smite every horse with astonishment, and his rider with madness: and I will open mine eyes upon the house of Judah, and will smite every horse of the people with blindness. 5And the governors of Judah shall say in their heart, The inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the LORD of hosts their God.

6In that day will I make the governors of Judah like an hearth of fire among the wood, and like a torch of fire in a sheaf; and they shall devour all the people round about, on the right hand and on the left: and Jerusalem shall be inhabited again in her own place, even in Jerusalem. 7The LORD also shall save the tents of Judah first, that the glory of the house of David and the glory of the inhabitants of Jerusalem do not magnify themselves against Judah. 8In that day shall the LORD defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and he that is feeble among them at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as God, as the angel of the LORD before them. 9And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem.

^^ I don’t want to be on the wrong side of that equation, do you?   Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all that it entails. 🙂


1-21-2016: Snowmageddon Edition

I am in an area not being affected by the present bad weather in the country but I am certainly mindful and praying for everyone that is or will be. Stay safe and warm, all.



Canada is well on its way just like everyone else.  Parts of Europe already are.    Keep an eye on these sorts of developments as we see the inevitable march towards the “North American Union” concept of equivalent thereof.




When Russia’s money runs out, the ‘real trouble starts’

Yes it does.  Many Bible scholars have long been convinced that, among other things, economic needs and more would be an element to this “hook in the jaw” that would  ultimately drag Russia downwards towards the Middle East and ultimately Israel in a hostile invasion. Outsiders are even quoted in that chapter asking “Have you come to take booty?”  which means anything of value and riches.

Russia is large in the Middle East now. We see them everywhere and they are already openly arming and beefing up their two biggest friends, Iran and Syria, as well their proxies like Hezbollah.


It’s my opinion but I truly believe at least one major Biblical prophetic event will occur before this decade is out. I’m increasingly liking the odds that I have above 50/50 on possibly as soon as this year.  I’d love for that to be the Rapture, of course, but there’s no way to know and we have to live one day at a time and “occupy until He comes.”

I had recently posted a prayer request on my Facebook page for myself and my family about being “in the wilderness” which is an allusion to times in the Bible where God has people set aside in a time of seeing quiet where the five senses really don’t do you any good. It seems “dark”  “silent” and there’s nothing to go by.  An example of this would be Moses being in the wilderness for 40 years, as an extreme example.  We, like a growing number of others, are having increasing difficulty dealing with New World Order fallout that isn’t our fault. Lack of fellowship. Lack of personal and professional prospects.  The devil using these to whisper in our ears with everything from the  “what if” bugaboos to “would have/could have/should have” and so forth.  Everyone deals with this.

It is a time where society as a whole is breaking down as we get ready for the final page turn which can’t happen fast enough. We have Christians being slaughtered in the Middle East right now. They don’t need an Antichrist. It’s the Tribulation right now for them essentially which is why I take increasing umbrage with things like Rapture arguments and so forth.  Then I get annoyed with myself with all my first world problems.

What’s worse?  “I’m lacking fellowship and outlets and certain other prospects”  or “Gee, I may get my head cut off today while I hide underground?”    Really.     Yes, that’s me self chastising.

So that’s a brief snapshot of where we are at and where I suspect many of you are at as well.  Cling to the Lord. The wilderness is ultimately about getting down to the basics and finally putting the Lord first and being “at the ends of ourselves.”  I hope that’s what happening for us.  A lot of people have far worse problems but we would and do appreciate prayer support on this.



Is the US giving up on Israel?   

The pretenses are ever shrinking.   I’m sorry but the Bible says that Jerusalem will be a cup of trembling for all and the entire world will be against her. No exceptions. No big buddies.    As an American Christian I hate this but I know what it ultimately is leading to.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and all that it entails.





Germany, France…we’re seeing more of these stories all over Europe (and other parts of the world.)  For varying reasons including terrorism and backlash thereof we again see the Jews caught in the middle of it and somehow it all ends up going against them.  On an increasing basis they are expressing serious concerns for their safety in parts of Europe and as consequence more of them are heading out towards Israel.  Whether they know it or not, this is in continuation of Biblical prophecy where they are being gathered presently in a state of unbelief and ultimately this will be changed.  (Ezekiel 36-39)

A number of factors increasing Jewish aliyah to Israel are significant and need to be watched.  I hope I’m not here for this but there is going to be a point in the future where we will see this happen here in the USA as well for both Jews and Christians.



The Pope.



http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jan/13/pope-francis-google-alphabet-eric-schmidt-vatican-meeting-us-tech-ceo    <-  Why is the Pope with his unique science background meeting the CEO of Big Brother…um, I sorry…Google?  This is just begging for it, isn’t it?

http://www.jpost.com/Christian-News/Pope-visits-Rome-synagogue-calls-on-Christians-to-reject-anti-Semitism-441820    Denying the gospel to any group of people is the worst form of hate you can do.

I’ll admit it: We’re not supposed to do this but I’m awfully tempted to declare him the False Prophet and call it a day and take my licks as a kook.   Let me put it this way. If  he isn’t putting on a real  nice audition and prototype setup for the role I don’t know who is.

This is just one of many people out there saying the same things and that’s the biggest takeaway on this but he certainly a major “change agent” at minimum and being a Jesuit out in the open has its own connotations.  Have to watch him.

So no one takes this the wrong way: I can find plenty of this outside of the RCC as well.   I’m just waiting for them to officially declare the end of the Reformation and be done with it.  I won’t be surprised at all on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation next year to see a certain bunch of big names bend their knees and kiss the ring of the pope and finish it. I could name those people for fun but I’ll leave it be for now.

“Quote: Some observers also think the pope may address the question of homosexuality and language, in particular the supposed need to put less emphasis on the sinfulness of the sexual behavior and more on the notion of non-discrimination and the acceptance of persons with homosexual inclinations….Even though several cardinals have said openly that such changes are not possible within the Church and would run counter to the faith, Pope Francis has knowingly left the discussion open on these matters – so much so that Catholics, even those closely following the situation, do not know which way the exhortation will decide on them or if it will leave them intentionally ambiguous.”

Jesuit two-step.    I guarantee  you he’s going to “evolve on his views” soon just like we’ve seen plenty of from far too many so called evangelicals. See? This isn’t bash the big bad RCC time.

This is the major wheat/tare issue right now along with Antisemitism. Watch this closely.

Odds and ends:


There may be some validity to this Planet X concept after all if this is anything to go by.   I say this as a heavy skeptic of the concept.  It’s pretty hard to beat a Cal Tech breakdown and I appreciated LA’s commentary. 🙂



Book Review: The Final Babylon

Students of the Bible and particularly Bible Prophecy cannot afford to leave any stone unturned in their studies just because it might ruffle their patriotic feathers or demolish some preconceived notion. The subject is too important. The Final Babylon, written by authors Douglas W. Krieger, Dene McGriff, and S. Douglas Woodward, is one such book requiring this sort of open-mindedness. Even if you totally disagree with the arguments presented in the book, you will still come away challenged and edified. You can’t lose. Hence, at the outset, I challenge you to take it up. The scholarship is evident throughout. This book is a most impressive effort and a very good read.

So what are we dealing with in The Final Babylon? Probably the biggest issue is simply this: Is America mentioned in Bible prophecy? I am unsure as to what the official score might be on this, but it has to be one of the leading questions amongst Christians today and perhaps a growing number of non-Christians as well.

I’ve got some bad news for you potentially: Yes, contrary to popular evangelical opinion, America may well be in Bible prophecy – even in a very prominent role. Unfortunately, it may be wearing the black hat. This could be an example where the answer has been right in front of our noses the whole time. Due to our patriotism, we had a blind eye.

That, in a nutshell, is the thesis of the new book The Final Babylon. This book has already rattled a few cages and continues to challenge a number of well-established viewpoints on Bible prophecy. However, the ideas are presented in a fair, thorough, scholarly, and gracious manner. Prepare to be have your current view stretched. Prepare to have your life agenda challenged. Prepare to have YOUR cage rattled by experts who know what they are talking about.

Below is a link to a written dialogue between L.A. Marzulli and The Final Babylon’s three authors. It is the best overview of the entire subject and concept I have seen so far. I highly recommend you read this to get a good handle on the most controversial aspects of their thesis. Noted friend, author, and film maker Marzulli did not lob any softballs with his prodding questions either. Check out the document here:


I was fortunate enough to meet the authors in person back in late July at Prophecy in the News’s Pike’s Peak Prophecy Conference (in Colorado Springs amidst the foothills of the Rockies). You can read about my Pike’s Peak adventure here: http://extraordinaryintelligence.com/pikes-peak-prophecy-summit-behind-the-scenes/   

The reason I refer to that travel log here is because my anecdotes regarding the Krieger, McGriff, and Woodward provide a bit more insight into their personalities as well as the premises of their presentations. Furthermore, given the book was released at the Colorado Springs conference those of us attending (about a thousand in all) were the first wave of people to get our hands on the book along with the nifty bonus of having them signed by the authors. We also had the opportunity to talk directly with them and ask a bunch of tough questions in our own right, all of which were generously and graciously answered usually with a surprising sense of humor. . They spent considerable time at their book table, on the floor on conference sessions, and also during official Q&A sessions recorded for DVD (now available at Prophecy in the News’ website here – see www.prophecyinthenews.com). Generally speaking, anyone attending the Pike’s Peak conference would be both eager and able to access the insights of this book.

I am familiar with Doug Woodward’s work through his website, his five other books, and his frequent appearances on the weekly Prophecy in the News telecast. I have come to appreciate his writing style, his approach, and especially his fair and even-keeled manner on any subject he tackles. Doug is a very meticulous and thorough researcher. In my opinion, he’s one of the best in the field. I am always eager to see what he might be working on next. Having read both of Woodward’s Power Quest books previously, I suspected they were leading up to a crescendo of sorts, so I wasn’t really surprised when I learned of this most recent project and its primary thesis. Considering the content, this book might have been called Power Quest 3, although the scope of The Final Babylon transcends what that hypothetical title implies.

I was not familiar with Woodward’s co-authors before reading The Final Babylon, so I made a point before the conference of visiting their website http://www.the-tribulation-network.com/ to read up a bit and get a sense of where they were coming from. After reading a number of papers at TribNet (as they nickname it), it was plain to see how these authors brought complementary theological concepts into play. Additionally, all three authors bring different professional specialties and real-life experiences to the table in addition to their own Biblical scholarship and three lifetimes of study.

As I read through the book, I found the authors don’t necessarily agree on everything. In fact this is one of the book’s strengths in the sense that “iron sharpens iron” – their primary perspective seems enhanced despite their differing positions on certain points (notably the timing of the rapture). In light of the weighty subject matter, getting three heads together is no easy task. It is a lesson in how Christians can disagree on some points but still build a strong consensus on a matter they deem vital to present to the believing community

As I stated above (in the linked “EI” piece about the conference), their table was a fun spot to visit, becoming a frequent stop for many attendees. The three men are clearly good friends and were smiling and enjoying the discussions despite the seriousness of the subject matter. This conviviality was present in their lectures and informal discussions at the conference as well as within the covers of their book.

The overall thesis of their current work is one with which very few American evangelicals will find comfort. The authors candidly admit they mean to ruffle a few feathers. However, perhaps no three people would be more pleased than they to be proven wrong, since their assertions are often disturbing. This humble attitude should be kept in mind when you are reading the book, because their arguments (and their documentation) will uncover numerous points that will challenge your pride in American achievement – at least in the political and corporate world within the USA for the past 60 years or so.

I say this, because I am often disappointed with the hostility I’ve seen directed towards their thesis including a few attacks on the authors themselves. People that have solid arguments do not need to resort to personal attacks and negative innuendo – especially people professing to be Christians. Once such attackers resort to emotional diatribe, you can be sure they are far less sure of their position than their sniping suggests! (Remember the admonitions in Galatians 5:22-23 and 1 Corinthians 13 supplying the proper instructions for Christians to deal with one another in love.) It is worth pointing this out in this context since I have noticed recently how these attacks are increasing. This continues to be a heartfelt concern of mine for, not too long ago, I felt prompted me to write the following exhortation. See my thoughts at https://banditzlayer.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/gossip-slander-deceit-backbiting-and-talebearing/

I will offer this assessment here: having prayerfully considered the book as a whole, when considered from several angles I honestly don’t know how their thesis can be proven wrong on their primary points.. There is no question that the Antichrist will have had much of his entrance into world prominence paved by the efforts of the United States. It seems plain enough the process of laying the groundwork for his future kingdom is underway in full force right now.

And yet, I admit some misgivings as I dived into this book which I must explain. On one hand, I was enthusiastic for I knew I would see solid scholarship and enjoy a great read. I anticipated I would be stretched by the challenge of America’s possible place in Bible prophecy. Consequently, I expected it to be a solid book and enjoyable as a good book on Bible prophecy often is – it reaffirms my faith. On the other hand, I have to admit that I also went into this wary of the “America is Babylon” argument simply because it has been done before – and much of that prior work was both sensationalist and sloppy. However, since there have also been responsible Biblical scholars who were at least sympathetic to the notion if not outright in favor of it, I began with a “let’s keep an open mind” attitude. By the way, those venerable scholars include no less than Dr. Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Church as well as the late J.R Church of Prophecy in the News.

I can understand those who might disagree with the “America is Babylon” thesis. I’m not sure I fully agree with it myself. I have personally believed for many years that America will be part of an even bigger empire under the banner of the New World Order. Most everyone in the prophetic community seems to agree with that assessment. Currently the USA spearheads the move toward “globalism” (so-called) for at least the last one hundred years. Consider Woodrow Wilson’s League of Nations; John D. Rockefeller’s United Nations; and last but not least, The Federal Reserve’s inception at Jekyll Island, GA, by a number of notable (if not notorious!) wealthy American elite – members of the “international bankers” which cross national boundaries to make a buck. These developments are all thanks to America’s political and financial plutocrats. We can clearly see the evidences of this coming New World Order all around us. And, as I said, acknowledging that the USA supplies this globalist leadership doesn’t spur much debate: America certainly occupies the driver’s seat.

Despite whether or not the book provides the right emphasis on the role of America vis-à-vis the New World Order, The Final Babylon may very well be one of the most important Bible prophecy books I have ever read in my thirty years of being a Christian. I have read many. I don’t make this judgment lightly. It is that challenging, provocative, and well documented. Timing is everything. Given the changes we’ve seen in America just since 9-11 and the clear acceleration of the prophetic time clock, especially considering the well-publicized tensions in Israel and the Middle East, a fresh and profound assessment of the USA’s place in the grand scheme of things is most needed. This is a critical juncture for America and for the planet. Many authorities and academics in the secular world know it, too. Given the lateness of the hour, you could certainly do far worse than read The Final Babylon as soon as you can get your hands on a copy.

The most sobering section in the book has to be the chapter that covers the rise to power of Hitler and how the church in Germany was completely duped by him. Christians were hoodwinked despite whether they were Protestant or Catholic. But the reason this chapter is so sobering and chilling lies in the fact that similar conditions exist in America right now and have for some time. Religious leaders want to impress secular leadership. Political leaders want to engender support among America’s faith communities. An alliance that promises “peace and quiet” instead of conflict such as we’ve seen between “Tea Partyers” and “Progressives” – may become the order of the day. Compromises in religious liberty are likely so that everyone can co-exist and “just get along.” That worries me.

Another compelling point: If you believe that the Lord will return within the next 30 years or so (as I and the authors do), then the current geo-political conditions in the world would most likely continue as is – meaning the USA will remain in the leadership role it holds today. For another nation or collection of nations to wrest control from America, a number of unlikely and large-scale changes would be necessary. In short, the world as we know it would have to be drastically altered. If you think about it, the time required for the United States to be replaced as the current leader of the New World Order (by the European Union or any other country) would take many decades, if not a century or more. Just considering how many biblical prophecies have already been or are currently being fulfilled makes that scenario pretty implausible.

There are numerous references made throughout the book to research done by Chris Pinto, Tom Horn, and Cris Putnam that help to support the core arguments of the book. Taken in total, the mountain of evidence paints an unmistakable picture of America as the “launching pad” for the Antichrist. Likewise, the book draws upon work done over the years by Gary Stearman and J.R. Church from Prophecy in the News. While reading The Final Babylon, J. R. Church’s Guardians of the Grail and Bloodline of the Antichrist books came to my mind on more than one occasion. Gary Stearman’s writings on Mystery Babylon also are supportive of the book’s thesis. To some degree, these all had their part in laying the groundwork for The Final Babylon. In the same vein,there is research mentioned in the books Petrus Romanus and Exo Vaticana (books co-authored by Tom Horn and Cris Putnam) which is referenced by Krieger, et al, which, while coming from a different place, still lends support to the thesis too. I also strongly recommend Chris Pinto’s documentaries about America. They too are mentioned prominently.

While The Final Babylon uses a good deal of logic and reference to the current world economic and political situation, it is not without biblical support. The authors unearthed many scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments to make their case. Many of those scriptures invite closer study. Jeremiah 50, 51, and Isaiah 47, for example, mention “The Daughter of Babylon” while Isaiah 13 mentions Babylon, but a Babylon at the end of history. Isaiah 23 talks of Tyre, but again, at the end of time. These passages name ancient empires which seem to come alive just before the Lord returns; therefore, they certainly do not describe a literal Babylon nor do they directly infer the City of Rome (and the “revived Roman Empire”) is the powerbase for Antichrist as the usual scenario does.

Speaking personally, I have no problems signing off on the idea that America could very well be “Daughter of Babylon.” I’m not sure I’m ready to take it past that, although again I could very well see America as part of something bigger that ends up being “the Final Babylon.” I certainly can see the argument that the fulfillment of Bible prophecy regarding the empire of Antichrist must consider the references to the ancient land of Phoenicia, its most notable city Tyre, and its later colonies including the “merchants of Tarshish.” That is a recurring theme in Old Testament prophecy. This is a critical point.

So, let me speak plainly: Every Christian should read this book! Why? Because if even a fraction of it is true then American Christians have a serious problem to which we had better wake up. If America is the power base of Antichrist then sitting on our hands is not an acceptable position! That’s why the book is ultimately so important. To reiterate: the quality of scholarship and painstaking research have resulted in a thought provoking argument that even disagreeable readers admit they have a hard time dismissing altogether. You cannot read this book and assume that life will be, henceforth, “business as usual.” Don’t let me scare you off. It is enjoyable as well as edifying to study such things because we all see “through a glass dimly” as 1 Corinthians 13:12 says. We yearn to know what the future holds. When studying Bible prophecy, it is important to maintain no more than a loose grip on your beliefs, because the Bible usually gives us only some of the broad “whats” without a lot of “hows.” By that I mean, we can’t necessary conclude “how we get from point A to point B.” In the times in which we now live, new details will emerge that may very well change the complexion of certain concepts. The book has to be viewed as an interpretation of how things might happen in the future based on the premise that the Lord is coming within the next two or three decades. It is based on analyzing current events and the players that exist today. In the same manner, this book provides yet another piece of a very large and complex puzzle. Still, the insights are so beneficial, it requires more than just a casual glance to take it all in and digest. You will likely need to read the book more than once as I do.

I wholeheartedly thank the three authors for following the Lord’s lead and the urgent prodding they no doubt felt to get this important and critical study out.

Finally, this is a Christ-centered book throughout. In other words, the most important message underlying the whole story is, of course, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The authors end the book with a call to action and a prayer of salvation for the reader with a sense of urgency given everything they have presented. I share that sense of urgency.

For further references and information on this book, I highly recommend watching the programs from Prophecy in the News where Gary Stearman interviews Doug Woodward regarding this book. The first program can be seen now here: http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/the-final-babylon/ A second 30-minute session is being released this weekend (October 19-21) and when that show has been uploaded to the PitN website, I will update this review accordingly.

Henry Kissinger telegraphs globalist plans in the Middle East again?

The reason I originally posted this blog entry is because I happened upon an alleged quote from Henry Kissinger. By my reckoning it had a ring of truth to it and frankly it still does.  Unfortunately, the quote is a fake from a very good satire source that duped several sources including the one I ran with: Pravda.

I have quickly been brought up to speed that Pravda is not a reliable source unlike other Russian outlets like RT. Lesson learned.

Despite this, I am going to keep this piece up with the proper edits and no deletes because the quote did make me thing about several other things regarding HK and I can assure you the rest of the material in this post is solid.

Sorry for the confusion and mistake.   -EW 




“Kissinger was frank about it, saying that the American military were told that it was necessary to capture seven Middle Eastern countries and take over their resources, and they had nearly completed this task. He said that a new society and a new world order would be created, there will be only one superpower, and it will be the winning world government.”

Before I get into this I want to go back to early 2009 and for the sake of context and maximum impact share this now well-known video of Henry Kissinger declaring openly on national television the intent of the globalists to use Obama to usher in the New World Order.


EDIT:  http://www.dailysquib.co.uk/index.php?news=3089

Apparently Pravda was duped and this is satire?  Take it for what it’s worth. I’m going to keep this article up because frankly I feel like my points still stand even if this is complete rubbish.  Some of the reader comments at that link show me that other people feel as I do. Still worthy conversation fodder.  


Apparently this particular story is a fake and I’ll apologize for running with it but gee whiz Pravda!


I daresay their plans have been met with a resounding success.

The West as a whole is one big fat second world and second-rate bastion of mediocrity that’s ripe for the change over and the take over.

I’m convinced Kissinger and some others have been telegraphing globalist plans in recent years because they have no reason to bother to hide or pretend any longer. They know they are close and there is no stopping it. It’s the confidence of the perception of absolute victory. Or so they think.

2.) Here is an example of another Kissinger slip: http://www.israelhayom.com/site/newsletter_article.php?id=5907

In September of 2012 Kissinger bluntly stated that Israel would cease to exist for a series of reasons in less than a decade.  He stated it in as matter of fact shrug of the shoulders manner as could be done. Does he know something we don’t? Sure he does, or at least he thinks he does.  The Bible already gave the whole thing away long before you were ever a player in the game, Mr. Kissinger.

Anyone that’s even remotely familiar with basic Bible prophecy as it pertains to Israel was taken aback when they learned of this Israel statement from Kissinger. An Illuminati globalist type is, by definition, Satanic and evil and Israel is high on their hate list. Satan hates God’s chosen people, the Jews, so naturally his servants and extensions will likewise hate them and actively work against them. I don’t throw around the word Illuminati very often but if Kissinger isn’t Illuminati or whatever the equivalent thereof is then I don’t know who is.

What Kissinger did there was all but give away the entire game. It was an astonishing slip.

At some point in the near future attempts will be made to destroy Israel and it will be in large part thanks to evil forces behind the scenes. I am referring to a Psalm 83 scenario which will fail and astound the world and its power and then an even mightier attempt after that in the form of Ezekiel 38 which will also fail thanks to a Supernatural Assist From On High that will send a very unmistakable message to the entire planet.

It’s certainly conceivable that plenty of other events could precede those major wars to come although it’s difficult for me to fathom how this current status quo could drag out for many more years one way or the other.

We could very well see an Israel-Iran conflict in the near future and that very well could be the event that sets the rest of the dominoes falling. We just don’t know yet.
Kissinger is serenely and absolutely confident. I can’t help but think of Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi in this scene:

These high up globalists like Kissinger aren’t even trying to hide this or be subtle about it anymore and yet far too few people are paying attention to their increasing peril.

The reason they aren’t hiding this any longer is the same reason we have a Jesuit pope right out in the open without any attempts to hide or pretend: Because we’re close to turning the page on the entire thing. The tactics have changed because they’ve entered the home run stretch. What happens when you get into the home run stretch? You break out into a full sprint.

Here is Joe Biden, the VP of the USA a few months ago, calling for that New World Order yet again. Does George H.W. Bush get a royalty check every time someone says this phrase in public?

I take these people at their word. Why shouldn’t I? They telegraph it and then it happens. I’m not surprised because they think they are so clever and yet all their plans were already predicted in the Bible to begin with.
Their brazen arrogance and lack of subtlety tells me they think their victory is close at hand. For a short time it will seem that way but boy are they in for a shock. Take a gander at Revelation 19 and especially verse 20 to see how it all ends for the bad guys.

I find as we continue forward that I feel an increasing sense of urgency along with other Christians about getting the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ out. A global game changer is coming.  Even seculars and disinterested parties I talk to all have this feeling that something is coming and it’s not good. When you have mainstream people who are well off like O’Reilly and Limbaugh mention it you know there’s something to it. They are noticing the symptoms but they are missing the root cause of the problem.

This New World Order was prophesied all throughout the “Guidebook of the Supernatural” as L.A. Marzulli likes to refer to the Bible. This New World Order will be the system the Antichrist rules from. We can see the trappings now.  The stage is set and the band is tuning up.

I would never attempt to try to date set or even drop hints even though Jesus said that we can and should know the season of the time of His return but I will state this. People like Henry Kissinger have been working on this precious New World Order of theirs for decades. I have no doubt that Kissinger wants to be alive to see it come to full fruition and intends to be here for it. He’s a very healthy 90 years old as I write this.

My point is: This New World Order is not going to take another 50 years to get off the ground at the rate we are going. I’m at the point where I am having increasing difficulty even imagining the present status quo being artificially stretched out for another 20 years and especially if the Kissinger Israel 10 year remark has anything going for it.

Henry Kissinger is a perfect example of what I like to call a hostile witness or negative confirmation and especially as high up the globalist food chain as he is. Agents of the enemy tip their hand and you match it against the Scriptures. When you see a match you have something to work with. Sometimes they slip and testify against themselves as Kissinger has slipped with the examples I’ve provided in this blog entry.

What you see in this rambling blog post in the links and videos I’ve provided should be a smack upside the head as far as hostile witness/negative confirmation goes if nothing else. In total I think the picture it paints is extremely suggestive and compelling. Certainly any student of Bible prophecy should be on their toes.

These three items I’ve tallied together in this blog entry spell out something clear and unmistakable as far as I’m concerned and that’s this: The New World Order that the Antichrist eventually takes the reins of is very close to being ready for prime time. Depending on your eschatology, it means something else is closer.  When you see Christmas decorations out in the stores you know that Thanksgiving is even closer.

One way or another a major gamechanger is coming. Are you ready for it?

Nothing is more important than knowing the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.  John 3:16. John 14.  Are you searching? Do you have questions? Do you wonder why things are so chaotic and just don’t make any sense? Are you afraid? You don’t have to be. Those are the best places to start. Read the book of John. Give it a fair hearing. You have nothing to lose except a little reading time and potentially everything to gain.

Do you know Him? Because there isn’t much time left to get right with God before the page gets turned into a situation you don’t want to be a part of one way or the other.