Daily Round-Up 12-7-15



Things are getting friendlier between Egypt and Russia. Egypt is another Ezekiel 38 player.




Will NATO expel Turkey over recent aggressiveness?

To my knowledge this is the first time in the media that this concept of Turkey and NATO going their separate ways has been floated.   For me this is inevitable because somehow we have to get Turkey in the Ezekiel 38 coalition.  How do we get from point A to point B?  From NATO’s standpoint: They aren’t worth it and especially now. I can’t imagine NATO gunning up for Turkey.

They have always been an odd fit at best and the moves Erdogan has made makes it even that much more so.

I see this separation happening in the near future and then it won’t take much after that for the sequence to be complete.


The POTUS speech was a wallpaper non-event that has no credibility behind it whatsoever. Words say one thing and actions continue to say something else entirely.   The only person that I believe when they say they are going to destroy ISIS is Putin.

I have to give Trump credit when his response to this speech last night was:  “Is that all there is? We need a new President – FAST!”       

That would be a nice start and I agree but it wouldn’t solve the spiritual decay in the land of which poor leadership is just one of numerous Romans 1 fallout symptoms.


Two Jews arrested on Temple Mount for Hanukkah prayer

Unbelievable. On Hanukkah no less. How much longer is this ever deteriorating status quo really going to be tolerated?   Here’s a hint: It won’t be many years or decades.



That is a partisan website but the video is legit. Even if it’s a “joke”… who has a baby smoke pot?   I hope they find these people and round them up.


Conspiracy theorists threaten family of Sandy Hook shooting victim Vicki Soto

Let’s say for the sake of the argument this lady is a crisis actor. (I don’t believe it. Sue me.) Is this how to handle it?  Really?

I have my tin foil nearby when I need it and sometimes going down a rabbit trail can be fun. 🙂

This is an example of where the slippery slope can take us and I think this is beyond the pale. It’s outrageous and some people really need to please loosen the tin foil hat a notch and allow more blood flow to their brains.




Stonehenge. The mystery that keeps on giving.   This is an interesting concept.

If it was a second-hand monument how did they transport it and how did they line it up perfectly with the stars in a certain incredibly accurate way that we still can’t fully replicate now to the best of my knowledge?


TW!    Some of you know what that means and it definitely go for this video. Trigger Warning all the way!

This is an incredibly disturbing video and don’t feel bad if you can’t watch the whole thing. What you are going to see and hear in this video are two children that were rescued out of a Satanic occult abuse situation.  This video has been vetted many times over and passed muster.    I honestly wish it weren’t true.

A lot of things stand out to me in this video including the notably “Aryan” features of the kids which is no accident.   We learned this a little bit the hard way this past year that likes of this is a lot closer to home than a lot of us would like to think about and the key word for today is “infiltration.”    It’s closer than you think. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Ezekiel 8. God sees all.  Just pray for the likes of this out there and by that I mean: It could be on the next street over from where you live. Seriously.


Several people who are involved in the very challenging ministry in these areas are trying to make a documentary about all of these things.  Please pray for this project and if please prayerfully consider support.  Thanks.



People actually believe the likes of this but anything to not believe in God.   Amazing.