Daily Round-Up 12-7-15



Things are getting friendlier between Egypt and Russia. Egypt is another Ezekiel 38 player.




Will NATO expel Turkey over recent aggressiveness?

To my knowledge this is the first time in the media that this concept of Turkey and NATO going their separate ways has been floated.   For me this is inevitable because somehow we have to get Turkey in the Ezekiel 38 coalition.  How do we get from point A to point B?  From NATO’s standpoint: They aren’t worth it and especially now. I can’t imagine NATO gunning up for Turkey.

They have always been an odd fit at best and the moves Erdogan has made makes it even that much more so.

I see this separation happening in the near future and then it won’t take much after that for the sequence to be complete.


The POTUS speech was a wallpaper non-event that has no credibility behind it whatsoever. Words say one thing and actions continue to say something else entirely.   The only person that I believe when they say they are going to destroy ISIS is Putin.

I have to give Trump credit when his response to this speech last night was:  “Is that all there is? We need a new President – FAST!”       

That would be a nice start and I agree but it wouldn’t solve the spiritual decay in the land of which poor leadership is just one of numerous Romans 1 fallout symptoms.


Two Jews arrested on Temple Mount for Hanukkah prayer

Unbelievable. On Hanukkah no less. How much longer is this ever deteriorating status quo really going to be tolerated?   Here’s a hint: It won’t be many years or decades.



That is a partisan website but the video is legit. Even if it’s a “joke”… who has a baby smoke pot?   I hope they find these people and round them up.


Conspiracy theorists threaten family of Sandy Hook shooting victim Vicki Soto

Let’s say for the sake of the argument this lady is a crisis actor. (I don’t believe it. Sue me.) Is this how to handle it?  Really?

I have my tin foil nearby when I need it and sometimes going down a rabbit trail can be fun. 🙂

This is an example of where the slippery slope can take us and I think this is beyond the pale. It’s outrageous and some people really need to please loosen the tin foil hat a notch and allow more blood flow to their brains.




Stonehenge. The mystery that keeps on giving.   This is an interesting concept.

If it was a second-hand monument how did they transport it and how did they line it up perfectly with the stars in a certain incredibly accurate way that we still can’t fully replicate now to the best of my knowledge?


TW!    Some of you know what that means and it definitely go for this video. Trigger Warning all the way!

This is an incredibly disturbing video and don’t feel bad if you can’t watch the whole thing. What you are going to see and hear in this video are two children that were rescued out of a Satanic occult abuse situation.  This video has been vetted many times over and passed muster.    I honestly wish it weren’t true.

A lot of things stand out to me in this video including the notably “Aryan” features of the kids which is no accident.   We learned this a little bit the hard way this past year that likes of this is a lot closer to home than a lot of us would like to think about and the key word for today is “infiltration.”    It’s closer than you think. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Ezekiel 8. God sees all.  Just pray for the likes of this out there and by that I mean: It could be on the next street over from where you live. Seriously.


Several people who are involved in the very challenging ministry in these areas are trying to make a documentary about all of these things.  Please pray for this project and if please prayerfully consider support.  Thanks.



People actually believe the likes of this but anything to not believe in God.   Amazing.


Profiling Adam Lanza

Sofia Smallstorm Unraveling Sandy Hook

I have not watched this 90 minute documentary about Sandy Hook that just came out so I can’t endorse it yet. I’m just putting it out there and look forward to more feedback if any of you get to it before I do.

I am running across enough buzz and feedback that I think it’s guaranteed to be thought-provoking and provocative.  After I watch it I will update my thoughts as need be.

As it stands my view on Lanza since day one has been and continues to be:

Aspergers and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) do not yield characteristics that make other people afraid. This fear concept is something that came up repeatedly in the early days after the Sandy Hook event happened and you can still see and hear some of it even now.

Aspergers and OCD also do not gift said person with a super high pain tolerance and bestow upon them a high fascination for murder and violence.Finally: There is nothing even remotely sane and natural about anyone let alone someone’s supposed mother gifting their mentally challenged and bizarre acting kid a bunch of high powered guns! Hello?!

Have you ever or heard of anything so demented and unnatural? I know plenty of women that are gun nuts and this just doesn’t fit the bill.  Who ever heard of getting any mentally challenged person a bunch of firearms? Really?

My opinion: Lanza was an experiment that either went AWOL…or succeeded. I haven’t decided yet.

Was he some hybrid? Who knows?  He certainly looks very strange in the numerous photos we have seen of him.

There is absolutely no way Aspergers and OCD explain away all of this.

Once again we have the military connection in the background. Every single mass shooting we have seen starting with Columbine invariably has a military connection via at least one family member of the shooters with no exceptions. I’m reasonably confident of this but if I’m mistaken please let me know.

Clearly Lanza was a demoniac at the very least.  At this point I don’t see how anyone could deny that with a straight face.

I knew plenty of “outcast/strange kids” growing up but there was never a fear element. They were just shy kids that wanted to do their own thing.

I never saw a moment throughout ALL of school where anyone ever had outright fear of anyone else as was expressed by numerous individuals up and down the age spectrum in regards to Adam Lanza.

I am personally leaning towards the idea that Lanza was SRA/MPD/DID.  For more information seek out Russ Dizdar and research his Black Awakening concept.

Let’s take a sampling of what is currently out there:





Makes perfect sense: Let me take my mentally handicapped and fascinated with murder and violence son out shooting. Let’s get him some more high powered weapons.

Are you kidding?   It doesn’t even make sense!

He would keep himself locked in his room and his parents would avoid him and give him space.

How many of you would have gotten away with that in your households growing up?

I would have lasted five seconds with that routine with my parents!  My father would have taken out a screwdriver and taken the door off its hinges entirely which he threatened to do more than once.

Were his parents afraid of him, too? It looks that way.

I don’t know about you all but would you stay in a house with someone you were afraid of and especially if you were supposed to be the authority and it was some kid?

I’ve never see anything like it. Especially with his mother if that is who she even really was. In total: This has the appearance of the mother being an extreme version of some kind of enabler. I personally am thinking more along the lines of her being his handler.



The kids jammed themselves into the bathroom trying to escape and he stuck his gun in there and mowed them all down anyways.  Aspergers? OCD?   C’mon.




^^ This isn’t Aspergers and OCD, folks. Those don’t yield the likes of this.

The first few hours of any breaking news is when some truth will  slip out. After that you can tune out because the media will massage the narrative. Even with a year’s worth of massaging what we have here is a very disturbing and chilling picture. We also have the usual  20-20 hindsight of a billion red flags all over the place.

Try and find stories from the day Sandy Hook happened if you can and look through them carefully.

I distinctly recall people of all ages being afraid of him and noting his high pain tolerance. His barber that cut his hair was afraid of him as one example that I distinctly recall.

Adults being afraid of kids? Hello?!

He was in the chemistry class and put his hand near the flames during some experiment.  His teacher remembered being astonished that he wasn’t burned and it didn’t really bother him. That’s not Aspergers and/or OCD. He didn’t have leprosy, either.

This is the kind of thing that makes me have growing sympathy for Russ Dizdar’s Black Awakening. SRA/MPD/DID.  That’s what I think this was on some level or another. I’ll even throw out the MKULTRA buzzword to put it over the top because I think all of that figures into this.  There is clearly more than meets the eye to this story and even people that normally don’t pay heed to so called “conspiracy theories” are admitting that much.

I really would love to know what his father and brother are thinking…if that is who they even really are. I’m that skeptical.

Oh and by the way:  How many young kids and teens do you know say that “pedophilia should be treated as a disease and not a crime?”

Did Lanza feel that way to try and justify what may have happened to him?  Was that one of his personalities slipping that little nugget out for people to brush off and ignore along with all the rest of the red flags all over place?

Of course we find out after the fact that there were a ton of warning signs that no one bothered to pay attention to care about.  Stop worrying about being a rat or “minding your own business”, folks. You might just save some lives.

People that ignore warning signs have blood on their hands after the fact. Sound harsh? Too bad.

Scripture that comes to mind in light of this sort of thing: Matthew 24:12   2 Timothy 3:2